Poll: Enjoying The Dark Below?

Published on: Dec 18, 2014 @ 0:11

Our last poll revolved around vendor weapons, and which you’d like us to cover next. Unfortunately this has been delayed because of the new vendor weapons, which we’re going to make a corresponding article/video about.

Many of you have asked if we could review the Legendary weapons more in-depth, and I usually reply saying it’s difficult to do because of the random perks.

My plan for the article is to go through each of the perk options and analyze those, and then overview the base stats for each of the vendor weapons of X type.

top5assaultIt’s clear that most people would like our thoughts about the assault rifles, so we’re going to compile and analyze them into an article first, and then work on the video so we can try and show you gameplay with each of them.

Enjoying The Dark Below?

In this week’s poll I ask a simple question, with what might not be such simple answers.

The Dark Below expansion has obviously received praise, but of course there’s always the criticism that comes with that.

This poll is going to work best with additional comments in this article, as I can’t reliably provide the poll choices you could possibly be thinking of. To get your mind flowing, here’s a few of the criticisms:

  • Excluding non-Expansion owners from playing in a non-Expansion weekly when The Will of Crota is active.
  • Radiant materials are not plentiful enough.
  • There’s currently not much incentive to wear VoG gear, because vendor gear has better stats.
  • No benefits for people who’ve fully upgraded their Exotics, when ‘updating’ them from Xur.

DeeJ specifically replied to the Exotic Shard criticism saying,

Yeah, I’ll admit the Exotic shard reveal was messy. We (I) learn every day we support this game.

DeeJ also hinted that reputation will be more visible in the future,

Visibility of reputation values is something that our User Interface team is thinking about, so please do consider this to be something that will improve over time.

Those are of course only a few of the common criticisms, but I invite you all to let me know what you personally think about the expansion.

Do you think the points above are valid? What concerns do you have? If you could fix something, what would it be, and how would you fix it?

This poll has very simple answers, but I hope you’ll have a more in-depth discussion about The Dark Below in this article’s comments!

The thing to always keep in mind is, that DeeJ wants to know the feedback you guys have, because he wants the game to keep getting better and better.

He’s admitted that he has “never played an MMO before” and needs the feedback from the community. Let’s give him some constructive feedback.


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  • Dylan Pickles Schneider

    TL;DR – Honestly, I was disappointed with The Dark Below.

    Bungie promised a better narrative with Eris, but she offered little to nothing in her own story. They’ve also made the VoG not worth it and still did not fix the drop rate in that Raid. Yeah, it’s so much fun to get Found Verdict several times, right?

    Another thing is, of course, the best content is in the Raid. An activity where you have to find five friends willing to spend three to four hours worth of their time there, and pray they don’t bail out sometime during the Raid. Honestly, it’s okay to have a matchmaking option. Like, seriously, it would be good at this point.

    A majority of Rares and Legendaries are now next to worthless because the Expansion Rares and Legenardies are more powerful than the previous ones. And those Exotics you spent resources on? Well, looks like you’ll have to do it again, spending even more resources just so your favorite Exotics will keep up, and also not give the option to other weapons that are Rare or Legendary that are pre-expansion.

    It seems like Bungie gave us more stuff to grind for in this expansion and not really care about the narrative at all. And before you say, “Grimoire cards, motherfucker, do you read them?!” Keep in mind that although development costs of this game is not $500 million, but the whole 10-year investment plan they have is about $500 million, which means people can easily incorporate the dialogue written out in the game to something like audio logs or video files you can find using the investment that is planned. You know, where we can hear the people talking and get an actual sense of what’s happening. It would’ve been great to have ONE in-game cutscene. Just one, and I would be happy, and not to mention that everyone else around Eris is catatonic; your chatty Dinklebot doesn’t even remark on her presence there, nor do the Vanguard, the Faction leaders, not even the Speaker. Nobody acknowledges her existence except you, despite the fact that she apparently works with Ikora Rey as one of the Hidden, which is some super clandestine order they don’t explain in-game, just on Grimoire cards.

    Story missions are only good for stuff (again), the Strike is just another mission for the Strike Playlist–speaking of which, only people with the Expansion can get Legendaries from the new playlist, not those who don’t have the expansion, so if you want to try and get Legendaries from strikes and you don’t have the Expansion, well, too bad. Buy the Dark Below.

