Poll: Satisfied with the Changes?

Published on: Sep 26, 2014 @ 14:50

In our most recent poll we asked you all if you were ready to Raid, and many of you are ready to attempt the challenge! If you tried to conquer the Vault of Glass, let us know in the comments your thoughts about it, and if you were successful or not.


Update: Patch 1.0.2

With the recent patch, and what has been announced to be coming in the near future, there’s been a lot of mixed feelings from players. If you haven’t already read the updates that are coming, click here. We’ve got a few discussions in our community forum about this topic, which I encourage you all to check out.

I’m very curious to see how you all feel about these proposed changes. Overall, are you happy with what’s coming? disappointed? Does it affect you at all? This week’s poll is all about the recent changes, and those that have been announced to be coming soon. If you’d like to expand on your choice, please feel free to sound off in the comments section below.

The following is an excerpt from a post by Reddit user kittens_anonymous, which mentions some of the changes that were listed in the Dev Notes, as well as the game overall and its current state.

In regards to progression: I did not farm the loot cave. I did not use any exploits. I did not get lucky at all with the RNG. This is one of the points of complaint that I truly do not understand. All the talk of “RNGESUS” and what not. I guess a lot of players just didn’t get it, but there is a very clear progression path.

  1. Level 1-20.
  2. Choose a Faction.
  3. Run strikes and complete bounties to steadily raise your light to 24.
  4. You should have enough reputation at this point to get legendary gear from your faction. This should pop you up to 26, if not 25.
  5. Weekly, nightfall, raid. Endgame.

To be honest, I see no issue with this, especially when you take into account my other points. I received my legendaries through reputation and the raid. I received my exotics through Xur, and beating Nightfall this week.

In regards to a lack of story: I’ll admit, this one is impossibly hard to defend. Bungie’s stories were always amazing. To see such a lack of anything here is pretty disappointing. I would assume this is why Joseph Staten left. Knowing Activision, they probably literally dumbed down the story, and put the entire budget towards gameplay and graphics. I’ve watched the story of WoW tank over the past few years, so I’m not surprised. This is an issue though. I have a feeling it will not be corrected. If there is one thing to complain about, it’s this. 

What do you all think of these comments by kittens_anonymous? In addition to these recent updates, how do you feel about the overall state of the game right now?

Finally, I’ll leave you with this interesting perspective from ThePwnstar4hire

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xu8rmz0S1iM’]


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  • Went into the raid with 6 players at level 27. We made it to the final room in a fairly decent time. Took us a few tries on first boss before we found our rhythm and got past him. We looked up a video for the Gorgons Maze after the second wipe, missed the chest locations in that area though. Got past the jumping puzzle fairly quickly. Took us a while for the final room as we were figuring out the best place for everyone to be in. Once we figured out the right role for everyone in the group it only took us a couple tries to take Atheon down. It took us about 3 hours for the fight with Atheon. Most of that time was spent working out who was most effective where. For the Atheon fight we had four lvl 28’s and two lvl 27’s. We’re going back this weekend and we’re looking to finish much quicker than our first run. We have our mechanics down and our teamwork/communication is awesome.

  • Kyle Coulter

    The lack of a storyline is unforgivable. My only hope is that the DLC address this gaping flaw and gives players not only the missing story value of the Disc game content, but also additional value from the DLC. Basically, Destiny NEEDS to do something incredible in regards to the story using the DLC that hasn’t dropped yet. There is still a lot that Destiny OWES gamers (in terms of storyline) because they have not gotten the full value of their money.The most agonizing thing about this is that the framework for something truly unprecedented is there, but it looks like the meat/substance was sacrificed mercilessly by corporate command. Activision, please listen, the best way to make RECORD profits is to build games that people CHOOSE to blow cash on. This is done by making games that are high quality. The blockbusters like Destiny, deserve the extra time in development.The multi-player aspect needs fine-tuning, but it is one of the BEST, and most addictive multi-player experiences I’ve had the privilege to enjoy. If you continue to make games like Destiny (albeit with more emphasis on story, and in-universe development) you will have full access to my wallet, savings and retirement funds.

  • Michael Gyapong

    Went into the raid at level 27 with a group of guys, around the same level, that had already completed it. Everything went fairly smoothly. Finished it the next night where we left off, at Atheon.

