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  • Random

    Love PD but what the heck? Blink takes skill to use (for the record, I suck at it) and it’s not overly used. On X1, I cap crucible marks each week and Id say on average only 3 out of 10 locks / hunters I encounter use blink. You guys are a major player and have influence. It’s hard to support a site that’s actively calling for nerfs. Why balance blink? What would be the benefit of using it if it’s balanced? It’s a skill / reward jump.

    Dattos feels there should be a counter for everything? Nerf the throwing knife, nerf sticky nades, yada yada.

  • samuel guzman

    Love Podcasts but hate when they talk about nerf the abilities that give them a hard time in pvp. I do not use blink but I would like to learn how to use it. Blink really takes time to master and it would be really unfair to nerf it for the people who took the time to learn how to properly use it.