Next Week’s Nightfall

The weekly Strikes have been unveiled thanks to megamanexe4:

valus nightfall
Heroic will have Lightswitch



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  • Alan

    The worst combination of modifiers for the worst strike in the game.

    • Time Spiral

      Agreed, its gonna be a huge chore next week 🙁

    • FriedCats

      *Dust Palace.

      I honestly dread the day it comes out after fall 2015 with all burns

      • Ben Redenbaugh

        If you think Dust Palace is bad, the Undying Mind strike is even worse. I’ve prolly completed it 3 times, usually everyone quits that from the get go.

        Its not even the last area that’s troublesome, its the area where they just throw wave after wave of Vex Ultras at you. And you cant run ahead because there’s a barrier blocking your path.

        • Charles Burch

          Perfect for Vex glimmer collection and leveling up fusion rifles and machine guns. Ever get stuck on the wrong side of the barrier with your mates fighting Undying Mind.

          • GoColten

            You can’t glimmer farm the Vex Ultras. My friends and I tried, what a waste of a blue polyphage.

          • Ben Redenbaugh

            It is definitely great for Glimmer farming with all those Majors.

        • Co

          For the Undying mind, that part you mention with the yellow waves before the hydra on top o/t stairs : you can jump to the top of the wall in front of you, at the start of the (indoor) stairs/hall , but you have to be quick because the yellows spawn as soon as you pass the hall. Once you’re up there, you can jump back on the wall at the entrance to be safe from the hydra / yellows that spawn and easily take down the ones that are right below you.

          • Co

            Just to clear that up: enter the hall, run up the stairs up until the “glass” wall that blocks passage, turn around and try to jump up the wall in front of you. Once you’re at the very top, jump forward to the opening in form of a circle, you’ll be safe there. You can even jump further to the outside area and stay on top of the huge pillars outside, safe from the hydra and the vex in the stairs, but not safe from the ones below you.

  • Jacob Westmoreland

    Just perferct, note the sarcasm, looks like the people with Icebreakers are going to get them from their vaults and switch out numerous times.

  • Guest

    I don’t believe it he was wrong about this weeks

  • inquisitor314

    okay didnt they just say this strike was the hardest and the least played sooo to bungie that means put it in as the night fall with no bonus and you get a few coins or a nice legendary that you already dismantled how sweet of bungie for listening to us lol

    • Trevor Owenby

      Its really not that hard, mainly people bitching because they can’t complete the strike. The reason for the bonuses is not to make it easier for us to complete seeing as its supposed to be one of the hardest challenges in the game, its to make it more challenging. If you haven’t noticed they put a burn of the npcs to make it more challenging. In this case if they put a burn it would be solar in which everyone would get demolished by the tracking rockets, so instead of bitching about no burns or omg this strike is too hard, stop playing it or learn to complete it. Yeah some strikes are hard but whatever did you all complain to nintendo when you couldn’t beat mario? Stop trying to make the game easier, there needs to be some difficulty or people will stop playing.

      • DarkMoonKing

        It actually sucks that Bungie is planning on nerfing this strike in the next patch…They are lowering his health by 1/3, completely uncalled for. this mission isn’t even that difficult, I did this strike with 2 people (the 3rd man ditched us as soon as we landed) and shaved down 1/3rd of his health in about 2 minutes… is a 6 minute boss fight really that trying? Honestly people…And I’m a squishy as hell Hunter and I didn’t even die…Anxious to see how challenging Angry and Lightswitch will make it, those damned Phalanx’s, it’s gunna be a lot more difficult than just a shot gun hop with Invective…If there were a change to be made I would just prefer to not get sent to the Undying Mind strike 3 times in a row when I try to do my weekly ROCs…And that one’s not even that hard either it’s just tiring to observe the same scenery over and over again…
        Also can’t wait for the next patch so I can report people for ditching me at Omnigul…

  • Kenshiro Genjuro

    Well this won’t be interesting eh’tall

    • Peter

      Eeh, really, this game has no “difficult” content at all..

  • Guest

    Just wait til Desert Palace and the Undying Mind strikes become available on Xbox, then they’ll be up for Nightfall as well, and those two strikes, have no safe zones in the final area.

    • Charles Burch

      Undying Mind back right corner. Crouch in the rocks. Come out to revive teammates.

    • EldritchNinja

      not looking forward to those by the sound of it, really hate the strikes w/o cover.

  • Petis17

    i wish it had a burn. Solar would be awesome I’d use my Dragons Breath.

    • Time Spiral

      Dragons breath is a waste of an exotic slot.

  • party

    all these whiners who don’t like the challenge… esp those who have all/most exotics in the game. RISE TO THE CHALLENGE, burns are fun but make it too CHEEZY (sometimes). Crota’s End can be sped run in 30 minutes. Gamers are just getting lazy. You guys do know that Thunderlord or the Horn of much G will drop on this nightfall right?

  • zenithlazerbeam7

    Black hammer for the win

  • JonJon77

    I would understand if this was the nightfall post 1.1.2 since they named this strike the number 1 most uncompleted strike. Are these random or chosen? I’m guessing random since megamanexe can data mine it. They need to step in and change it. Or at least at a elemental damage.

  • EldritchNinja

    love this strike, looks like this will be fun! Really going to be sad to see the nerf that Bungie is planning. It’ll be a slow slaughter-fest. 🙂

  • metalman5150

    It gets lonely under these stairs!

    • ClutchCard

      I’m in the ceiling…you have fun under the stairs.

  • Alex Howden

    Great… Nexus = 3rd most hated strike, Will of Crota = 2nd most hated strike, Cebresaus Val III = 1st most hated strike. This is going to be fun especially if next week is Will of Crota, Time to pull at the big toys (pulls out G.horn, LDR and WoC)
    P.S, really Bungie, you said the community hates this so why you give it to them? Might as well put a sign up saying “we hate you.”

    • Clapper55

      It’s now on a rotation so it continue how it originally did untill HoW comes out they didn’t want to mess up the pattern

  • letslipthedogs

    Omigul is harder then this!

  • Geoffrey Sims

    I can’t wait. I am tired of the other strikes anyway.