PlayStation Exclusive Content Video

Check out this extended look at the Destiny content coming exclusively to PlayStation systems when the game launches. Remember: these are timed exclusives until at least Fall 2015.

In other news, IGN just released a short interview with Jonty Barnes that let’s us know what to expect after launch.


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  • Petr Švancara

    Exclusive content only for PS4 owners? For all that years Bungie, really? So, Playstation is now more important than Xbox? Ahh, I never like politics. There is a still good amount of standart content in the game, so why this distribution? Is this a some kind of payback for Microsoft?

    • Brit Lewis

      At least its just a timed exclusive. But I agree Equality would be nice.

    • chris

      Not bungies idea was activision it was in a contract for them to make it from sony
      so dont buy cod if u dont like exclusive content *im an xbox owner/fanboy*

      • Petr Švancara

        I hate Call of Duty, so don’t worry, I won’t buy it! Call of Duty is just a human versus human game with a something that I can’t even recognize as a story. I want a solid reason for playing these “shooter” games, it must be about something more than just about instant killing. I am also Xbox owner/fanboy just look at my gamertag. I play on Xbox since the first Xbox came out. So this exclusive content information is little bit sad for me, but still, it’s nothing heartbreaking.
        – Halogen cz

  • Sigmund

    The ships are not exclusive to play-station, the are included in both versions of the Digital Guardian edition and the Ghost edition, for Xbox as well.