Poll: Destiny Improvements

Published on: Oct 22, 2014 @ 9:44

In our previous poll we asked you guys what you would most like to see from us. Many people wanted more Exotic reviews, so we’ve been trying to produce those at a steady pace. You can see all of our in-depth Exotic weapon reviews here, and there’s even more on our YT channel.

Your Suggestions for Destiny

This week we want to focus on how Destiny can be made better. Bungie wants to know your feedback, so let them know what could be improved about the game.

Whether it’s a minor alteration, or an entirely new addition, go ahead and vote in our multiple choice poll and also let us know what you’d like in the comments below this article.

Planet Destiny forum member BuckshotGeorge had this to say,

I would like to equip more than one exotic. Maybe this could be restricted to high level operations? As the DLC will raise the top level it would make sense to let people equip all exotics to go raiding, rather than rely on what gets dropped during the raid. This will also placate the people complaining about everyone wearing the same armour (every level 30 is wearing at least 3 pieces of the same armour set). It will not only help aesthetics but also assist perk preferences for players.

Choose that all you’d like to see! And if something isn’t listed in the poll, definitely let us know your thoughts.

My Suggestions

Usually I don’t weigh in on the polls, but seeing as I suggested guaranteed boss rewards awhile ago, that’s definitely something I’d like to see. Whether they just drop something as simple as Relic Iron, I think it’d make the task of killing them that much more satisfying.

Another small yet annoying issue is the fact that the Gunsmith’s and Cryptarch’s inventories are basically useless.

Currently, the Cryptarch rank is seemingly useless and does not appear to produce any meaningful results, besides the rewards sent to you when you level it up. The Cryptarch could be improved by allowing people to buy Legendary Engrams for a significant amount of Strange Coins.

As for the Gunsmith, his weapons are simply ineffectual. This vendor sometimes sells a Rare fusion rifle which is needed for completing an Exotic bounty, but other than that, I’m surprised he hasn’t gone out of business with how little Glimmer he makes.

Perhaps he could be hotfixed to allow us to customize our weapons further, such as with weapon shaders? Item Transmogrification?

Message from DeeJ

We read all of this feedback. More people than you would suspect look in on the forum here and in places all over the Internet where players talk about Destiny. We take it in. We measure it against data we have on our end. We triage it against our own wish lists. We plan our work based on the people we have on our team and the hours we have in any given work day. We choose our battles on the development floor the same way you do when you look at your Director. “What can I accomplish next to get better?” is the essential question.

There is a process in place to support Destiny. You, constant reader, are a part of that process. Your voice is, by my proxy, a part of the conversation – even when it makes the meeting to which I’ve been invited a little contentious. I do not post in every thread that appears on this forum because I don’t assume you’ll settle for being placated with a stock “We hear you!” every time one of you has a good idea.

The promise I can make is that I am working with the developers to make sure that they understand how you feel as they go about making their decisions.

Now, there will be times when I focus on the positive. There are people in this community who deserve an introduction to happy gamers who are doing amazing things to provide a service to their fellow Guardians. Those people deserve their due credit. This does not mean that I’m dodging your feedback. It means that I’m attempting to see our community from every angle – to give everyone a voice.


Check out forums.planetdestiny.com if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)

  • BuckshotGeorge

    I’m famous!
    I like the idea of the Cryptarch/Gunsmith doing more. My Cryptarch level reward has rarely been anything but 2 blue engrams. Maybe a choice in reward? You could choose a strange coin or two, motes of light, or take a chance on the mystery package we get at the minute. Then you can make an informed choice based on what you require.

    • g1mpster

      It’s also frustrating that the gunsmith and the Cryptarch are rendered useless once you start equipping Rare or better items. Make the gunsmith more like an actual gunsmith where you have to bring your weapons to him to be upgraded or use him for customizations. I have several weapons that are saddled with sights that just don’t work for me (mostly due to reticle color). How about letting me pay the gunsmith to make small changes to the weapon, like choosing new colors for the reticle, a different reticle style, or perhaps other small or simply cosmetic changes to your gear. Let them be more personalized.

      • I really like that idea. They definitely need to be more useful after you reach the higher levels, plus the added customization would give you a purpose for all that glimmer.