    Beat it again recently (and again last night with a mix) with all 28s and 1 27. Finished in like 4 hours start to finish. Took a bite at Hard mode and cried home to Mommy. But im ready to try again. I want hard mode gear. Btw both times beating it i only got an raid auto and scout rifle. No gear yet.

    As far as the story line, i think people need to look at it like episode 1 of a series rather than a blockbuster movie. It will unfold over time. Still, a little lacking if the next episode isnt for 2 months. Love the core game tho! Havent missed a day since launch.

    • insanetrasher

      It is indeed something like “episode 1” of whatever it will be. But this episode doesn’t makes you want to know about the rest, a boring and uninspired 10 pages story is a boring and uninspired story.

      But honestly I don’t even care about the story, even before I bought the game. Those kind of game are not really meant for that anyway, but they could’ve at least tried a bit harder.. Even Batman Forever had a better script than this.

    • Divulsii

      I got a heavy machine gun, and FINALLY a piece of armor!! That piece of armor was a class item. It could be worse for you. QQ

  • insanetrasher

    “Level 1-20.
    Choose a Faction.
    Run strikes and complete bounties to steadily raise your light to 24. You are guaranteed a blue from strikes. Upgrade this gear as well (should only be parts from deconstructed armor at this point), and hitting 24 should be simple.
    You should have enough reputation at this point to get legendary gear from your faction. This should pop you up to 26, if not 25. If 25, just do an upgrade or two and you’ll be at 26. Congratulations, you’re ready for endgame content.
    Weekly, nightfall, raid. Endgame.”

    Lol… where the hell did you get your crucible marks to buy gear dude (unless you get crucible marks for doing strikes if wearing faction item, afaik you don’t)?
    And strikes to gain rep? Its waaay more efficient to farm patrol missions on earth or anywhere in fact. What a nice guide…

    Oh and “you’re ready for endgame”… yeah that is if you can manage to schedule your play time (raid,weekly strikes) with “friends” or with players you met in forums or such ways because of the lacking matchmaking…. c’mon.

  • insanetrasher

    On topic.

    The few changes are fine, but there are so many things to fix. Rewards in general are a complete joke. For the lvl 24 strike playlist you get something like 6 marks and 25 rep. But you get 4 marks for doing a public event (that takes less than 5 minutes to complete) and 30 rep for doing 3 patrol (that takes about 2 minutes each).

    Even if strikes are more challenging, I’m not tempted to do them since theyre not rewarding enough… If only the marks and rep were worth it, and its not like its something hard to understand and fix.How game devs let those kind of thing go in 2014 is beyond my comprehension (or they simply do not play “endgame” during development)

  • JimenezJo2 .

    Its really dumb how when you want to do any of the hard missions that the game doesnt even bother putting you in a lobby with other people. Playing by yourself in this game is impossible for the missions worth doing and it takes forever to find random people to play with by inviting them and organizing everyone. Whats the point in buying DLC if im not even going to be able to pass the missions due to a lack of people because you (bungie) think its a cool idea to just leave people like me in the dark if my friends dont own this game.

  • Christian Jimenez

    My group and I consisted of 4 28’s, a 27 and a 25. Absolutely demolished the entire thing in 1hr 22mins. Communication and good chemistry is all you need. And the ability to carry your own weight of course. 2 titans, 1 hunter, 3 warlocks. We wanna try and get it under 1hr since we screwed up so much in the gorgon area. And then there’s hard mode…and then they should make another mode with tons of modifiers like nightfall strikes have. That would be the ultimate challenge.

    • Divulsii

      It’s definitely easier to do with more Warlock. IMO I feel the hunters don’t get the chance to do much in the raid, since you should not be running out in the open with arc blade, and golden gun doesn’t do that much damage (except against atheon when you have it with bottomless clip. 😉 ) And the titans isn’t too great for the raid. The shiel helps, but if you are playing right you can avoid damage regardless. That being said I think you guys got it! Are the 3 warlocks Void/Sun or a mix?

      • Christian Jimenez

        Two were sunsigers and one was a void, until atheon. Then the void switched to sun, for the self-revive. I was a defender titan throughout, and with the weapons of light providing 35% bonus damage really helps with atheon. Golden gun is good against the three hobgoblins in the portal. And what made it super easy was that the three people opening the portal all had gjallahorns so they destroyed him before my team inside the portal even got out. He didn’t even have the chance to get enraged. Everyone knew their role and exactly where to be and when. No randoms in our party. Good chemistry, communication and skill got us through