PD Podcast #12 (with DeeJ)

This very special episode of our podcast is ready for download!

We’ve got lots of PvE & Crucible gameplay for you to enjoy in the YT version, but you can also listen to it in iTunes or Stitcher.

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Guests: BriarRabbit, TeftyTeft, Wally, Pope Bear, & DeeJ


Check out forums.planetdestiny.com if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)

  • Volcannon

    This is pretty awesome.

  • Nothingman00

    How did no one get the Jurrasic Park reference DeeJ made? All of this detailed Dune knowledge but no love for JP?

  • Alex Howden

    took them long enough, seriously I bet $30 with one of my friends that Deej would be in a podcast with planetdestiny before the 15 podcast and I was right. $$$ = me.

  • Walter Nelson Yarbrough

    I wish they would have asked about the vendors and all. Asked about the reason for the change in gameplay and all sorts of things.

  • Fenrisian

    Great interview, nice to see Deej is s human as the rest of us 🙂
    On another note, is there a chance you could recode the older podcasts for android? Many thanks!