Poll: Do you want a wave-mode?

After seeing a thread about wave gametypes on our forums, I was interested to see what you guys thought about the topic.

When I say wave-mode I’m referring to gametypes that put players against never-ending waves of enemies continually growing in strength. Similar to modes like Nazi Zombies from the Call of Duty Franchise, or Horde mode from Gears of War.

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Is this a game variant you would like to see in Destiny? Maybe training of some sort?

Tell me your thoughts on a Destiny wave-mode in the comments.


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  • Robert Reid

    I think it would be an awesome side event. Like if you came across an area that you can’t get into yet but say the locals have seen you and just aren’t that happy to see you… The easiest one is that Vex Floating Fortress. Devs have said that the Vex will continue to attack intruders without mercy…

    I really want to poke at the robotic bee hive with a stick, anyone want to come along?

    • Lasse Borup

      I… i feel that.. something beyond my reach.. tells me thats its my destiny!

      some goodies:
      Resistanse 2 skirmish mode, Fear 3, Resident evil 4, Warhammer 40k Spacemarine. And many moore.
      Well, Cod WaW. The claustrophobic house and nazi zombies was a great combo.
      So hopefully theyll let us slay an army of daleks!

      A wall wave mode would be awsome, like LOTR in a space castle!

  • Tim Levesque

    I keep seeing threads like this that act like call of duty started wave mode. I remember some old school twitch shooters that had it like unreal tournament. maybe if it’s researched, we will find out that someone started it before then. call of duty did not invent the FPS people! They only slowed it down for the masses….

    • TimAuthor

      Yes Call of Duty did not invent the wave mode. Although I felt that the COD wave mode was the most popular, so I was trying to help people understand what I was asking.

  • Squatchmen

    Why the hell not!?

  • narcogen

    …or Firefight mode from Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach. Sure, why not?

    • TimAuthor

      I don’t know how I forgot those..

  • Brandon Adams

    I think if there was a public event that functioned like a wave mode it would be different enough that it wouldn’t feel like every other games wave mode. Like the vex or fallen or cabal are attacking the walls and everyone has to defend them.

  • jeathvader

    It would be cool if there where five types of wave modes. One for each of the enemies and one for a mix.
    Or it could be used as a type of competitive game mode like the halo wave mode where you get a score.

  • Andrew Christian

    I don’t see any reason to not include ANY type of gameplay previously experienced in a FPS type game. It will only add to the diversity and replay-ability of Destiny as the community develops and expands. I am hopeful they come up with some unique game types, also.

  • J.

    Like zombines on COD? It would be good if there was something of that nature, locked in a location and dealing with a swarm.

  • Gagemanrox

    Or a mode where u defend the wall for ( number) of waves and if u beat it u unlock another round that has more enemies and harder ones

  • ApAngel

    I really can’t see where they wouldn’t put this as a public event for an area somewhere in the game.

  • Josh

    A new innovative idea would be a large scale hoard mode. The boss events is a necessary thing for a game of this style, but a 30+ person hoard mode would be an amazing advancement in how hoard mode has played in the past.

  • Jaustin Williams

    I think it’s over played

  • Johan Lindqvist

    Anything co-op is fun 🙂

  • Revered

    Only if we get legendary armor/equipment for it when we get to higher levels.