Patch 1.0.3 Updates

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This is the first in a series of updates that will deliver new content in the lead up to The Dark Below.

Update 1.0.3 provides new social features, revisions to activities, alterations to competitive spaces, adjustments to the player overall experience, as well as a sizable download of new content and geometry to support the first expansion of the world of Destiny.

The Iron Banner special event is also being updated with new rules and features prior to its second run.


  • Added a new social feature that enables users to access a channel for Team Chat
  • Matchmade teammates will now be able to talk to each other in Strikes and team-based Crucible matches
  • To learn more about how to toggle between chat channels, click here


  • Fixed an issue in which two players who performed a melee lunge simultaneously would teleport through each other
  • Fixed an issue in which Blink Strike damage would be caused by colliding with the Blink Strike, rather than melee impact
  • Fixed an issue in which Warlock Bonds dismantled into Titan materials


  • Reduced camera shake when being hit with explosive rounds
  • Clown Cartridge: Replaced Clown Cartridge perk with other perks in shotgun upgrade trees
  • Headseeker: Fixed an issue in which the bonus Precision Damage perk did not always get applied


  • Buried City: Fixed an exploit in Mars that would clear all enemies from Clovis Bray
  • Winter’s Run: Fixed an exploit zone in the Aksor boss encounter
  • Difficulty will scale less for 3-player Fireteams, making Strikes less deadly for them
  • Fixed an issue in which engrams earned during Daily and Weekly Heroic activities were not displayed in the post-game carnage report

Event: Iron Banner

  • Players must now be level 20 and above to lead an Iron Banner Fireteam
  • Players below Level 20 can only accompany players above Level 20
  • Lord Saladin now has 5 reputation ranks (increased from 3)
  • New Features Added: Tempered Buff, Reforging
  • For more detailed information, click here


  • Fixed several issues with the synchronization of cinematic subtitles in various languages


  • Fixed an issue in which Vex Cyclops and Hive Shrieker health bars would not update properly
  • Reduced the number of Stealth Sword Vandals that spawn in the basement of the Terrestrial Complex on lower difficulties
  • Public Events will occur 10-15% more frequently in all public spaces


  • Increased the number of Bounty slots in the Inventory from 5 to 10
  • Added shaders to Eva Levante’s stock in the Tower
  • Shader preview functionality added to vendor and inventory screens
  • Emblems on vendors can now be previewed in the inventory screen
  • Marks and Reputation icons and meters were adjusted to better differentiate the two
  • Fixed an issue in which Strange Coins and Motes of Light would not route to the Postmaster if your inventory was full
  • Fixed an issue in which engrams were not displaying the possible contents in the Cryptarch vendor menu
  • Fixed an issue in which players did not receive Bounty or Mission credit when assisting in the killing of a Walker or Vex Cyclops
  • Armor Stat upgrade potentials added to item compare on vendor and inventory screens


  • Enabled revive scoring for Skirmish and Salvage
  • Fixed an exploit with revive scoring when entering a kill volume and having a teammate revive you for easy points
  • Adjusted Join in-Progress settings for all playlists to minimize long periods of unbalanced teams due to players quitting out of matches.
  • Added new functionality to match pre-formed fireteams against each other
    • This will slowly roll out to all playlists over time, but will start with the 3v3 playlists
    • In 3v3 games, Fireteams of 2 or more players will match together more frequently
    • In 6v6 games, Fireteams of 4 or more players will match together more frequently
  • Won’t Be Beat now triggers correctly when a team wins a game after coming back from a 500-point losing deficit
  • Mark of the Unbroken no longer requires a minimum player count
  • Sum of All Tears no longer requires a minimum player count
  • Sum of All Tears should now trigger consistently
First Light
  • Implemented multiple fixes to stop players from getting into advantageous positions

Blind Watch

  • Addressed some balancing issues for the Control gametype by moving Zones, modifying routes, and adding cover objects
  • Adjusted landing and respawn points to accommodate new geometry changes
  • Added protection to prevent players from getting  on top of a pipe high above the intended playable space

Firebase Delphi

  • Added protections to prevent players from getting outside the intended playable area between Control Zone A and the crane room

Rusted Lands

  • Blocked off the monitors above Control Zone A to prevent players from hiding in them

Shores of Time

  • Added a Vex pillar to prevent players from sniping through the small gap on the ninja platform
  • Implemented multiple fixes to stop players from getting into unfairly-advantageous positions

Exodus Blue

  • Multiple fixes implemented to stop players from getting into advantageous positions, especially the giant hose reel near Control Zone A
  • Fixed an issue with visibility culling behind Control Zone A

Twilight Gap

  • Adjusted landing points to keep players from fighting too soon in Rumble matches
  • Added protections to prevent players from getting into unintended areas, for example, atop the security camera at Control Zone C
  • Added geometry to fill in small gaps that let players see out of the world