    I like how they did Omnigul, though. She was sprinkled around a couple times and tried to impede your progress. Made her feel like an actual threat for a little bit.

    Overall, I think Bungie dropped the ball on this expansion. They still have to understand how to write a good narrative in this game and try to understand that there are people out there who just didn’t buy their Expansion Pass.

    • insanetrasher

      Looking how they handled this dlc, I really doubt we’ll see decent narrative before D2. Since the base game is not engaging at all in terms of story/setting I don’t really care about what they add in terms of narrative at this point. I only care about content and how they handle the grind.

    • Oriel76

      I wouldn’t go on a matchmaking Raid. Simply because you’ll face rookies, no mic, quitters, etc… It’ll take you longer to finish it in matchmaking than go on a specific forum to find partners. None of my friends plays video game or at the day and time I play it, nor have destiny so I found a forum that fits my need and I can Raid up to 3 times a week at the time that I want.

      • Bruce Wayne

        It really needs a system like the one Warframe has in place currently, where they have a global chat and recruiting chat, and you don’t need to be friends with someone to join them/ invite them to a game.

      • Dylan Pickles Schneider

        Why not give us an option or a more refined way to find players other than having to go on another site, put out a cry for help, and then having to either

        A) Join someone’s Chat Party


        B) Friending some random guy you don’t know.

        Honestly, matchmaking doesn’t have to be a main thing. Why not have an option where you can either do matchmaking or do it the old way? I wouldn’t mind matchmaking being used for the Raid, to be honest, or for the Weeklies.

        And to be fair, the groups I were in had almost half the people inexperienced with the Raid as well, and they quit on me at the last checkpoint because they couldn’t take it anymore. That meant we had to leave, find another guy, waste 10 to 20 minutes looking for a better guy, then go back and hope nobody else leaves as well. That just turned me off from the Raids because I want to be able to finish it in one go, not wait an hour or have a team quit because they can’t do it anymore. The design of the Raid is that it’s supposed to be a commitment to go through it and get the best loot ever, and not have to wait.

      • joblesswriter4

        It’s just the same as grabbing 5 people who have never done it because they can’t find 5 other people with the necessary skill at least with matchmaking you would be creating a place where everyone could begin to know just what the hell…they are doing I’ve done Vog half way twice and haven’t got my Peter wet enough to troubleshoot if someone gets in jam. A match making engine would serve as a great platform to train new raiders

        • joblesswriter4

          I just go around the raids until I buy what I need them attempt it when luck presents it’s self..

    • NLK3

      I used to agree with the matchmaking thing, but the others are right about mic-less players, quitters, and newbies. I want a bulletin board where you can find players to match up with without having to keep sending friend requests and messages to random players, hoping to get something done before work/bed. I can really only raid once a week due to how long it takes, but really want the arc primaries or the Mytho. Sure, destinylfg.com exists, but doesn’t remedy the problem with actaully playing with them without sending another friend request. I tried it with a guy who was already at Crota, but he never responded. Maybe I can choose to just jump in his game with an in-game destinylfg.com as long as he can post the class and level requirements to make it easier. And why not a small reward system for repeated weekly and daily missions? Once people already get it done, they don’t want to help others who didn’t. 3 months and 2 nightfalls is not good. And I had to solo Heroic a few times, which is more annoying than fun.

      • Puerple_haze

        Hi bud, I agree with your general post, some sort of player lobby would be awesome. For the moment you can always invite people into your party, instead of friend requesting, and have them join your session.
        Also, destinytracker.com is awesome.

  • Benjamin O’Brien

    While I have very much enjoyed playing the DLC, and continue to do so, blocking players during weeks where the Will of Crota strike is the weekly/nightfall is pretty sad. My greatest point of contention however, is the complete waste of time the VoG was when the DLC was released. Why not create a third harder mode, or remix the difficulty/reward system? Amongst the players I team up with, they only want the Atheon checkpoint to get the Mythoclast, and that’s it. Why waste such a memorable activity?!

    • Mat

      So many people are pissed that Bungie made the VOG and the gear we earned worthless overnight. I really hope they listen and fix it, or make amends with the next expansion.

