Official Destiny Strike Gameplay

Check out this brand new Destiny gameplay that Bungie just released titled The Devils’ Lair. Things are getting exciting around here.

Update: All new Destiny media coverage can be found here

“Beneath the ruins of the Cosmodrome, in the shadow of an old colony ship, we’ve located the House of Devils’ lair. Fight the Fallen, burn back the Hive, and clear a path that leads straight into E3, Beta, and beyond.”

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Eurogamer Preview

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Joystiq Preview

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IGN Preview

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PlayStation Access Preview
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Play on!


  • Squatchmen

    Wow, tons of videos I didn’t even notice, thank the lordy baby jesus for posting this in one place Tim!

    • TimAuthor

      No problem mate, its awesome to have so much fun stuff to post.

  • Shawn Martin

    Hey I know this has really nothing to do with the videos but I had a question and was wondering if you could answer when does the beta test for destiny end because I’ll be gone for the summer and I was wondering if I whould have anof time to play the beta when I get back

    • We don’t know the start/end date

      • Shawn Martin

        Hey Ryan you work for Bungie right

        • I’m the community manager for

          • Shawn Martin

            That’s good anof to ansewr this question yes I know I asked a lot but this is about fire teams will the be able to name them kind of like a clan on call of duty or whould we just be called fire team

          • A “fire team” is just a group of 2-3 people playing together. You won’t be naming your “fire team” but you will be able to create a group/clan and can name that.

          • Shawn Martin

            Oh ok well thanks for keeping me updated been waiting for this game to come out forever I know it will be great and I cant thank you guys anof and see you well might see you if you have an x box 360 but that doesn’t matter because ill will become a legend and protect the last safe citie in are solir system

          • Shawn Martin

            Oh ok thats cool and thanks for keeping me updated and answering my questions I can’t thank you anof for what your doing because I been waiting for this game to come out forever I cant wait for september to come so I can play it on my x box even thou ill be in the beta test well I gause all I can say is good luck to you guys see yuo when I become a legend if you guys have an x box 360

  • Shawn Martin

    Oh ok well then I gause all I can say to you guysnis keep up the good work and for keeping me updated on the game cant waite for it to come out well see you in the game and if you see me ill be DVOTa11 on the x box 360

  • max traub

    is the narrator from the first video Lance Riddick? (The guy from fringe) or could it possibly be the man who voiced Sinclair in Killzone Shadowfall?