PS4 vs Xbox One vs PS3 vs Xbox 360

This comparison videos shows what the Destiny beta looked like on each console.  VideoGamerTV reacted to raw, uncompressed HDMI feeds to a 42″ TV, but the video below via capturing, editing and uploading, has been compressed and re-compressed using different methods at least three times.

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Remember that the final version of the game will have better graphics on every platform than was shown in the beta.


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  • S Mahmood Alawi

    “Remember that the final version of the game will have better graphics on every platform than was shown in the beta.”
    I was hoping so, but where/when did they say this??

    • ronin

      Bungie did post a video verifying that they would upgrade the xbox1 version to 1080p. Sorry I don’t remember the exact video but that info did come from them.

      • S Mahmood Alawi

        I do recall that, but “every platform” seems to be overselling it.
        I’m more interested in the PS3 version as i was not too happy with the graphics, probably (and i know i probably shouldnt compare) because i was just after playing The Last Of Us.

        as for the XB1 they said they’re boosting graphics from 900p to 1080p.

        Edit: There has been speculations online,
        that beta was downgraded for stability reasons, I can only hope,
        heck bioshock had better graphics.

        • ronin

          I am, or was actually a ps3 guy myself. However I recently received the xbox1 as a gift and I can’t see spending $60. For a game on an outdated system. And I agree I was expecting something a little more realistic myself out of the graphics, because I played ryse for my last game and the graphics are phenomenal. After playing Destiny though I realized like u said it was like comparing apples to oranges, they are just two different types of games.

          • S Mahmood Alawi

            i suppose, i should stop pre-ordering my games and save for a next gen console :p

          • ronin

            We’ll I just got lucky in getting mine. If I only had the ps3 I would be pre ordering the same games lol, for ps3 because after all the past gen consoles still handle and play the newest games great.

  • Scott Shirley

    this video looks like they took one video and just put a slight grey/shadow filter on have of it lol

  • Squatchmen

    I call major BS, they were rubbing in on the PS4 side waaaaaaay too much. The Xbox One version looks just as good as its competitor