      Then again, they said they listened and were going to give the expansion more story, and we got zero story.

      • MyLittlePwny1988

        You ever played MMOs Mat?
        Every expansion is for new content. New content means new items, new level cap, new dungeons, new raids.
        New levels means new better items. New better items means that the older items are not as powerful as the new ones.
        Its the same thing in EVERY MMO.
        It would make NO SENSE to buff the old items to the level of the new items. Whywould you play the new content then if the items you can gain are not stronger?!

        • Benjamin O’Brien

          I would be more than happy to play both, if the rewards were equal. Skew the favour to Crota if they wanted, but give us a reason to run the VoG still.

          • I JUST recently got the boots in a VoG run…of course they are moot, though, since I have a pair of Dark Below Vanguard boots. BUT the acendent shards I got allowed me to level up the expansion boots. VoG is where I’ve been going if I need materials to level something up…

        • insanetrasher

          An MMO expansion cannot be compared to a Destiny dlc.
          MMO expansion normally includes a much higher level/items gap and are not getting released every 3 months.
          Now we’re only talking about 2 levels gap, and since it was very time consuming (relative to one’s playtime) to get to 30 pre-dlc (which I didn’t) I can easily see how frustrated those players are.

          We do see that with an MMO expansion, but players get to use and enjoy their end-game gears for a lot more time than just 2-3 months.

          • Mat

            This is a big part of it. Expansion and DLC are different things.

            Honestly, it all comes down to the vanguard gear messing things up. We have to remember that the DLC was part of the game originally and then chopped out to re-sell to us. There should be, in a game, progression from one raid to the next. Get to 30 and then start trying the higher level stuff.

            In no other game do you just skip a boss fight and jump several levels higher for no reason.

        • Mat

          First, whataboutism doesnt apply here. Who cares what MMOs do and how does that affect Destiny?

          Second, no other MMO has the same model as Destiny where armor is tied to ‘light’, your level. Every other game has armor independent of level.

          Third, other MMOs have transmogrification, which is essentially upgrading your old armor with the stats of the new armor you acquire.

          • Sean Lai

            Too bad light levels are the dumbest thing I have ever seen implemented into any RPG. Forcing players to adopt nearly identical loadouts just to achieve the highest level is absolutely absurd in a game that supposedly puts an emphasis on character customization.

        • Micah Yang

          I get that but isn’t entirely an mmo. Bungie said that below all this rpg and mmo stuff, destiny, at heart, is a fps and we all know that adding “better” stuff to a fps is well… not good. It goes both ways.

      • druss

        sorry mat but all game of this type will have the problem you talking about when expanded content comes out old stuff become out of date.

        To stop this from happing some game make weapons and armour more lvl dependent ie if you had to be lvl 29 to fit the new gear but this would not work with the way destiny does the light lvl system.

        It is somthing bungie will have to look at how to keep what in essence dead content.

        • Mat

          It’s the stupid light system, of course, I agree.

      • aria

        they should make an upgrade system like how you upgrade exotics with xur

    • aria

      i still VOG not for the loot about how fun it is thats what video games are about “Fun”

  • lee Ralph

    Xur needs to sell the icebreaker I have not seen him sell that since I have had the game as I got the game three weeks after it came out its the only weapon I need I got the new raid sniper its awesome we defeated crota in under six minutes

    • Diego Pedrollo

      2 x

  • Paratrooper2000

    My biggest disappointment is the fact, that everybody looks the same, because everybody is trying to get to L32. Which means everybody wears the same (raid) gear. All the nice ideas of factions supporting different strengths, offering different looking armor. Forget it. All you have is the free choice of a shader. Besides that: Am I the only one, who thinks raid gear always looks like shit? I wish there was a way to reach max level AND wear your cool looking faction armor.

    • Diego Pedrollo

      Destiny 2 will be much better i hope!
      Just can wait!

    • Oscar Enrique Miranda

      well warlock raid armor looks impressive i really like it =)

  • Diego Pedrollo

    I hope the Destiny2 have a better narrative, a more complete story.
    Just missing that for this game to be perfect.
    I’m loving The Dark Below!