        • Bonesy

          The sights especially, if I could put sights on my shotgun that aren’t garbage that would make me a happy camper. I prefer to hip-fire them right now because the ADS is useless on most of them.

        • BuckshotGeorge

          I’m hoping they make glimmer more important too. If the cap is 25k then maybe give you a little something for saving it, rather than just spending it on heavy ammo synth.

      • Sloth

        second this idea.

  • Lee Juriet

    I have a few suggestions:

    1. Add in more weapon types; Destiny is set in the far future, why do we only get a single Energy Weapon Class? Why didn’t we get things like Laser Rifles, Pistols, plasma rockets, or hell, energy sword of some type?

    2. Have the Jumpships do something other than look nice, and change the RNG so we stop getting the same damn ships out of chests; I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LIKE the look of Jumpships,but I’d like to see them actually be able to use them for things like, IDK, fighting Fallen ships. And as for the change to the RNG…. when I get “Karuna,Falling” 5 times in a row, “Rope to Heaven” 4 times, “Laughing Behind Your Back” 5 times, and “Eon Trespass” 3 times, that should tell you something.

    3. Add in the rumored “3rd Subclass” ASAP…. It’ll help tide us over until the DLC in December.

    4. Add in more content, stat; when I can burn through the Campaign in under 15 hours, thats troubling. Add in the fact that the amount of cutscenes (Which in my books, tells just how much effort went into it) is around the 20 minutes mark, compared to Reach’s hour or so…yeah.

    I know Bungie will likely not read this, but I figured, might as well try… Who knows? my traditionally crappy luck may turn out well!

  • g1mpster

    Huge +1 to being able to deck out in more than 1 exotic, at the very least for Raids. Bumping it to at least 2 would be enough for now. A chest piece and a helmet. A primary and your choice of special or heavy.

  • Dominik

    I would like to see more PvE rewards for doing heroic story missions. It’s quite frustrationg to see the empty reward boxes in the debriefing screen. For most PvP match you get at least some items or seven shaders, but the only PvE source are the daily/weekly missions and the annoying Tiger Playlists (meh). Some random item/sgader rewards based on the mission level would be great and motivating.

    Another thing ist the ability to equip more than 1 exotic item per category. Why shoul i spend hours and hours in getting exotic equipment if i can’t use it all?

    A random story mission playlist like the strike list but for solo gaming or your own fireteam (without matchmaking) could be a nice feature too.

    • Bonesy

      Lone Wolves need treasure too.

  • LacmWarlock

    The “more than one exotic wouldn’t work so well, but just for raids would be ok.

    I think there is a problem with this game, Bungie tried to make people concentrate on colecting armor and weapons but once you are level 26 there aren’t many weapons or armor to pick. There are, i think, two pieces of armor of the vanguard, two pieces of armor of the crusible that are very similar to the vanguard ones and two pieces of armor of the Raid, plus the exotics; and because of this everyone looks the same.

    Also, the guns, there should be different types of gun. I wish there will be some swords (or meele weapons) or some fusion riffle, or rocket launcher that looks different to the others, like shoots lasers or i don’t know, without having to be exotic.

  • dat_man

    They should take out the vault entirely. Your ship should act as a vault, and a better ship means a bigger vault. Then ships would have some use in the game other than loading screens.

    • Dan Spencer

      I think you’d still want vault access from the tower, however you definitely need to be able to access it from your ships. Even if it’s a ship upgrade that Xur sells!

      Right now to switch characters I often need to:
      – Log in on character A with weapon I want to use
      – Fly to tower with character A
      – Put stuff in vault
      – Switch characters
      – Fly to tower with character B
      – Get stuff out of vault
      – Goto activity

      Only really an issue for the highest level content when you want to give you best guns to the character you’re about to use, but a massive pain when you do have to do it!

    • Dan Spencer

      I think you’d still want vault access from the tower, however you definitely need to be able to access it from your ships. Even if it’s a ship upgrade that Xur sells!

      Right now to switch characters I often need to:
      – Log in on character A with weapon I want to use
      – Fly to tower with character A
      – Put stuff in vault
      – Switch characters
      – Fly to tower with character B
      – Get stuff out of vault
      – Goto activity

      Only really an issue for the highest level content when you want to give you best guns to the character you’re about to use, but a massive pain when you do have to do it!

