Public Alpha Live on June 3rd?

Update from Bungie: 

Last night, we noticed you noticing us internally testing the Destiny Alpha. Here’s what that means for you:

• The Destiny Alpha has only been made available to Bungie employees. What this means for you is that we’re making great headway.

• At E3, attendees will be able to play our competitive multiplayer, putting their skills to the test in intense, skill-based arenas.

• For fans, the Destiny Beta will be the big, pre-launch hands-on experience. You can secure a spot by pre-ordering Destiny at participating retailers.

Reddit user SPUTZNIKZ just posted a screen-grab of a Bungie employee’s PSN account. It looks as though a Destiny public alpha may be going live on June 3rd (For PlayStation players). At this time it is unknown what will qualify someone to be accepted into the alpha.

I’m friends with a Bungie employee on PSN and logged on to see him in a session of Destiny Public Alpha. Followed the steps to join his game, and it took me to this page on the PSN Store. Looking like the public alpha starts June 3rd.

Destiny public alpha Destiny alpha



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  • Nater-ater

    I really don’t like how xbox players are getting shafted by bungie when it comes to Destiny. I want to see some XB1 gameplay, or hear about a special thing or ability in the game only avaliable on xbox. It really upsets me after all that Microsoft has done for bungie, bungie has pretty much just ignored the entire xbox community.

    • Yhgi117

      The reason why this is happening is because Activison, who are publishing the game, signed a deal with Sony in order to get Destiny on the PS first. Xbox got CoD: Ghosts. Not much of a trade-off, in my opinion.

      • Pixc

        if anyone on xbox complains they need to check their head, how many companies hand microsoft exclusivity? lots, EA included, so don’t whine about not getting one exclusive when majority goes to xbox, added to this, microsofts exclusives are always bigger and more exclusive, sony get exclusive content mainly, think xbox fans win, even though, I primarily prefer sony

        • Yhgi117

          I know what you are talking about and I wasn’t trying to complain (even if I came off as that). I’m a big Halo/Xbox fanboy, but I do realise that this is Sony’s Spotlight for the moment. Microsoft DO get way more programs and software for their systems, but that’s because MS is a big money-maker in the technology industry. Everyone wants a piece of the all-mighty dollar.

    • TimAuthor

      Its unfortunate, but just something that happens today due to intense marketing competition.

    • Ze-Adam James-Gabbamouth Hargr

      xbox players are getting “shafted”, as you so bluntly put it, because MS shafted bungie, they STOLE the Halo IP from bungie and nothing was said, all this so xbox fanboys, such as yourself could keep your precious franchise, i hope your happy with your now mediocre franchise now that bungie were kicked out BY microsoft. Now, Halo is nowhere near as good as it was when bungie made it and now YOU, as a fanboy, have to make do it with an inferior game AND an inferior next gen system, well done you uneducated n00b,

      • Nater-ater

  • Sven Rademaker

    Hee guys i have a screenprint of the dutch site that states if u preorder now u get a beta key on june 6th.. i asked them if the can confirm this is true.