    I read that Bungie is banning glitchers: why? For discovering a failure in their game? Bungie should pay them for the service and fix the bugs immediately. Not ban them.

    • Micah Yang

      We shouldn’t be jumping up and down screaming because there was a cut scene

    • insanetrasher

      So the loot/gear system is perfect as well as the amount of varied content, including what you got for 20$ with the dlc. I’d be glad to feel the same as you do.

  • Dylanlucas

    Im still having fun but im really looking forward to a completer game and i have my hopes up for the Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 or Tom Clancy’s The Division.

    • Micah Yang

      Honestly the division looks better than destiny in a way. It looks more tactical than destiny (triple jumping and knife throwing wouldn’t fit in) But the division certainly has a more “open world” feel to it which is really what drew me to destiny. I will most likely get destiny’s sequel but only if it really is better. Like if it actually had a story, exploring was actually exploring not going back to the same place to get materials, and if they dropped the crappy light system. It was a bad idea because if you want to get to the max level (who doesn’t) then you all look the same, like paratrooper said. Also make chests actually a thing to look for. Getting a green weapon and some materials is REALLY LAME. Chests should be rare and hard to find with loot you could actually use not some Crap to Scrap. I would rather that it was just on earth and larger than on 4 planets and tiny. They should be doing what the witcher is doing; trying to outdo skyrim. In narrative, activities, world size, everything.

      • BAMozzy69 .

        The Division does look great but I have concerns over its ‘story’ and campaign too. I do think it will be lacking in that area and probably won’t be that cohesive or engaging. Its told in a series of ‘echoes’ so it will be interesting to see if they can make that work.
        The gameplay reminds me more of Ghost Recon. To me the Division is the MMORPG of that like Destiny is to Halo. I don’t know how much fun it will be playing Solo and it does seem to have a certain amount of repetition – kill enemies to take control of this building/area and then do the same again and maybe explore a few areas for loot/supplies en-route.

        Destiny to me looks like it has a greater variety of enemies and environments too and probably more unique weaponry as well.
        Personally I think those that are expecting this to deliver in areas that Destiny hasn’t for them are going to be disappointed. If they prefer the 3rd person cover shooter as opposed to the first person mechanics and prefer their post apocalyptic world to be more ‘bleak’ and claustrophobic then this will be more suited to them.
        It may sound that I don’t like the Division but the truth is,its very high on my wanted list but I m under no illusion that this will deliver on things that Destiny doesn’t.

    • insanetrasher

      The Division looks very interesting indeed. ESO on the other hand, try it on PC and ask for a refund when you reach their refund policy deadline, I guess that would save you the money to buy The Division.

  • nenuco_89

    I’ve been enjoying the dark below, the story told by eris is good, but could have been a bit longer…? I think Rasputin deserves a bigger line of story on its own, there’s also a lot we don’t know. About weapons I just got No Land Beyond sniper, and just like the 4th horseman it really really needs a buff it’s almost impossible to use on PvE and PvP, which is sad because I love the gun and how it plays in the hand. VoG drops must be improved at least to drop more guns than armor we won’t use, yesterday I got on atheon, not one but two titan helmets at once and my 5th atheons epilogue, please work on that. If I’m missing something I know it will be brought to the comments by anyone here. Thanks for listen and improving the game constantly bungie!

  • insanetrasher

    Can we agree to stop using the word “expansion” please?

    • Micah Yang

      Thats what bungie calls it

      • insanetrasher

        But it isn’t one.

        • cool_herc


          • insanetrasher

            My point is simply that by using the expression DLC it shows them that using the word expansion is ridiculous when refering to this paid content.

  • kp

    honestly the only real concern i have is regarding radiant materials. not plentiful enough by any means considering it takes about 84 if you are upgrading (4) raid pieces. Maybe offer a trade system that involves ascendant materials – radiant? i would even be ok with getting the shaft on the deal like 3 ascendant for 1 radiant. please consider, also more bounties with eris per reset would be great. other than that LOVE IT.

