Poll: Which Guardian Class is Your Favorite?

Before you take this week’s poll, I thought you’d enjoy seeing that stats from our last poll which asked players which edition of Destiny they are purchasing. The results are fairly even.

Here are the results: 

Destiny News Stats







30 - Rn8VFIG

Guardian Class Poll

Now that Destiny’s scheduled maintenance has forced PlayStation users to put down their controllers, it’s time to hear people’s preferences. This week’s poll is designed to gauge which Guardian class people prefer to play as the most.

This is a tough choice to make, choose wisely.

Let us know in the comments what poll you want to see next.


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  • nhlking1992

    i love the warlock, but their class-specific customizable item (the band) isn’t nearly as “showy” as the other two (the cloak for the hunter and the belt for the titan). Is somewhat disappointing.

    • Drey

      Depends on which ones you get. They have some sweet holographic ones.
      They also have the trench coats as well so yeah.

  • Squatchmen

    Warlock all the way bitch!

    • TimAuthor

      What about TheAwokenHunter!?

      • Squatchmen

        LOL, good one! I love that kid, he had 28 kills one match in the Iron Banner, and I had 2 kills with a .14 KD…… BOOYA

  • Sobieski904

    the legendary ones all look wonderful . the warlock ones are just as flashy

  • Drey

    The Legendary Locks

  • Squatchmen

    After playing the Beta, I’m now set in stone with dedication to be a Female Awoken Titan. I love my character right now and would have no regrets

  • I know I’m very late to the arty with this one, but I have to say, #TitanHunterCoalition. Fuck Warlocks.