Poll: Which Primary Weapon is your Favorite?

Last week we asked you all what class you preferred, and the results are almost equal across the board!



Now that the Beta is over, take a minute to think about which primary weapon you enjoyed the most. There’s been a lot of discussions at our community forums about weapon balance and strength, so I’m very curious to see what you all choose.

Feel free to comment below expanding on your choice, and even telling us which guns you prefer to use.


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  • Carl

    Hand Cannons were the most fun to use. Auto Rifles were insane and I used it 50% of the time because it was the easiest way to get kills. My favorite was Scout Rifle because it seemed fair to use, instead of the cheaply fast Auto Rifle.

  • rob1970

    I didn’t get to use an auto rifle,wish i had now but i loved the scout rifle…..I guess they will nerf the auto rifle at launch if its as op as people are saying.

    • Fruitloop

      Yeah it’s like the Halo 1 assault rifle in terms of destructive power, just spam the endless clip of death. Scout rifles are perfect imo, hand cannons are drastically underwhelming, and so are pulse rifles.

  • RjBerger

    Hand Cannon was the most fun by far
    But when I got an accurate auyo rifle everything became so much easier
    Auto rifle is the way to go in crucible

  • Drey

    Hand cannon because its more than just aiming and mowing down enemies.
    I want something hard and heart feeling when I get that last shot against an auto rifle.

  • Luiz Junior

    The Auto Rifles were really usefull for me, both on PvE and PvP, i had the Shingen-C, see below, it fired not too fast, not too slow. Perfect damage on Crucible, even on Iron Banner i could use 1 magazine to kill 2. Mark the name, when the game lauches, find one and use.
    You won’t regret it

  • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

    I had a LOT of fun with the Regulator mk.32

  • Greg Bourne

    I liked Auto, Scout, and Pulse rifles but other than the RoF I didn’t seem to notice much of a difference in a PvE perspective. Sure scout rifles are supposed to be more accurate but they only seems to barely hit harder than an auto rifle at the same tier/level. I usually just carried one of each for different purposes. The auto rifle is the only thing that I personally could make work in PvP though.

  • Jason Talbert

    I stuck with the Scout Rifle personally. After lots of practice in missions and exploration, one could easily get 75% headshot kills; 90% single bullet headshot kills on Hive Acolytes (and that includes level 8 Acolytes). I didn’t play much Crucible (not really a fan of PvP) but when I did, it was harder using the Scout Rifle against other players. Wasn’t unfair, just really had to leverage the added range and accuracy, even if it was minor.

  • Squatchmen

    Hand Cannon for me. Looks like I’m a rare breed, being a Titan that loves Hand Cannons

  • sycoteck

    best special weapon for the warlock by far is the fusion rifles, you can
    use it as one big blast like an super accurate shot gun or if you’re
    talented you sweep it for multiple head shots.

  • Dinoclaw

    I feel like the Red Death should be an Auto Rifle and the Arcus Regime should be a pulse rifle, but that’s just my thought but it would be cool if you did that before the full release

  • Squatchmen

    Actually, I finally found the gun I used in the Beta, except it was an “Uncommon” variant, it’s a Pulse Rifle that was single shot that looked just like the Viper P3 from the first E3 showing of Destiny.

    I loved that gun, my second favorite group are the Hand Cannons