  • Oscar Enrique Miranda

    i really like the expansion but my only concern is that i spent a lot of time upgrading my Atheon Raid set…. to see it now as a second hand armor… a lot of noobs are now lvl 30 or even 31 just because they had a lot of vanguard marks! or crucible marks….i mean its cool that everyone can reach lvl 30… but it should be a difficult goal 🙁

    • hauntedknight55

      I’d agree with you considering I finally got a full VoG set the week of the DLC release. However, everyone was able to hit 29 from marks before the DLC, 1 level below max. As before, you need Raid gear to max out the light level. I’m ok with that since it’s still hard to get. I would have hated if I couldn’t do the new raid (being stuck at 29) just because you need VoG gear. Random drops doesn’t always mean fun if you have to wait to play new content based on luck.

  • Jeff

    They need to make it so we get radiant materials instead of ascendent materials

    • it’s funny, on the radiant material tooltip it says it can be acquired through the Nightfall, of course you can’t atm, but it sure would make Nightfall’s better if you could.

      • Jeff

        You should also be able to get them from dailys and public events

  • Wes Alm

    How is it that we still can’t skip cutscenes in 2014? Why does Destiny have more currencies than the entire European Union? Why does Eris have the same (pretty much) damn bounties every day? Why does the same fking loot drop every damn time from the Raid(s). Why not just add another upgrade branch to the Exotics and Legendaries instead of resetting their stats or making them obsolete altogether? I don’t mind grinding. I once spent several hours a day for several days in Final Fantasy VII walking around in circles farming, but I did that because the game had a point; it had a purpose! Destiny’s model is the same for Farmville, Clash of Clans, etc. Explore=> Earn=> Upgrade=> Explore=>… It is obvious that every decision they make with this game is to keep you in this loop. Here is the problem: I don’t know why I keep playing this. My guess is that I like the people I play with, and that is ALL.

  • baxterwasaman

    I find it funny that when VOG was the raid everyone complained about getting shards instead of gear and now that shards are more scarce people complain. i mean really they dont want you to hit 32 right off the bat because they are trying to extend your time playing destiny. another thing i hear people complain about is how since shards/energy is harder to get you cant just lvl up the first raid gear you get you have to pick and choose it. to me that is an awesome part that keeps you going back to the raid week after week trying to get your stats/perks just right for your playstyle.

  • Punkindrublic1

    Getting the radiant materials are going to be a hell of a grind to level up the raid gear. They should drop in the Daily Heroics, or at least make it a gamble that you could either end up with Ascendent or Radiant materials while doing said Daily.

    • cool_herc

      Disagree.Absolutely should not be able to get them in a daily. You’d essentially have what you need in no time. Not a good idea. Now, if you wanted to put them in the Nightfall?? That at least would be a better drop (as far as I’m concerned, anyway) than getting a Legendary item.

      • Punkindrublic1

        Apparently you can get them from the nightfall if you read the material list on a piece of raid gear that you have required, but it says “rarely” if I remember correctly.

  • kp

    I also believe if you are going to make raid gear that can only be upgraded with radiant mats, you should apply the drops in VOG to reflect moving forward. update the gear to at least allow 331 weapons in and lvl 31 armor. If raiding is the way to upgrade raid gear than it should be applied to both raids.

  • Micah Yang

    I think with destiny 2 Bungie should stick to their “basic rules” ie no platforming or boss battles. They just don’t fit in with an fps. Sure make the battleground more than just a flat stretch of ground and have more difficult enemies. I think that when you shoot someone and their healthbar doesn’t seem to go down, you can count it as a boss battle

  • CarmaDr

    Overall, I love the game but I am disappointed, there is soo much that needs improvement

    I think the attached video, posted by Gamespot does a pretty good job at reviewing the pros and cons up to this point.


  • James Drenning

    Good dlc. Story is set n rich more than wow ever offered. The grind is fun. N they didn’t make Vog pointless its still the best method for getting a large amount of ascendant material. You should expect new content to start u off maxed because u beat the old. This is great fun
    I struggled with dlc missions at first n that was refreshing. The lack of new leg. Gear for sell by vendors was disapointing. Only vangaurd has new look. Factions should of got new looking gear as well. N a weekly refresh of the gears perks would be nice. So in 5 weeks I can have a complete set of new vangaurd that gives me bonus to my primary weapon. Not legs for scout arms for auto n chest for pulse. Bungie keep it up n give us more lmao

  • Oriel76

    What I like :

    – The Raid (Obviously). Even though it is shorter than the VoG, some of the new mechanics like the weight of darkness, lamps, bridges, sword gameplay and the fact that i feel being in a group mean something this time, the group is way closer and works a lot together in many section of the Raid. Always have at least a piece of gear and a weapon at the end of it. The design of the first area. Just have the RL and I like it so far but other weapons are looking fine, The Raid Equipements looks good.

