Poll: What was your favorite game mode?

Now that the Destiny Alpha is drawing to a close, it will be interesting to find out which gametype you had the most fun playing. So if you were one of the people lucky enough to play the beta this weekend, give us your answer for your favorite Destiny game mode.

For a refresher on what each game mode is check out this article.

Characters won’t carry over

Bungie also confirmed that Alpha Guardian characters will not carry over into the Beta

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  • Michael Loomis

    Farewell my Guardian, my Brother, my Friend. Together we ended the tyranny of Sepiks Prime; Together we fell many foes in the fields of battle; Together we forged memories to last a lifetime. But now, in these last hours, I say goodbye. Let us not forget the sacrifices our fellow Guardians have made; For through their sacrifices new paths will be forged, new memories will be made and a better tomorrow will dawn.

    In Memory of GasPoweredTwig – Level 8 Exo Warlock – R.I.P

  • Ashley Kalym

    I have to say that I really enjoyed the story mission, explore, and the strike equally, although the mission to take out the devil walker and Sepiks Prime was probably my favourite. Didn’t really do much of the crucible though; have never been a huge multiplayer fan, and much preferred battling with other guardians than against them.