Poll: Primary Raid Weapons

Published on: Jan 21, 2015 @ 11:51

With the release of the hard mode raid today, we’re interested in knowing which of the new raid weapons you’re most interested in.

In out most recent poll we asked you guys about The Dark Below expansion as a whole, and what you thought about it.

Many of you gave some awesome feedback and suggestions for future expansions and for TDB, and that was really awesome to read.

dark below poll

If you haven’t seen the responses, check out this article.

Primary Raid Weapons

The Legendary primary weapons from Crota’s End are very powerful, and they each come with elemental damage, which obviously will be great for Nightfall strikes.

What we’re interested in knowing is which weapons you’re most interested in, and which weapon you’d like us to review first. If you haven’t already seen our reviews for each of the special/heavy raid weapons, you can find those here.

As noted in the weekly update, the primary raid weapons are:

So based on the perks and stats, which are you most excited to use? Which do you think will preform the best? If you happen to get any of these weapons, be sure to let us know your initial thoughts about them.

Personally I think the Word of Crota is going to be my favorite. Out of the Legendary hand cannons, it’s got the second-highest stability, the second-quickest reload speed, and the highest rate of fire.

word of crota review

Unfortunately it has the lowest Impact, but that’s not such a huge issue because of Explosive Rounds.

It also has Phantom Gift (similar to Black Hammer‘s White Nail perk) that will reward accuracy by returning a round to the magazine, which means that the magazine size technically could be 17 if you land all precision shots!

You’ll notice that we excluded Necrochasm from the poll, and that’s simply because it’s not a Legendary. We’ll definitely prioritize a review for Necrochasm if we’re lucky enough to get the Crux of Crota (needed to upgrade Eidolon Ally).

If you need help with Crota’s End, check out our complete guide.

If you don’t have Eidolon Ally yet, this video explains how to acquire it, and we also have a full review for it.


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  • inquisitor314

    HMMM besides the design of these weapons being just dreadful and with no imagination. just a bit of hive bone tap here and there on existing gun frames i dont see much difference. I also dont see what the point of going through frustration of a 33 raid to maybe gain access to some guns that are sub par. hell even that exotic is worse then the VOG exotic. I am still looking over some of these gun attributes and besides them having a 331 final damage output or at least i am hoping they have it. I dont see what the horahh is for. the pistol is sub par. not the best and cant even come close to some of the other pistols that are out there. impact is so bad. its hard to believe this is a hard raid mode reward.

    • Keith Christmas

      The one thing I will say in their defence, it’s nice that the unique perks are generically useful against Hive, rather than the across the board “Does more to Oracles” perk from VoG.

      • NLK3

        And you can never go wrong with elemental primaries. I still can’t get Fatebringer. Got the Mytho before it after 6 times.

    • Paratrooper2000

      Or just wait a couple of weeks until HoW comes out…

    • BAMozzy69 .

      The design of these weapons to me is more imaginative and unique than the VoG weapons. Apart from the Vex Mythoclast – which to me is the most unique weapon in the game aesthetically, all the others look very generic with just a brownish camo on. A silhouette of each of these weapons would look identical to a lot of the standard weapons in the game. I know it may look like all they have done is stick some skulls and bony type things to a traditional weapon design and added glowing elements too but that is more than can be said about the VoG weapons. The design is also in keeping with the Hive

      • The Last Starfighter

        It really saddens me that Vex gets let behind in progression. It’s one of the best guns in the game period, so long as you have bonus fusion ammo on your gear and don’t run it with a short clip. The look is icing on the cake, and probably the most futuristic and unique looking weapon in the game.

        For how hard it’s been to obtain in the past, and how unique it is, they should keep it under progression.

    • The Last Starfighter

      Stunning the Wizards with Abyss this week in Solar Nightfall was a blast. I was also packing Song in my heavy, to mow down the Knights and Captains. All the while letting me keep my Icebreaker on for quick scopes and long coverage when I needed it.

      It’s also handy to stun the Wizards on Deathsinger with Abyss. It’s definitely on top with Suros. I give the edge to Abyss because you’re going to have either your IB or Gjally for Crota Hard, which makes Suros unusable. If you’re relying on Suros for regen that’s not optimal, and you need to look to your armor to provide that benefit instead.

  • Keith Christmas

    Does “I’ll take anything I can get” qualify as an answer?

  • ErisTaireJ


  • Y0urDepression

    underrated pulse rifles are underrated

  • sbrozzi

    I will be happy with whatever I get, but does it seem though that there are way too many high rate of fire/low impact auto rifles around?

    • Realmanrobbyrob

      Its there way of nerfing them in pvp

  • Oriel76

    The Lich Bane perk on the Auto Rifle might be interesting against Omni’Gul and the Wizards phase before Cropta and the Focused Fire Perks is to be tested (I’m a bit worried with the impact). The Hand Cannon seems interesting with it’s Phantom Gift.