    – Rasputin’s Bunker. Although it is quite a small area, I love the design of it, the music, wish we could see more of that in the future.

    – The Sword event. A little something to add, not much, but pleasant.

    – The Murmur and Husk of the Pit upgrade mechanic.

    – The Rewards for ranking up in the different factions.

    – The New LvL26 Strikes

    What I don’t Like :

    – The Hive Strike. Although I like the difficulty of it, the design of the map lacks of grandeur ; everything is narrow, hordes of enemies after one another, can’t enjoy quite my opponent since it’s a hide and seek in corners. Same for Omni’gul that you can’t watch as much as you like since she’s hiding as much as you. The final fight being in a room that small is frustrating since it doesn’t accompany your experience as it should. Everything is made to be a long strike, but the lack of originality fails the whole strike.

    – The Vex Strike. Long Strike as well, with old environment, old boss. Stuck for minutes in one area before grinding the Black Garden backwards to end up in one new room with a Nexus in it… Woooooowwww I’m so thrilled !!! You can feel a lot of work to make this strike happen…

    – Most of the new quest are happening in area that already exist (???)

    – The few Eris quest doesn’t bring up anything interesting to the story. They just add up and clarify secondary interest from the main story

    – The Eris Bounties. Although a few bounties char specific are interesting if you want to spice up things up (kill a wizard while being invisible, Shoulder dash wizards etc…) most of it are same over and over again. And grinding Eris Rank is no fun.

    – Eris high ranks to buy ammo ??? That really sucks.

    – Reputation Mark. Another way to add hours of gameplay for grinding purpose. But when you have 3 chars and do strikes, rewards from ranking, engrams decoding you have no need to buy anything anymore. So to me it adds complication where their is no need to.

    – No real new activities. Why don’t they add Sparrow Races, 2 or 3 maps could be a start doesn’t need to be huge, just well designed. A Shoot’em up sequence with our ship, kind of Star Fox kind of thing, could be in loading sequence (like in bayoneta) or something else, something new.

    – The Price. Got the Season Pass and I already feel robed, imagining paying 20$ for that makes me even angrier, shame on you Bungie…

    Joker :

    – The Crucible Map : Don’t Like PvP so I didn’t try yet.

  • E Davis

    Things I like:

    1:More stuff. More story. More bounties. More weapons & armour to collect. More pve events like the blades of crota events.

    Things I don’t like:

    1: gear reset. Invalidating our progress with old legendaries feels like they’re taking our accomplishments away. Plus, wouldn’t more diversity in armour and weapons be a good thing?! I thought I was building something but if Bungie keeps resetting things every couple of months, what’s the pont?

    2: dlc locking non dlc owners out of activities that were available in the base game.

    3. Nightfall and heroics becoming harder to solo. I get that Bungie wants us to play together but the game is too slanted towards PvP and the raid. They’ve made this world to be played in but neglect the pve portion of the game. Adapt for a more diverse range of play styles and more people will keep playing.

    3. Lack of choice. I touched on this in point 1. It’s great getting new gear but making old gear obsolete is silly and works counter to creating our own individual “legends”. There should at least be an option to upgrade old gear that you like and have more diversity both in loadouts and cosmetic differences.

    4. The new raid eliminating the importance of the last one. I primarily play solo due to my responsibilities as a new dad (can’t use a mic and need to be available IRL at the drop of a hat) and because solo play has been my preference for 40 years of gaming. I may never play a raid and that’s fine with me. I think it’s ambitious to have an elite endgame for groups only. That said, I may try more co-op in the future I just don’t want it stuffed down my throat. Regardless of my own gaming eccentricities, I can’t understand why Bungie would throw away some of the best elite content in their own game.