  • delta 6655

    weapon mods, take out the optic level thing, and let us buy scopes, iron sights, and red dots, only for legendary weapons though. because finding a pleasing ironsight on a legendary is a pain in the but. let us buy weapon mods, and let us move on from that permanent red dot whenever we aim. besides, that wouldent affect game balence at all, only astetics.

    • Bonesy

      I agree on scopes, maybe have them not effect the stability/reload/etc and replace them with the existing similar ‘ballistics’ perks (linear compensator, agressive ballistics, field choke) and have good ‘ol unappreciated Banshee-44 fix me up with scopes and sights and maybe shaders and stocks and such.

      • delta 6655

        well, not the shader part, if that armor bitch restocked her shaders we wouldent need another way to get shaders. except maby for weapons, heres another idea

        banshee could sell a custom weapon build thing, where you can choose from all the different parts and shells to create your own gun, choose its abilitys, name it, make it your own. then we can hold something tats actualy unique. it could cost 25 strange coins, and the weapon would be legendary. then they could add a auction house, where you can sell exotics for other exotics, of = or greater value, one for one, so that way we can all have the weapons we want, or armor.

        • Sloth

          I’m not a big fan of trading, it will only create mules.

          I like the idea of making a custom weapon, but that would make the game to easy, and make random drops even more worthless. At this point I still carefully review each random drop to see if it has the perks I’m looking for before dismantling it.

          It would be cool if you could use 25 strange coins to add one perk to a rare weapon, and thus turn that weapon into a legendary. That would at least build on the current system they have.

          • delta 6655

            i dont mean makeing something out of nothing, you bring in a legondary weapon, and you modify its shell, sights, and maby add something to appeal to you.

  • Vestrel

    I think there should be more social areas than just the Tower. Like make the Reef a social area too, And those areas need to have something that allows us to socialize more with other players than just kicking a ball around or shooting someone up into their air with a vent. Maybe add stuff like customizeable clan bases (like from Warframe) or even just add a dance club where everyone can dance under the flashing lights of multiple Ghosts,

  • Someone had mentioned in another forum about everyone getting something at the completion of a mission/pvp game. It would still be random, but based on your placement or performance, you might get something less significant (like a material, for example). I like this idea because even if you get something small, it still helps you “chip away” at goals.

  • Seth Allister Hansen

    I think just more variety in the game’s faction missions in PvE and more focus on what it means to be in a faction would make the game fore fun.

    • g1mpster

      Agreed. You get some sense of the different faction priorities via the type of patrol missions they give out, but they really don’t FEEL different. They feel completely interchangeable. Also, if you’re doing a patrol mission for a particular faction, then why do I get Vanguard marks for all of them, regardless of which faction put it out? What’s the point of having different HUD indicators for the different faction missions if they all give you the same stuff? Give me FWC rep for completing FWC missions, etc.

      • Sloth

        your get FWC rep when you wear FWC class items.
        however I think we should get side missions (or bounties) only available from factions that you have a high enough rank in.

  • Matt Dunnigan

    I would love it if we get Custom made games and maps like in the halo games before. Maybe some more different Heavy Weapons like maybe Railguns or something. But I’m ok with everything other too many Hot fixes.

  • joerendous

    I would like a chance for level 20 rares to become legendary. Set aside a pool of possible secondary perks to be applied to blues that would make them purple, or have an uber rare item drop that allows us to upgrade a rare into a legendary.

    My BFF 2.0 is guilt tripping me for attention. Dammit, Jill! I only have so much time and Ascendant Energy! And let’s not talk about the Painted Big Chief.

  • Reflex

    I would LOVE to see a trading system. Its not that hard to make is fair and not break the game. Just follow a couple rules when designing it.

    1. Both parties must trade something on equal trade value (Legendary auto rifle + 10 ascendant shards for 1 Exotic hand cannon)

    2. Must use a trading machine of some sort, some would be only available on certain days in the tower(similar to Xur)

    • Micah Yang

      Bungie didn’t include trading because they wanted every piece of loot to have a story although most stories are “I got it in the crucible” or “Got it in the nightfall strike”. I hope they add trading

      • Reflex

        Looking online where Xur is and buying my exotic is quite the story. You are right, its what they wanted, but ye..