  • privater

    I really like those weapons, but for a man with poor RNG blessing, (30 runs w/o fatebringer, 15 runs w/o HoC, Head) I’m not that excited

    • NLK3

      Took me 6 to get the Mytho, but since I have the Vison of Confluence, I really wanted an(y) primary arc weapon. I still think they should do it for the Stranger’s Rifle. It’s a rare you only get once with nothing special besides a fast full auto rate. Since it already only goes up to 225 about, why not just add the arc damage and make it feel special? Shit, it shoots arc rounds anyway. Hardlight can do random arc or something.

      P.S. What is HoC, or do you mean the helmet when you said “Head”?

      • Taylor6979

        Hardlight really does need a Damage Modifier, I wish it had Arc cause I could use it outside of Crucible in that case.

  • Dan

    I’m going to run it tonight. I want the Hand Cannon or Scout Rifle. Which means I’m getting a guaranteed Pulse or Auto lol

    • NLK3

      Autos are pretty good, and considering that they can impair a Witch is awesome, considering one out of THIRTY SHOTS can do it.

      • Dan

        Nice. By the way what I posted is exactly what happened. Lol

    • Mezi-Crochet

      You’ll have to beat Crota… so good luck to you!

  • Tycally Vicano

    a little soon to be asking such a question, don’t ya think??

  • Paratrooper2000

    I would like to know if ‘Fang of Ir Yût’ is worth the hard mode stress. Especially if you already own the arc pulse rifle.

    • Taylor6979

      If you don’t have Vision of Confluence, totally worth it. If you do, there is no need for you to actively hunt down the Fang Of Ir Yut because as much as I want it to, it just doesn’t compare to VoC.

  • Sebo McPowers

    I got the pulse and the auto rifle yesterday. Pulse dropped after the lamps, auto after the bridge. I haven’t levelled them, so I can’t say that much about them. We were all too tired to finish Crota, so there is still a chance to get the handcannon (yay!) or the scout rifle (nay).

    Still, I’m feeling pretty lucky. I ran VoG about 20-30 times and only got the Vex, Timepiece and Hezen’s Vengeance.
    Getting two raid weapons in one run is pretty awesome for me 🙂

  • ben_critten

    Scout Rifle isn’t full auto – kinda sucks!! How does it compare to the Vision?
    The only advantage I can see in these new primaries is the Damage output? Looks like the Vex/Vision combo could still be the best primary loadout option for me… hmmm

  • Mezi-Crochet

    So as I can see up to now… Correct me if i’m wrong. The Pulse rifle drop at the end of the lights, Th auto rifles at the end bridge, and The scout doesn’t drop at the wizards parts, so I guess The hand gun and The scout will drop by beating of Crota only (I didn’t beat him yet!)

  • Ash_Killem

    Got 2 word of crota.. personally I think its a bit underwhelming especially when you compare it to the perks on something like fatebringer. If it was solar damage then I would put it top tier but its void which is all but useless.

  • Markus

    I’m not a fan of anything with a high rate of fire and a low impact, so this puts all of these guns at the bottom of my list. Take the pulse rifle for example (the only one I currently have). It shoots twice as fast as a higher impact pulse but does only half the damage. So time to kill is the same, but you burn through twice as much ammo.

    This brings me to the possible gun perks. The idea is sound – Customize your gun to your play style – but it doesn’t work. Most of the time you have no choice but to take field scout on a pulse rifle or stability on an auto rifle or the guns become practically useless.

    Ill stick with Fatebringer and the Vex for now for when elemental damage is necessary.

  • Alex Howden

    Ok quick question, does Necrochasm start fully maxed or do you have to level it up like normal exotics?

    • I’d be surprised if we didn’t have to unlock the perks. Not sure exactly why the DB doesn’t have XP for em. We’ll see soon enough I guess

  • BAMozzy69 .

    After 2 runs, I have Abyss Defiant and Oversoul Edict. Whilst I am quite pleased to have both of these weapons, I really want the Fang of Ir Yut (My most used weapon is probably Visions of Confluence so this would be a good alternative/replacement) and of course Word of Crota. I have not seen or heard of anyone getting the Crux of Crota yet but that is my most wanted item from the Hard Raid.

  • uRackaDisiprin

    Word of Crota’s 4th tier perk doesnt work with hive disrupter and/or explosive rounds. It also only does about 10, yes TEN, more damage than the fatebringer and does not have outlaw or firefly. Fatebringer > Word of Crota. And Fang of Ir Yut is the best new raid weapon.

  • space pimp

    They are all pretty damn good and each excel in different situations. I don’t have the WoC but I do prefer using my fang much more than my oversoul. The abyss defiant is real good too especially on wizards and solar enemies

  • metalman5150

    maxed Oversoul Edict is pretty sweet. Def choose OE over Abyss Defiant.