    In conclusion: this first dlc for destiny worries me greatly and has me poised on the precipice of whether or not I want to invest any more time in this increasingly disappointing game. I wouldn’t have played this long if I didn’t love a lot of it or at least have hope in its future potential. If Bungie keeps making these sorts of backwards choices going forward, though, I foresee a lot of people moving on to more rewarding and less insulting game experiences.

  • Forge

    There are several aspects I love about the new content and certain things I have reservations about. I’ll put a short good and bad list below, (this is not an exhaustive list but just some main points.)

    Firstly the Good:

    I love the new raid. It has new types of play, really pushes for good teamwork and has been a very enjoyable experience. I’ve also had to learn how to do certain sections differently depending on which character I take in as my warlock has a very different role from my titan in those situations.

    I love the new gear, a lot of it looks awesome and I like the new perks and stats, especially of the raid gear. The weapons don’t immediately negate my old exotics or raid primaries but they are very very interesting alternatives for me now.

    I like the added bits of story that came with the DLC, some of it was very interesting and served well to add to the lore of the game.

    New quests were fun even if they were in old areas and the new bounties are occasionaly new which is nice after the queens wrath simple had the exact same bounties with a new name.

    The Bad.

    Everything I worked on before the DLC in regards to rep and gear is essentially pointless now. It doesn’t matter if you had to run the VOG for weeks to FINALLY get your char to level 30 since anyone joining the game can reach 31 in a couple of days if they farm enough and simply buy better gear from vendors. The Vendor gear should have been on par with VOG gear, not higher than it.

    A lot of the new content wasn’t really introduced in any viable way. A short cut scene of Eris arriving in the tower, speaking to the vanguard and announcing to guardians why she was there would have gone a long way to helping. Instead there is suddenly a weird woman giving out orders in the tower and no-one knows why unless you find ghosts, leave the game, go to a computer, log into Bungie and read the grimoire cards.

    Most of the content is just re-using old content and the new areas are not new interesting permanent additions to the game world. Crota, despite hints at him having many forms etc. is just a slightly shinier knight with a special shield, the other mini bosses are wizards with more HP. I understand that making new boss types etc. is a huge amount of work but the hints made us all expect more. A new boss type or area addition to the greater world to explore would have been nice.

    The commendation system doesn’t work. It might sound like a good idea but really it simply isn’t effective at doing anything. You need some gear and lets assume you only have 1 char, not several of the same class to share gear and commendations etc. You finish the level you are on then spend 2 days farming rep. You now have 3 commendations, if not more, at very least 2. you then pop into crucible and get one or two crucible commendations. You now are able to buy 5 pieces of gear, and never need a commendation again. all it does is add a couple of days delay at the start then becomes void and simply stacks uselessly in your inventory.

  • BAMozzy69 .

    My one issue is the fact that all my gear (weapons and armour) were made obsolete overnight and the VoG is now pointless other than for farming ascendant materials. I know Exotics can be upgraded for a huge cost relatively – I think ALL progress should carry over!

    As for things like the weekly/dailies, I they should be included in this after all that’s why I bought them – to give more variety to these! Whether or not an alternative should be available to those without though is maybe a different point.

  • I loved the DLC in every way… almost. This is still a pro, but I can’t re play missions. I can, but I don’t wanna. Even if I play them on nomal, I still feel lightheaded with my heart pounding after. I liked the will of crota cuz I don’t freak out at any time, but I get the intensity.

  • Rob

    The exotic upgrade scheme needs to be changed, make it cheaper if you’re going to make me level it up again or just make the cost cover the full upgrade. It just punishes those of us who worked hard to level our exotics and now need to start over. Just buff them. Also there needs to me more options for higher level solo activities for those times when you don’t feel like playing with others. Thanks, keep up the good work.

  • Baryn Alex Dumas

    3 things:
    1- no incentive for vog. If you could take 5 ascendant mats and turn them into 1 radiant would be awesome.
    2- crota raid. Despite using lfg, it is difficult to be accepted into a group for a full run. I want to experience it all like I did vog
    3- exotic upgrades. Last week, if I upgraded my backup plans, I would have gotten no increase. This week, if I upgrade my Crest of alpha, I lose stats. Guess I’ll stick to my glasshouse, but it still blows.

