PD Podcast #13

Episode  thirteen of our podcast is ready for download!

We’ve got all new Crucible gameplay for you to enjoy in the YT version, but you can also listen to it in iTunes or Stitcher.

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Guests: BriarRabbitWally, & Pope Bear


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  • Kuayko

    I’m happy with the last update and pretty exited with content we’ll get with the HOW, but I still fell like I’ve paid for something I won’t get…

    I was expecting a raid because of the Leaked Destiny Roadmap on which we could see a raid planned for the HOW release:http://tinyurl.com/o6n9p2l .

    I know I shouldn’t trust those leaks, but understand that: I’ve been waiting for so long to get HOW that I’ve had plenty of time to fantasize about it.

    So, I’m frustrated,yes! But, I like destiny … and I’ll still play it. As for COMET is concerned,we’ll see …

    • Well, it sounds like there will still be a raid, but it just won’t come on the release of HoW. VoG released later than the actual game, too (granted only about a week or so later), but I think it was probably better for it. I’m stoked for it either way!