Poll: Enjoying Iron Banner?

Published on: Oct 10, 2014 @ 7:15

Last week we asked about the never-ending updates and changes happening with Destiny, and whether or not you were pleased with them. The majority of you were, as you can see from the results below:


Iron Banner

Now that we’ve got our first taste of Iron Banner since the Beta, what do you all think about it? Are you disappointed with what you’ve played so far, or do you think it’s overall a good experience?

Recently we posted an article asking a simple question: Is it broken? It seems that despite skill being the main factor in all Crucible modes, including the Iron Banner, the level advantages aren’t actually affecting people properly.

As we mentioned in that article, DeeJ is listening to the community feedback, and is going to expand on this topic in the weekly update.

Let us know your thoughts in this week’s poll, and in the comments! Is it preforming how it should, or is there something wrong with the level advantages?



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    Since i heard that tons of players are leaving matches if they lose i have chosen to avoid playing it altogether

    • indeed that’s an issue I hope they’ll fix soon!

  • C0ntrolReleased

    Other: Iron Banner matches are slower paced than regular Control matches…so I prefer original crucible, and yes people leave in droves if the match isn’t going their way…

  • BuckshotGeorge

    I didn’t notice a difference at all but I never noticed coming up against any really low level folk either. Better guns matched by better armour maybe. I mainly don’t like it because its only control, whereas I prefer Clash and Skirmish.

  • timbouton

    I think it’s not working as intended : I’m a lvl28 hunter with about 1350 defense and I got one-shoted by a lvl5 fusion rifle. If the iron banner was working correctly, he should have needed at least 2 or 3 shots to kill me, and I should have killed him in one bullet of my sniper…

    I’m ok with lvl 22 beating lvl 28, cause of skill (or Suros Regim :P), but IB is not a place for lvl 5… not even for players under lvl 20…

    When fighting in crucible, you can bring whatever you want. But in Iron Banner, you should be having a chance only with legendary/exotic gear, or at least rare… But green and white should be your doom down there…

  • slam

    Coming from Bungie’s Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Reach… Destiny’s PvP is what I expect from Bungie. Win some, lose some. And some of the lost can be lopsided and some wins can be lopsided, that’s PvP, that’s Bungie’s match making, that Bungies multiplayer, keep in mind you’re playing against other humans and not the CPU, so with that format, I don’t see any issues with Destiny’s PvP, Crucible or Iron Banner. Remember at the end of each match you can always switch PvP session by going back to orbit and find a new PvP session. The only issue I have with Destiny’s PvP, Crucible and or Iron Banner and this is with every PvP multiplayer format (CoD, BF, GoW, etc.), is players quitting after the match has started. If Bungie does not want to punish quitters with negative points or negative marks associated with users account, than (my suggestion) after a specific number of disconnects within a specific period (example; 3 disconnects within 3 hours). The punishment should be that disconnecting account is restricted from PvP for a 24 hour period from the last disconnects. I think there should be repercussions for users who quit early and implementation of a 24 hour band hopefully will reduce some early disconnects with the 3 disconnects in 3 hours, this will give allowances for IPS drops and addresses the frequent quitters.

    AND Player’s levels, weapon levels and match making is not much of an issue to me. My crucible K/D/R – 1.22

  • Christian Jimenez

    My fully ugraded Last Word does identical damage to all targets in both crucible and iron banner…wtf.

  • Andrew

    I think Iron Banner is great. I have a level 29 Warlock with all Legendary and Exotic armor and weapons, but anytime I play crucible I get absolutely destroyed. I gave Iron Banner a try and I actually find myself winning more games than I’m losing now. Thanks Bungie.

  • Kathedrul Xeal

    Not really, just doesnt entice me enough to really do it.

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  • Shawn Roy

    I’m an lvl 30. And I get destroyed.shotguns everywhere.it’s just not fun. Lvl 5 can kill me in one shot.

  • SpooN Foy

    Iron Banner is 100% garbage. Gear and level need to be FULLY in place, like if a level 25 fights a level 30 mob, same scaling. Also, game mode needs to be Skirmish and not the terrible level designs and maps of Control.

    I’ll literally never touch iron banner or its lackluster rewards (yay, a shader, an emblem, and an average solar machine gun) until they fix it.

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