  • mcshivers

    Honestly, the only thing I want added is the ability to RELOAD WHILE SPRINTING.

    You know how frustrating it is trying to run away from a Fallen Captain, or Hive Wizard AND reload only to be stopped dead in your tracks and get blasted by void bolts? It’s infuriating!


    • Reflex

      i don’t feel like that’s a gamebreaking issue, though. It would be nice, but I feel like that is low priority or a conveniency issue.

    • Micah Yang

      just no

      • g1mpster

        Agreed, being forced to choose between running for your life and reloading to re-engage the enemy is a good trade-off to be forced to make, IMO. Have you ever tried reloading a firearm while running IRL? 🙂 Also, if you find yourself in that situation a lot, then it would suggest that you should reevaluate some of your gameplay styles:

        * be sure to pay closer attention to your radar
        * learn to recognize hot engagements earlier so you have time to retreat safely
        * try working defensive maneuvers into your live fire so you are constantly optimizing your position for defense as well as maintaining a strong offense
        * etc

    • you can reload while jumping as long as your don’t use the “blink” jump on warlock or hunters. Jumping and reloading at least makes you a little more of a difficult target to hit.

  • Micah Yang

    Custom shaders *drool*

  • J-B Lai

    To add in to the cryptarch/weaponsmith comments :

    One thing the Weaponsmith could do is for a amount of glimmer or strange coin… or some kind of material, he could reroll a gun perk for you.
    Or have enemies drop an item in which in exchange with the gunsmith he can apply an upgrade for you without having to collect materials.
    He shouldn’t just be a vendor, i’d see him be more involved in weapon customization. Maybe even apply weapon shaders.

    As for the cryptarch, instead of selling grey engrams… we could gamble for a random engram. Or trade-in engrams a couple of engrams for a chance to gamble for a better. Or something along that line. Orrr like Kadala and blood shards in Diablo 3, have ennemies or bosses drop engram fragments which can be traded/recombined with the cryptarch.

    Another thing that might want to see is have certain weapons have slots to attach a modifier item, that could grant different bonuses than the ones offered by upgrade. However, these bonuses should come with a cost… for example, you could attach an item that gives a secondary element to your weapon, but will halve your bonus damage that would be normally dealt by the elemental bonus vs shields.

    • Reflex

      I agree with you all the way until the 2nd element, That wold be WAY to OP. Maybe a change of element, switching from Arc to Void.

      • J-B Lai

        Its just an example. But to defend the 2nd element’s case, the counter-balance is that your bonus damage is halved. So it’s not as efficient,,, there are ways to balance it out. The point is to add more customization options, but they come with pros and cons.

  • Tahir Zafar

    these are the worst options ever wth!

    there is NO itemisation in this game. no unique builds everyone is wearing the same stuff. the BIGGEST issue is lack of gear that gets you to 30 and good unique set bonuses. This is a loot game with no lvl 30 loot unless its raid gear which has dull bonuses on it.

    bloody hell. clan stuff?? o_O custom shaders???

  • echelon

    Rather than just exotic reviews, I’d personally like to see reviews of the various legendary weapons. Maybe do meta reviews of the top 10 legendary auto rifles from the various factions, drops, events, etc. then do the hand cannons, pulse rifles, etc.

    I find myself using the legendaries far more than the exotics to be honest. I can switch them on the fly without having to worry about if I have to switch up something in the other category because it’s also an exotic. Plus the damage is the same as exotics and honestly there isn’t any perks on the exotics that are so much better than any of the legendaries if you ask me.

    I have Suros Regime fully leveled but I find Atheon’s Epilogue to be much better, for instance.

    Anyway, just my two cents…

  • Ryno917

    Funny this would come up now. I just today started writing up a long-winded document of what I’d like to see done in relation to armor, vehicles and weapons.

    So far I’m at 7 pages and nearly 4000 words. I don’t think it’ll fit in this comment box.

  • matchmaking everywhere! (assaults, raid, …)

  • Godin Intaki

    1: Better vehicles and vehicle combat, as well as more customization vehicles. Also, a larger selection of vehicles to use (as in not just sparrows)

    2:more shaders

    3: Exotic class items earned through class strikess, in which gives a special bonus, and is custiomizable.

