PlanetDestiny Podcast #1

Our first unscripted podcast is here! Should we make more? One per week? Let us know your thoughts.

Download: Right click this link and “Save link as…”

Sorry we’re just publishing this now, we actually created this a few days ago:


If you listened all the way through, we really appreciate it. We made this first podcast because we wanted to give people a little insight into how we thought about some things.

In the future, if you all would like more of these, we plan on casually talking about the latest changes and updates to Destiny. Since a lot of topics will be discussed, these podcasts would be a great place for you to share your ideas and thoughts about Destiny as well.

If for whatever reason you didn’t enjoy it, we’d really like to know what those reason(s) were so we can use that criticism to improve future episodes.

We plan on keeping these fairly long, probably no less than 30 minutes, so we figured static images were appropriate since we didn’t think people would watch 30+ minutes of gameplay. Would Destiny gameplay be better?


Check out if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)

  • Odoy

    Podcast? Where is the feed for subscribe?

    • We’ll have a .mp3 download link added to this article soon

      • Every podcast player expect a link to subscribe, will you provide one? =)

        • Oliver Pryde

          yeah, if you do more of them (would be great btw), please add a proper feed 🙂

  • mustafa ali

    This is great ryan

  • Thiago123

    Awesome, love this. Looking forward to seeing all of the video content creators interacting.

    Site keeps growing and adding new types of content, keep it up! Get this on iTunes and I’m sure we will rush to rate it.

  • Liked it. Definitely would love to hear more!

  • Ryan

    Gameplay would be better in my opinion.

  • Shaun

    Keep them coming. Love it.

  • braylien

    fantastic. more please!

  • Sujodraw

    Im from Brazil. Love your work and i will listen your podcast right now! Keep this wonderful work, congratulations!

  • David

    Some gameplay would be good. I enjoyed listening to the conversation and look forward to future podcasts.

  • I always love hearing Destiny being discussed. You guys did a great job. Also, maybe you guys could expand on 1 weapon review per show with both of you giving your takes on the pros and cons of each weapon. I really enjoy your reviews on the youtube channel.

  • Hey guys,

    I loved your first podcast! I hope you guys keep it up!

    I can’t play Destiny all day long due to my job, but hearing a podcast about Destiny on the Bus was a great experience. Look forward to the next episode.

  • flynner19

    nice work on the podcast – keep up the good work