PlanetDestiny Podcast #2

Our second podcast is ready for listen/download. We’ve decided we’ll try and publish one podcast per week, and it’s now on iTunes!

Gameplay footage was supposed to be in the background for this podcast, but even 20 minutes of it caused the video to take too long to process and YT timed it out.

If there’s any topics you’d like us to cover and talk about on the next podcast, let us know!

You can download the .mp3 or listen on iTunes.

If you missed episode 1, click here to listen to it.


Check out if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)

  • Riley Hall

    Great podcast, I’ve just finished getting all the primary weps from Crotas End HM (except Necrochasm), and now only plan on running Normal Mode, unless friends need a hand on crota. I got the vibe from Reddit a lot of other people feel the same as well. Looking forward to Ep. 3.

  • Another awesome podcast, guys! I will say, though, I’ve recently started playing Warframe, and the way the mod (or Destiny’s perks equivilant) system works is pretty slick. It’s the mods/perks that drop. You have to be a certain level to have access to specific weapons, but from there out, it’s leveling up the weapon to increase your slot space, and therefore mod it more. I think it’s a very flexible and highly customizable system that’s pretty cool.

  • nomo