  • Improved the readability of Grenade and Melee recharge states
  • Improved the visibility of objectives in the Motion Tracker
  • Improved the visual look of Revive waypoint and Last Man Standing
  • Added skull modifier descriptions to the Navigation Mode screen
  • Fixed an issue in which the names of downed teammates did not always display on-screen


  • Destiny version number added to the Character Login screen
  • Added dialog imagery for various events
  • Fixed an issue in which new items available from the Special Orders vendor would not show up in the message count in the Director
  • Fixed an issue in which a PlayStation Plus dialog was mistakenly shown when selecting a specific PVP activity
  • Added countdown timers for weekly/special events
  • Fixed various issues with Director animations
  • Fixed an issue in which the Player/Inventory screen would sometimes close during certain parts of the spaceflight sequence
  • Added the post-game carnage report for the previous games during Matchmaking search


  • Fixed an issue in which cursor speed in 4:3 and PAL was not consistent
  • Network Connection Quality Indicators now added to the Roster
  • New icons added to the scoreboard and roster to indicate voice problems due to connection issues (NAT issues)
  • Added support for direct fireteam joins from the roster on the Xbox One
  • Updated Spinmetal, Relic Iron, and Helium Filaments icons to better represent in-game visuals
  • Fixed and updated several inventory icons
  • Fixed and updated several talent tree icons


  • Improved audio cues for sticking others and being stuck with certain Grenades
  • Fixed an issue in which an audio cue would not play when completing a Bounty
  • Fixed an issue in which “Guardian down!” referenced the wrong gender in French, Spanish, and Portuguese


  • Added the ability for the Bungie DOC to send in-game alerts and messages
  • Fixed stability issues across all platforms
  • Fixed an issue that would  cause a rare crash during space flight into activities
  • Improved patch installation process
  • Implemented PS3-specific performance optimizations
  • Fixed some issues causing beetle and lionfish Kicks to Orbit
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  • CJ

    Raid matchmaking anytime soon? Loved the game but it got boring real quick. Yes, I know there’s forums and such to put together a team but if I cant play the whole game IN THE GAME then I’m out. Not bungies fault my friends arent into video games but it seems there’s quite a few of us that still have yet to experience the raid and would like to

    • Intangible Soup

      If you’re on PS4 add AnsonBiz. I frequently sherpa players who have never done the raid. But if you have another system, look for someone who would be willing to take you along; most will as long as you’re level 27 or higher.

    • BAMozzy69 .

      I would prefer it if they added an area/room to the Tower for people over level 26 looking to do the Raid/Nightfall etc rather than add Matchmaking. With this new Chat function it would be easier to talk to people here to find out if they are compatible with your fireteam and by being in the Tower, you can get prepared properly before setting off. It would be an ideal solution and you can make friends with players at a similar level and common goal.
      If you don’t manage to beat the Raid with the Random Fireteam you are put in, it could be very difficult to get all those players back to finish it. It’s not great to go through the Raid and get nothing as you already received items so restarting every time would get boring.
      By having a specific Room in the Tower, it would avoid spamming too. As I am a level 29, almost every time I am in the Tower I get invite after invite to do the Raid and I know my fireteam has done the same when we have been short of a player or 2. If there was a Room it would avoid that as players looking to Raid would be there so easier to find.

  • Jacob Westmoreland

    Not very pleased with the patch for Aksor. Still possible to get up on ledge near entrance to boss area for easy sniping. Players with Ice Breakers can still have some fun.

    • ORB1T4L

      “There are many ways to play Destiny” until Bungie decides to ruin your strategies for you, next boss patch will be on Valus Ta’Aurac’s battle, I guarantee it.

      • Jacob Westmoreland

        That’s true Bungie had made it sound like they were going to be supportive of these strategies but when it came down to it they say its their way or the highway. Not all of us want to take 2 or 3 hours on a boss because we get swarmed by commons. I also don’t doubt them messing up Valus Ta’Aurac’s strategies.

  • Tahir Zafar

    wish they would fix the actual issues with the game.

  • Jason David Anderson

    Seemingly ignoring major problems to this day. I wish Bungie would give a live log of what known bugs they’re working on.

    Oh well, plenty of new games out – I really don’t care as much as I did a few weeks ago when Destiny was all I had to play.

    At this point it’s on Bungie to up their game if they want to keep me playing it.

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  • Micah White

    Despite all the negativity that the previous comments are displaying, I think that these updates, although definitely small, where all in the right direction. I realize that there are some glaring issues that are still not fixed, but this was never meant to be a major update. Would you rather they release a patch containing all of the updates necessary to “fix” the game all at once next year, without any testing? There would so many small bugs that accompany any update, and so much new code that could all potentially be the source of the problems, that they couldn’t know what was causing the issues, or at what step they went wrong. Every one of these updates have been slightly decreasing the difficulty, while fixing the exploits at the same time. This by itself shows that Bungie has the player in mind while they work on these updates, while making sure that the game is played correctly and in the most fun way possible. Keep up the good work Bungie!