    4: A higher verity of weapons.

    5: A vog like expirence (post patch, as in the whole complete randomness) of ALL future missions, strikes, and raids.

    6: Weapon shaders.

    7: Better volume controls.

    8: planetary resources to drop from all mobs (not just from bosses, just like in most other MMO’s, and the argument of “Destiny isn’t a MMO”, I say to that, if they didn’t want it to be one, then they shouldn’t made it like one.

    9: Better acquirement methods for high end items (as in not relying on RNG to get your raid and exotics, especially for the ones you want, period.).

    10: Better leveling system.

    11: The ability to change out your stats (and bonuses, with the exception of raid and exotic abilities) for your gear.

    I couldn think of more, but my head hurts.

  • TalkerstII

    The improvement I would like to see the most is some form of in-game matching system for Raids and Weeklies. It doesn’t have to be match-making like we currently have for strikes. Simply something that lets you mark yourself as looking to do raids/weekly/nightfall and allows others to filter that list to find you. Having to go outside of the game to be able to do end level content is very frustrating. This is where most people will end up after a couple months. How they can expect the game to flourish without supporting the long term players is mind boggling to me.

  • Ekardrag

    It would be nice to have something else to do in patrol, like a planet wide control PVE with zones and vehicles, something that feels like we are defending or changing something.
    Armor customization or more different armors (shader or not, kind of all seems the same and it’s supposed to be a RPG) and Weapon customization and different weapon types.
    More vehicles? could be fun to have a 3 people vehicle…

    Way more things to do… I know this game just started last month but for a lvl 25+ it’s daily, Weekly, Nightfall, Raid (if you have friends or time) and 3 of them just once a week.
    And strikes for high level (27, 28) with better rewards than just a blue engram? and rarely very very rarely a legendary.

    I love this game and all the different ways it could get improved and I hope our comments reach Bungie

    • BuckshotGeorge

      A planet wide Public Event would be a great idea. Something that lasts an hour, goes to different locations and has different tasks etc. Like a toned down version of the raid that everyone can take part in.
      I think level 28 vanguard strike playlist is coming with one of the DLCs, according to what has been leaked so far.

    • Sloth

      I like the idea of a planet wide control or salvage mission.

  • Jeuthy

    I really like Destiny but after returning to play Diablo 3 RoS you realice how many things are missing on Destiny, more personalization, more armors with different effects even if its the same armor, something like the rifts would be a nice addition, allow us to customize the size of the magazine, color and skin of the weapon and armors, more USEFUL exotic gear and even if its posible amor and sets that give you bosts when you have it all equiped (its not necessary to be all exotic, legendary would work also), and A LOT more skills, on Diablo 3 it doesnt matter if the four players play with the same class, they all could be completly different from the others.

  • Alan Baez

    I totally agree with weapon shaders

    • Sloth


  • Bonesy

    -custom matches
    -Multi-seat vehicles (Where my truck at, bungie?)
    -tanks (when I saw the Devil Walker at E3 I was so excited to drive one, now I’m simply disappointed it’s just a weak boss)
    -more gun types
    -space battles like in Reach
    -Vanguard Mark items from Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult (we are, after all, taking back the frontier, so from a lore perspective it WOULD make sense for them to reward us, and from a design perspective give us things to spend marks on and encourage co-op)
    -make Crucible more rewarding (3 marks for a loss, 5 for a win? they cap at 100 a week and anyone who actually likes Crucible is gonna play past the cap for fun anyways)
    -hats for Warlocks instead of bonds?

  • Carl

    All of thee above plz!

  • Cire_Lancaster

    1. Custom Skins for Weapons, make your weapon truly your own.
    2. Auction house for materials, weapons, and armor.
    3. Vault access from orbit.

  • dg

    Icons next to my gamertag and my friends gamertags which denote how we want to play Destiny at the moment. For example, icons for farming, daily mission, weekly strike, nightfall, raid, cruible, iron banner, queen’s missions, vanguard bounties, etc. So if I need the nightfall, i can quickly see who in my clan or friends list is online and needs nightfall, too.

    • jimofbeam

      This is a freaking good idea.

