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Possible Locations Discovered via ODST

Possible Locations Discovered via ODST

original_24128.nphdMany of you have probably seen the Destiny easter egg that Bungie cleverly included  in ODST (2009). In addition to that sign, there was another sign found with the same Asklon symbol and a list of nine locations.

Ad_Asklon_CitiesThe sign didn’t have much meaning before Bungie specifically said that parts of Destiny would take place in the swamps of Chicago (Listed on the sign). This intrigued user Gnome Scat from to look deeper into the other cities for a possible Destiny connection. Below is everything he found. Remember this is all speculation, but for some reason makes me want to take another play through ODST.

Update #1: I just realized that “Seven Hills” could be Rome or is on Mars due to Halo.
Update #2: Crisium is on the Moon (another confirmed location). This might be where Hellmouth is or the Ocean of Storms, seeing how it means the Sea of Crises (relation?).
Update #3: Some of these places do relate to Halo, such as Crisium, but it still could be a lead.
Update #4: Seeing how this ASKLON thing ties into Halo (Bungie doesn’t like loose ends), I’m beginning to think that these are just places in Halo that will mark general areas that you go to in the game, hence The Moon, Mars, Chicago Swamps, etc.
Update #5: Those symbols I was talking about early can be found here at 3:00. He goes by them fast, so keep your eyes sharp. (False Lead; They are Engineer markings.)
Update #6: Infinity on the chart could be the new Xbox, as seen in this article. It could also mean a potential release date if this is true.
Update #7: Possible Destiny reference hinting at re-expansion (double meaning in parallel with Halo, like other hints). Also, that’s no moon.
Update #8: There is a telecomunications business that first appeared in ODST called Vyrant Telecom. Their logo is similar to New Monarchy’s, and “Vyrant” sort of sounds like “Tyrant” (monarchy). Anyways, their motto it “…stay connected,” which could be a reference to the MMO-like experience you will be having with friends in Destiny. This also may hint at New Monarchy being the ruling government since they keep all of the survivors “connected.” There is a building in Reach that is covered with Vyrant billboards and such, so keep an eye on that one. If you want to check it out, it is where Club Errera is.
Update #9:

Stuff i’m almost 100% sure is Destiny related.
Interesting stuff that could possibly be Destiny related, but maybe not.
Easter eggs and funny stuff to look at to pass the time.

Some interesting textures from our fellow forum-goer.

Update #9.5: Some more great stuff (scroll-down halfway).

Update #10: Here’s a possible Destiny reference in Reach. As you can see, this picture either depicts Earth, The Traveler, and The Moon, or Reach and its two moons. It could be a double meaning or just a misunderstanding, since Bungie made Reach have less easter eggs in regard to their other games, e.g. the Marathon emblem.

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