Poll: Top 5 Weapons

Our last poll received a great response, with tons of useful feedback for Bungie!

Thankfully the highest rated feature is something that should be able to be changed fairly easily, so hopefully Bungie will improve those vendors to make them more useful.
destiny poll results

DeeJ also made somewhat of a poll on Twitter to see what people would like to see.

I replied that I’d like to see consistent rewards of some sort from mission/strike bosses, as discussed in this article.

Next Top 5 Video

Recently we started up a Top 5 series, in which we give our opinions about the best of the best weapons.

So far we’ve reviewed Scout Rifles, Hand Cannons, Fusion Rifles, and Exotics in general (we also have full Exotic reviews).

With so many other weapons that we could talk about, we’re looking to the community to find out what’s going to be most helpful. What type of weapons would you like us to review next?

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  • Raxs

    Haha, a tricky poll, a very tricky one indeed! I’d love to see autos. They used to be my favourite weapons prior to my hand cannons. I just got Atheons Epilogue; one of the four raid legendaries I got last night, crazy, huh? But I’m also starting to appreciate pulse rifles in Crucible. I can’t seem to justify using them in PVE but “Lump Distribution” in Crucible is one nasty weapon that knocks autos out of the park. What does everyone else think? What weapons do you use when?

    • Ross Francis

      I’m a big fan of scout rifles, feel like I have more accuracy but less power compared to hand cannons. Really enjoying fusion rifles at the moment also.

    • Pino Show

      I’ve got yesterday two Last Words… I’ve used them only in PvE, and if I get to play today I’ll try them in PvP… They seem really powerfull, not OP, but powerfull… I also love in PvP Red Death and the Suros…
      And Fusion RIfles are good to, if you know how and when you should use them 😀

    • sycoteck

      pulse rifles are best if you aim at the targets waist the the 3rd round in the burst will almost always hit them in the head. I use pulse all the time (even bad juju) and do Farly well in pvp. but the best one so far is strange suspect. high impact, great stability and good range plus 30 round clip for a pulse rifle, if you dont mind giving up reload speed and rate of fire.

  • Krysl3r

    I’ve run a pulse rifle from pretty early on and am actually still using the first legendary I ever got as my main primary.

    *raises hand for pulse article*

  • BAMozzy69 .

    I voted for Pulse Rifles as I find these (in general) not as effective as all other Primaries – mainly due to the recoil of the burst fire. You would expect these to be more accurate…

    As far as I am concerned, the main thing I want to see added to the game as a ‘priority’ is a bigger Vault. Having 18 of the 20 available Exotics (XB1) and the majority of Raid weapons too, It is a struggle to keep everything organised and accessible. My ‘favourites’ stay in the Vault so they can be accessed by any character but this means that my less used ones are clogging up slots on my characters now.

    As an example, I have 5 Snipers. Icebreaker (E) and Final Boss (L) in Solar, P&T (E) and Epitaph (L) in Arc and Praedyth’s Revenge (L) in Void. I have a similar number of Fusions and LMG’s too – not quite the same for Rocket Launchers and Shotguns as I don’t use these as much. I have all but Hard Light as exotic primaries and a number of Legendary equivalents too.

    With the new DLC adding weapons, We definitely need a bigger vault above all else – at least double the size!!

    • Micah Yang

      Pulse rifle for me too

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  • Magic_Hat_22