  • Sloth

    I’d like to see faction vendors rotate their stock

    • Vestrel

      It’d also be great if the pvp factions had their own shaders and ships. That way we could show off which faction we fight for when our ships go flying down to a Crucible match.

  • Warlock Holmez

    More consistency when it comes to getting raid armor. I have friends who haven’t gotten a single piece after over a month of full clears. It’s frustrating to say the least.

    Maybe use a raid currency like “Ascendant Glass Shards”, looted from the raid bosses, that can be turned in to a vendor in the Tower to redeem armor once you have enough.

  • Destiny needs UI improvements you posted not long ago. Reputation in menu, bounty tracker…

  • BuckshotGeorge

    Forgot to mention this yesterday I would ask Bungie to open the Raid up to everyone after a certain amount of time, and add matchmaking in that way.
    Most of the Raid requires 6 good people, and 28+ essential for hard mode. I personally think that adding matchmaking to the Raid at this level will lead to people quitting easily if they get frustrated as they can just jump in another raid, leaving the poor guys stuck waiting for someone else to join. I can understand that it does exclude people who dn’t have many online friends playing Destiny, but I think the cons outweigh the pros. Again, just my opinion.
    My idea would be, once a new Raid/DLC is released, add a level 15, and level 20 Raid, and add matchmaking there. So for example when the new DLC is released and we get a new Raid, in this case “The Dark Below”, open up the lower level Raid for the VoG and have matchmaking. At the lower level, losing a member or two won’t be such a big deal. The people with DLC have the new Raid exclusive to them (providing they have high enough level), and those with the main game who want matchmaking, or don’t have lvl 26+ can take part in the previous raid.
    Obviously for the lower level Raids, the rewards are scaled down appropriately.
    It promotes an inclusive community, albeit delayed, and gives matchmaking to those who haven’t tried it yet.

    EDIT – the VoG would still retain it’s high level Raid in this scenario, as it does at the moment.

  • jerry

    what i think they should implement is making all resources available to all classes just like glimmer is. it’s so annoying transferring them between characters.

  • Dave Anderson

    PvP could be improved greatly. Bungie needs to get serious here. CTF, Headquarters, Diffuse(S&D) etc. plus bigger matches. 12v12 or bigger. They’ve got the potential here to really go for the throat of other FPS shooters by incorporating more into PvP.

    PvE for the most part is solid. Need a matchmaking mode for Daily, Weekly, Nightfall, VoG.

    They’ve got a great basis for what they’re claiming to be a 7-10 year game, but it is nowhere near finished.

  • Paratrooper2000

    I want to trade stuff with other players!

  • Sloth

    would be cool if they added a ‘survival mode’ ie 3 players, one location, endless hordes of enemies, how long can you survive the onslaught.

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  • dat_man

    Also, the guardian outfitter should be able to make custom shaders for you. They should cost 10k glimmer to keep too many people from buying them.

    Alternatively you can obtain “shader orders” from loot drops that let you make sharers for free.

    The only downside to this is that people will be able to get event sharers easily (ie. Iron banner, queens wrath). An simple counter to this is to put in a bit more effort and make event shaders change your TEXTURE and your color. For example, the iron banner one would make you white and gold with cool wolf symbols on your armor. As most of the armors are just texture variants, this is entirely possible, and would be a welcome change in the future of Destiny.

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  • BriGuySupreme

    Just my opinion, but if we had to choose between custom/clan matches versus the gunsmith/cryptarch selling better gear, hands down it would be PvP for me. Of course it would be nice to see the gunsmith/cryptarch selling legendary gear like their counterparts around the Tower, but there are already plenty of legendary vendors to choose from. When it comes to custom/clan matches, this doesn’t exist. Just like in Destiny, while it’s nice to upgrade your current gear, there is nothing better than getting a new piece of equipment (analogy).

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  • FatalNoobSlayer

    Exploration is the biggest thing that needs to be improved I believe. Before Destiny came out, I thought many places of Earth (not only the Cosmodrome) and every other planet could be explored thoroughly. There is so much less than I had expected. If it could be similar exploration as in what Skyrim presented, then we are on the right page. But right now, every crevice and every cave has become way too cliché. It must be exciting and new every time. And with exploration, there must be a bigger and clearer view on what the story of Destiny is.
    Bungie, you are doing a fantastic job. Keep up the great work!

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