Pre-Review: House of Wolves Exotics

Early impressions of the Exotics coming with the House of Wolves.


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  • Jesse Aguinaga

    why does it always sound like the hunter exotics get the short end of the stick?

    • Christian

      Angel Tac sounds amazing. When you jump you basically loose all accuracy. Have you ever tried to shot enemies while in the air? The spread is worse than firing from the hip. This helmet grants a whole new dimension to combat, it sounds very useful.

      • Jesse Aguinaga

        actually i have no problem quick scooping atleast a shot in the body with a sniper in mid jump even easier from a distance, i might be happy if i could add more height to my triple jump

        • Christian

          It won’t just be for quick scoping. Before this helmet it was impossible to actually fire precise shots from the air 🙂 which is awesome.

    • Finlay Jones

      joking me? Hunter exotics are way better than sun singer exotics, until we get this awesome new fireborn helmet!

  • Alex Howden

    T___T no warlock booties still…. Oh well the hunter gear looks really good, we could be seeing Blade dancer using a triple jump along with increased height soon, (that a scary thought in crucible), and the titan gloves almost seem to be like Don’t Touch Me version for Titan, I’m really looking for to that the warlocks though as the Sunsinger gear currently available isn’t that great being the only one I think has some value is the Heart of Pracix Fire, self-rez + Ram = TOTAL OP, Purifier Robes + Touch of Flames + viking funeral = MORE OP CROUD CONTROL SENAGENZE, and the Gloves will really help Voidwalker enter PvP and PvE a lot more. It definitely looking to be a interesting exotic release line.