Pre-DLC Armor Getting Buffed?

Published on: Feb 5, 2015 @ 23:45

A curious Reddit user, AerobicPie73630, inspected BungieHelp02 – an account we can assume is used by Bungie employees.

The gear that employee was wearing hints at Vault of Glass armor possibly getting a Light increase among other things!

BungieHelp03 is another test character that you can inspect.

Increased Attack/Defense/Light

  • As you can see in the video, he’s got 300/365 Attack Legendary weapons.
  • His Exotics have 323/347 Attack.
  • Exotic armor and non-raid armor has 30/39 Light.
  • VoG armor has 30/42 Light.

Oddly the 300/365 weapons he’s using are from the original Vanguard Quartermaster inventory. Does this mean old weapons will be buffed? I’d guess not, and that he’s just testing the House of Wolves Attack values.

What’s really interesting is the Light levels for the VoG armor. Bungie could just be testing these Light levels for House of Wolves raid armor, but… hopefully that’s not the case.

If Bungie does go this route, this would put the Vault of Glass armor back on the playing field in a very big way. DeeJ previously said that the Vault of Glass gear is “frozen in time but that he would “beg for future solutions.” Perhaps the simple Light increase was the solution?

Worst Case Scenario

This employee could simply be testing the House of Wolves values. It’s clear that the House of Wolves will have an increased Attack/Defense/Light, and so the values we see on the gear he’s wearing is probably representative of House of Wolves gear.

Since the House of Wolves gear isn’t ready to be unveiled yet, it makes sense for Bungie to test the House of Wolves Attack/Defense/Light on non-HoW gear.

It’s possible that none of the pre-DLC gear (including VoG armor) is changing at all.

Based on the video above:

  • House of Wolves Legendary vendor weapons will have 300/365 Attack
  • House of Wolves Legendary vendor armor will have 30/39 Light
  • House of Wolves raid armor will have 30/42 Light

We’ve listed all of the House of Wolves gear here:

Disclaimer: Of course it’s not 100% confirmed whether or not these values represent what will be available once the House of Wolves is released in Q2; it’s all speculation at this point.

Trials of Osiris

Finally, you’ll notice that the Bungie account has the mysterious Trials of Osiris Sparrow SV7 “Lightbearer” equipped.

It gives us some indication that the event is coming, but exactly when is uncertain. There’s a few promo images with the ToS gear in full sight, so we can only hope it’ll be before the House of Wolves.

trials of osiris mark


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  • eson83
  • jez

    why does icebreaker have less total damage than shadow price???

    • TheFossilMan

      It’s time to get rid of the Icebreakers hold on many people. I can’t seem to go anywhere without it. Even if I don’t use it at all I always want it with me just in case. Iwant something else to be worth carrying everywhere. I love the gun but I hope they nerf the crap out of it.

      • insanetrasher

        Of buff the other guns that doesnt feel exotic (a lot of them).

        • TheFossilMan

          Agreed. Even if the perks feel unique lke the Thorn.

  • Baryn Alex Dumas

    They just should release a “very hard” mode or increased level version of VoG. That raid is just so fundamentally sound

    • Dan

      I much prefer it still to Crota. I played Crota to get all the weapons and armor, but now I just want to go back and play more VOG. Crota is just not as fun to me, I don’t know what it is exactly

      • NLK3

        Not a lot of variety. Very different, but VOG even had a stealth and platforming part.

  • Michele Capacchione

    In the bungiehelp02 profile There are a bad juju with 347 attack

  • Hanayo Asa

    The worst thing in this is that the “bungiehelp02” profile has a Warlock who has the damn Heart of the Praxic Fire. Now that’s a high-level of troll, Bungie.

  • Finlay Jones

    vanguard light level armour 39 is disappointing, after they said they werent going to immediately obsolete everyones raid armour?

    • insanetrasher

      How is having level 33 vanguard gear making raid armor obsolete..? CE Raid armor will probably get buffed to 33 as well, and maybe 34 but I doubt it since it would make the new raid farming a bit useless in its normal mode (except for normal mode new weapons).

  • Daniel Coonse Jr

    The dates on the raids were in Oct 2014 and they never fired a weapon I don’t know the significance of this just wanted to throw it out there.

  • Tjeu van Lin

    i got a 300/365 legendary rocket launcher from the bungie gift last month. the one way ticket 000.
    Already thought it was a bug cause when i look at the vendor the max of the 000 is 331.

  • NLK3

    I’d say keep the level 26 version for only lvl 26 gear, Hard mode for level 30 gear, and lvl 32 for updated gear. That way you aren’t being left out from the lower level stuff. However, I would also like to just have my stuff leveled up right off the bat. I really don’t want to redo the vault another 50 times for stuff I may never get again. I didn’t even get the Mytho until 3 weeks ago and the Fatebringer last week.

  • FriedCats

    WHOA WHOA WHOA. 347. Let’s think about that number. Now the Bungie account has the exotic attack cap at 347. Where else do you see the number 347? That’s correct. The Exotic weapon coming in the house of wolves “347 Vesta Dynasty” BOOM. This may be irrelevant to the attack value tho… ;-;