PlanetDestiny Podcast #11

The eleventh episode of our podcast is ready for download!

We’ve got lots of Crucible gameplay for you to enjoy in the YT version, but you can also listen to it in iTunes or Stitcher.

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Guests: BriarRabbit, & 


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  • Walter Nelson Yarbrough

    I am probably crazy to you and I have a handicap in this but, I notice how PVP dominates these podcasts. I’m a PvE oriented player. I like story and unlike going out Into the world. Sadly, I suck at shooters so I am not really good enough to compare in crucible. Also, I work on boats so with no wifi, I can’t even play the game
    For two weeks at a time. So I literally can play 1/3rd the time everyone else plays.

    Anyway, I would like to see some other things covered. I know you talked about the raids but how about strikes or patrolling being expanded upon. Maybe talk about how we could use top level armor from the factions or how the shaders need to come at a static point and not random.

    I would also like to hear your opinions on some of the smaller aspects of the game like the stupid dances we do and if we Should get more of those extra actions to change out on our characrer’s.

    I do agree that we should have more variety in PVE but I wish more PvE events would come. I want things like a hive takeover to come and they are on all the planets and rewards come for that event for the people who get the most kills at certain thresholds and exotics for that event only.

    I would love for exotic weapons to be even specific like the exotic scout rifle that is only obtainable in trials.

    Plus, iron banner needs to be where the ranking occur because it’s too much of a grind instead of a competition.

    Just some of my thoughts.

    I look forward to more podcasts now that I have found this site.

    Thank you planet Destiny.

    I do have more ideas but this is good for now.

  • I love how candid sc_Slayerage is. Definitely kept it real and poked at a lot of the leveling issues (6 XP towards my 2500 needed, thank you! :)) Lots of good talk. Briar’s idea of the Faction specific missions was awesome. Hope that, or something similar makes it into the game in the future!