PS4 Alpha Starts Today!

Bungie has officially opened up the Destiny alpha to PS4 users who received an alpha redemption code. If you applied for the PS4 alpha make sure to check your email/spam folder for your code.

For FAQ regarding the Alpha visit

Although unfortunately if you’re like me, you’ll be sitting at home wishing your Xbox 360 was a PS4. That’s why I’ve included a few videos that will hopefully get your spirits up if you aren’t able to play the alpha this weekend.

Turn down for what?

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Random Event Gone Wrong

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Fun with the Tower’s Beach Ball

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Preview and Impressions

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Play on!


  • Luis E.

    I did sign in and i dont have a code yet..what do i do?

  • Frozenpheniox101

    I can wait for the Beta.(NO I CAN”T!!!!!!!!!)

    • TimAuthor

      You’ve made it this far already, only one month left to go

  • miguel De La Cruz

    If anyone has the alpha add me on psn: gentc_shoot3r

  • Michael Loomis

    Just wanted to share some info for people who did not get into the Alpha:
    – Level cap is 8
    – you can only do 1 story mission and free roam around the Cosmodrome, although it is very very large.
    – Some areas in the cosmodrome are blocked off
    – Additional subclasses for each class are removed for the alpha
    – PvP is available in the crucible
    – Fallen Devilwalkers are a huge pain in the ass….
    And to finish this post, here is my first character in the world of destiny!

    • Lone Neon

      Thanks for info. I will be able to play Destiny only after September 9. Want to buy Glacier White PS4 Destiny Bundle. So… I just need to wait…