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  • Desertstormer

    Do you think we will ever be able to use a weapon that bullets tracks its target, similar to the fallen shock rifle?

    • dt

      bring on the needler

  • Bob

    Will we ever see exotic primaries (other than ones dropped from doing hard raids) that do elemental damage? Some of the current exotic primaries are fun to use but are really lacking damage potential when doing nightfalls or raids. What do you think?

  • FriedCats

    Hey, Ryan, go ahead onto google translate and select “detect language” for box 1, and english for box 2. Afterwards, type gjallarhorn in box 1. I know that it means something similar in that language, but this was just funny because it is the translated word when it comes to LFG.

  • Zach

    To get your second subclass in the game right now you have to be level 15, for comet do you think you will have to complete a super hard quest line for a super over powered third subclass?