PD Podcast #71

Podcast #71 found the crew putting their heads together in an attempt to find out just what Bungie has up their sleeve as the summer approaches.

01:00 – A brief chat about that ammo glitch from last Tuesday.

11:00 – Did Bungie just drop a hint at the story in Destiny 2?

21:15 – When will we finally see more of the Kell of Kings?

44:00 – The crew spills the beans on the funnest times they’ve had in the Patrol.

50:00 – A potential Bungie employee asks the crew an important question.

1:06:30 – A few pieces of advice The Walking Dead could take from Bungie’s playbook.

1:15:55 – Has Bungie been tweaking the Shader drop rates in Trials?

Jim Wallace
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