    • ORB1T4L

      Small bugs ? Sorry but going from 60fps to 10fps everytime you join a party is not a “small bug” it’s a huge source of headaches.

      • Raxs

        I’ve never had that problem (: Must be a small bug if it’s not very widespread.

        • ORB1T4L

          It’s widespread enough for Bungie to post a tweet about the issue…

          • Raxs

            I find it unusual that is this problem isn’t impacting as many people. I’ve had many issues with Destiny; framerate drops aren’t one of them. What hardware do you use? If it was a genuine problem with the game, something like a Framerate drop should affect everyone. There must be some external interference that sets it off. It wouldn’t surprise me if little things make it an issue and make it tick.

      • Micah White

        This bug came up after I wrote this comment :P. However, Bungie is still going to fix it, and the fireteam chat is perfectly clear and not at all laggy, so I can deal with it for now

  • ORB1T4L

    I’m experiencing some annoying frame drops since the patch, anyone else ?

  • BAMozzy69 .

    I played last night (UK) on Xbox One and this Patch wasn’t live for me at that point. I had seen video’s of the update in action on youtube by other gamers that had this already so hopefully it wil be there when I play later.
    I would have preferred an increase in Vault size over the majority of these. Not saying that I don’t want the ‘fixes’ brought in but as far as I am concerned a bigger vault is more of a priority. I also want better item management too. I want to b able to move specific amounts of items to the vault or be able to remove/delete specific amounts of items too. I have NO need of Ether Seeds/Black Wax Idols etc so would like to delete these as they have no value. I wouldn’t mind being able to transfer specific amounts of Materials to my vault rather than the whole block (eg transfer 50 of 200 Spin metal, 18 of 50 Shards/Energy).
    With these new weapons due soon, It is even more important to me to have a bigger Vault – even more so than having extra Bounty slots. Whist these are also useful, All it means is that I don’t need to visit the Tower so frequently but as I have fewer weapon slots available on my character due to my vault being full, I need to keep visiting the tower to decrypt engrams and clear space

  • Msironen

    “Added a new social feature that enables users to access a channel for Team Chat”

    I’m assuming this, like fireteam chat, works if you have a time machine to 1996 when every device had a public IP and no-one was behind NAT.

  • delta 6655

    am i the only one that thinks valus taric. (boss of mars strike) is invulnerable to long? iv seen him kill people long before he could take any damage, once he can hurt you, you should be able to hurt him.

    • Jacob Westmoreland

      His invulnerability is connected to the doors he comes out of. Once they close you can start shutting but you are right it takes longer than any other boss,

      • delta 6655

        its just a boss shouldent be able to hurt you before you hurt it, i mean, he gets well into that minigun fireing, useing 3 vollys before we can hurt him.

        • Jacob Westmoreland

          True since he finishes his random shooting spree long before the doors close. In the end there is a very good window for him to kill the player with no way to damage him. Feels cheap that he can kill you in just a few seconds.

          • delta 6655

            and yet this goes unfixed. bungie fixes that platform people hide under in the arcon preist, yet an actual issue remains untouched. i get that this isent a bug deal, but its the concept. and if the boss can hurt you, you should be able to hurt him.

          • Jacob Westmoreland

            The entire way that Bungie has been handling Destiny feels less like them trying to make it better but more of a punishment. I get what your saying and agree with you. For now we just have to suffer through it. I personally don’t feel like I’m dealing with Bungie when they release patches for these unnecessary fixes. In Halo they supported our shenanigans but now its just crushing disappointment for anyone trying to find cool ways to make what content we have to work with more fun.

          • delta 6655

            what really ticks me off, the thing that just irks me, is that theres a lot of evidence that destiny was much bigger, full story, lots of modes. SPARROW RACES! but when the lead writer quit/was fired. bungie i guess threw out the perfection he had already helped make and left us with these broken parts and broken lore. i know bungie can do better, hell. if we all feel that this story sucks, wouldent the programers be like all, “guys, have you read this?” and the writers were like “ya, we worked real hard on this” and the programers would go. “no, this sucks, how long did this take?” and the writers. “a long time” and the programers like “how long?” and the writers like “10 minets, but we spent most of that eating these things we found in the cabnet.” and the developers would be like all smileing and walking away, as it was rat poison. i know this story makes absolutly no sense, but youd have to have eaten some sort of poison to be stuped enough to think this ammounts to a good story, iv seen better fanfiction. as for the lack of vairaition, i dont know, but any videogame developer can see this sucks, and the amount of money they had to work with was huge, so this game is made worse then other games becouse it shouldent be like this, it should be a 10/10, not feel like it donated its organs or something. (best analogy i can think of is that destiny is an organ doner, as you can life without a kidney (dlc 1) and a lung (dlc 2) but your quality of life goes down significently.

          • delta 6655

            sry for the rant, this subject just really irks me

  • Jacob Westmoreland

    Public Event tracker is no longer in sync with Destiny due to the patch,

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