New Crucible Gameplay, Hotfix, Raid Talk!

Datto, MoreConsole, and My name is Byf were able to play the new Crucible maps coming to The Dark Below at PSX, which are listed further below in this article.

There’s also a hot fix ready to go for The Dark Below, and finally TTL talked with DeeJ and Luke Smith about Crota’s End and more!

Vault of Glass 31

First of all, wanted to update you all on the speculation about the Vault of Glass ‘harder’ mode – at level 31.

It looks like this is actually not coming in TDB:

So it’s not getting an added difficulty level in TDB, though it’s still possible for the future, as I’m sure they’re going to continue updating VoG a bit (the podcast below hints at it).


The Cauldron

Hot Fix

Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below will become available for download by players on December 9th at 1AM Pacific time. Before it arrives, this update will support the delivery of new content.

The Dark Below

  • General bug fixes to content features in The Dark Below


Increased challenge levels for the following:

  • Daily Heroic Story
  • Weekly Heroic Strike
  • Weekly Nightfall Strike

Players who need to level up to successfully complete featured missions at new difficulty levels will find what they need to upgrade their characters in the Tower.

As part of Expansion I, vendors will be equipped with more powerful weapons and gear. These items will be available for acquisition by all players.

TTL Party Chat Episode 8

crota end raid dark below destiny

The guys over at TTL talked to DeeJ and Luke Smith about the Crota’s End raid and Destiny’s evolution!

Listen to it here.

Bungie user research reached out to DeeJ asking him if he knew of a group who as he recalled on the podcast “understand social gaming, have pre-existing friendships, and value teamwork, problem solving and coordination as a group.”

DeeJ knew of such a group, and began coordinating what was referred to internally as “Bring your clan to work day”.

Hope For The Future

Finally in this news roundup, Paul McCartney has officially released his new single!

You can download this song here (save link as).


Check out if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)

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