  • Lamp Shade

    To be honest, I think the Dark Below’s narrative was not great or good, but was just okay. That sort of thing. It wasn’t disjointed or vague like the base game’s story, but it didn’t grab you much except for the missions being rather fun. Despite it not being great or epic, it was a step in the right direction in terms of story. I’d give it a 7/10 overall.

    Considering how cool Destiny’s lore is, there needs to be Grimoire support in-game. That is the very least they could do to improve upon the storytelling aspect. Destiny is a great universe to tell a story in, but we don’t have that. Bungie is focusing more on the gameplay aspect and loot grind. That part is already great. All we need is a good story.

    As for matchmaking for raids, I think that you should be disallowed from matchmaking for a particular raid unless you complete it first, that way only people familiar with the raid mechanics will be able to placed into matchmaking to smooth things out. Also, there’s no reason not to have matchmaking for the Weekly Heroic and Nightfall strikes.

    Also, there needs to be proximity voice chat for the open world.

  • Cumulo Procella

    I know a lot of us may be disappointed by the new dlc, of course it needs some improvements. But everyone needs to keep in mind that this is still a bit of a bungie experiment. We are still within the first couple months of the game so we still can’t determine where it’s going at this point.

    Yes, the dlc seems disappointing if you look at it from an MMO standpoint. But since destiny is still at it’s core a console shooter of sorts you have to be comparing it with the top tier console games of it’s particular genre. Look at past Halo dlc, or CoD. You pay $10-15 for a set of 3-4 maps that slowly become insignificant as you play the game. IF you got the expansion pass for destiny then you just paid $15 for:
    -A 3-mission extension onto the story.
    -Yet another strike you’ll frequently be playing. If you ever touch the strike playlist.
    -New cooperative raid, which as much as you don’t want to accept; really builds into a great experience with your friends.
    -On top of that you can customize your character further with the new exotics, shaders, ships and legendary gear. (though the legendary gear is just an update to vanguard/crucible vendor stocks)
    -Oh and you also get those three multiplayer maps that you usually pay $15 for.

    At this point we’re just letting the pre-release hype train to continue its steamrolling of bungie’s work. I’ve been affected by a few of bungie missteps as well but it doesn’t mean I have to start scrutinizing everything against entirely abstract standards.

    Quoting bits and pieces of bungie’s wavering promises isn’t getting this community anywhere. Maybe if we just took 3 seconds to wait after we criticized a piece of their work we could actually notice a change. Don’t expect immediate results because one does not simply balance a weapon with the first 10 minutes of their time at work.

    We still have a whole year until house of wolves, leaving tons of time for events, patches, other additions to arise that may entertain us through 2015. If your done with this game, then go ahead and be done, but don’t bring bungie dragging through the mud behind you because that won’t help them forge a better game.

    A few critiques of my own though.
    -Bringing VoG gear up to a light level of 33 (and weapons to a level of 331) to make it more relevant and also allowing people more options for pre-CE gear
    -A form of public recruitment, message board or something for raids, nightfall, etc… At the tower so we can streamline the fire team creation process a little bit more.
    -Bring expansion exotics up to their proper playing field (fairly disappointed with the mundane perks on Fourth Horseman and the not-so-user friendly experience with regards to the No-Land Beyond)
    -Finding ways to expand the universe beyond the addition of official new content. Whether this would include the actual usage of ships somehow, being able to open up some new areas on the planets we know like the back of our hand, possibly expanding the tower or adding a new social area completely.
    -Adding some more interesting narrative (or enriching the current), or possibly reveal the narrative that every key character seems to know except the player. (Seriously the stranger seems to have been keeping the games actually plot-line from me this entire time)

    With regards to the the last critique, it addresses what I think is destiny’s main problem (beyond having identity issues). Even though we’ve been introduced to these open worlds, the universe has never felt so small. The thing that could possibly separate destiny between being a fairly good game than a great game could be the universe itself. It just needs to expand a bit more, tweak at the players adventurous side.

    That is all!
    Thank you very much for reading through (if you did) critiques welcome and please correct me where I may have gotten some core facts wrong. But please think before you post.

  • Nightwing

    The Raid is too short and broken, 3 missions?! seriously. and its ruined all the vault gear. ive walked to 31 in a few days.