11 Tips For New Destiny 2 Players

Quickly Opening the Map The addition of an in-game map is one of the better qualify of life changes that Bungie has added to Destiny 2. Being able to pull up the map no matter where you are or what you’re doing to check for incoming public events, Lost Sector locations, or the next available Adventure is incredibly convenient. That’s not to mention no more going to orbit, even when changing planet locations. However, did you know there’s an even quicker way to open your map up? Instead of spending a few seconds holding down Select to open it, if

The Shader Problem

Destiny 2 sports a host of quality-of-life improvements, such as the near-elimination of the ‘Orbit’ screen. It’s something of a shock, then, to look at how backwards Bungie’s new approach to the ‘Shader’ system appears to be. The gist of it is this: shaders that alter the appearance of your armor and weapons are now single-use consumables. Although you can alter individual armor pieces, once you do so… that shader is gone. You have to find – via the loot system – a new shader. This seems like a surprising choice, until you notice that shaders can be purchased from

destiny 2 max power level

How to Reach Max Power Level

Destiny 2 has two level types: character level and Power level, maxing out at 20 and 300 respectively. Reaching the max character level is very straightforward: just play through the game normally and you’re likely to be level 20 shortly after the campaign ends. As for Power level, the only way to increase it is through your gear. Armor and weapons will determine your Power, and that level will be limited once you reach 260. After 260, you’ll only get ‘sidegrades’ from the normal loot sources. However, you will be able to progress past 260 with the help of specific

Destiny 2 Launch Content (Spoilers)

It’s been quite a busy week! Plenty of leaks have been making their way online, and while we covered most of the interesting news here, this article will recap all the other leaks and spoilers that have been revealed. Credit goes to /u/a_tortoise_IRL for translating the following information from the French Canadian source of the guide leaks. [divider] Campaign Let’s begin by looking at the leaked mission list for the Red War campaign, which features 17 main missions in total: Homecoming Adieu Spark – Pt. 1 Spark – Pt. 2 Combustion Hope Riptide Utopia Looped Six Sacrilege Fury Payback Unbroken

Leaked Destiny 2 Exotics, Xur, Max Light & More!

This article contains major spoilers /u/supadhalster was able to acquire screenshots of Destiny 2’s game guide, so we now know a bit more about what Exotics we’ll be getting, Xur’s locations, and information about a new Tower! Exotics Note: This list doesn’t include Raid Exotics or the PS exclusive sniper rifle. Weapons Hard Light – The intrinsic perk is the same: Rounds fired from this weapon have no damage falloff, overpenetrate targets and ricochet off hard surfaces. But now you’ll be able to change its damage type freely from Arc/Solar/Void. The Wardcliff Coil – AKA Dubious Volley, this rocket launcher will

Possible Raid Location Discovered?

A few of Destiny 2’s Trophies have provided tantalizing clues as to what’s going to be coming our way in the game. Check out the full list below to see what we mean: Traveler’s Chosen – Obtain all trophies in Destiny 2. Long and Winding Road – Reach level 20. Zavala’s Lieutenant – Acquire each Titan subclass. Cayde’s Pathfinder – Acquire each Hunter subclass. Ikora’s Protege – Acquire each Warlock subclass. Show Me What You Got – Complete Shaxx’s Call to Arms In a Flash – Complete a Flashpoint. The People’s Hero – Complete a Heroic public event. Heart of

Weekly News Recap

It’s been quite an eventful week, with plenty of new trailers, gameplay reveals, and a few spoilers… so let’s review everything we learned! Trailer Roundup Launch Trailer European Dead Zone Meet Cayde-6 Meet Hawthorne Meet Zavala [divider] Destiny 2 Pre-Load As of this week, Guardians who have pre-ordered Destiny 2 on Xbox One are able to download the game’s file. It clocks in at 29.15GB currently, with a day one patch expected. As for PS4 players, it was originally expected they would be able to pre-load the game beginning on September 3, however a tweet from Bungie on 8/21 mentioned