Next Week’s Activities

The Nightfall and special Crucible events for 3/31 have been unveiled early, thanks to megamanexe4:

Heroic will have Juggler
Heroic will have Juggler

It appears we’ll be seeing Inferno again as well, this time on Clash. Salvage is also set to be returning on that same week.

inferno clash leak


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  • Jonathan

    I’m already for void burn week. I’m also looking forward to trying a lil more inferno as well didn’t really get in to it the first time around.

    • SFChitman

      Im so looking forward to inferno. I cant wait for camping 10 kill blade dancers who dont help team for K/D

      • Bob

        Isn’t it like that for all PvP?

      • TheFossilMan

        But if they have a positive kill/death ratio then they are helping the team even if it is less about their teamwork. They certainly aren’t hurting the team because the whole point is to have more kills than deaths.

  • Alan

    Juggler, the worst modifier is back!

    • Jonathan

      we had a pretty nice drought from it though…

      • Bob

        Lightswitch is the worse modifier IMO

        • MakkinjeM

          Definitely agreed.

  • Kenny

    The obsidian mind will help a lot

  • Brandon Adams

    Lightswitch is the worst modifier hands down.

    • ORB1T4L

      Yeah, it only works with the mobs and not for the Guardians, that’s messed up… while the elemental burns work both ways…

    • SFChitman

      It makes Titans very crippled. Since they are built for close up killing.
      Juggler is a cool one for ,e though it spices it up.

  • hamza

    Yes only juggler for the weekly heroic that’s the case easiest modifier ever and for the nightfall no solar burn just void burn a this is going to be the easiest heroic and nightfall ever!!!

  • MakkinjeM

    There might be minor changes in the loot system, which have been implemented recently. This happened to me:

    Well the worst possible start of this weeks Nightfalls, ended in one of the best possible results for this week;
    I was only missing Thunderlord, SUROS Regime and Necrochasm, of which the last one naturally can’t drop from a Nightfall strike. So that left SUROS and Thunderlord, to the only possible exotic weapon drops, that I was really hoping for (Thunderlord prefered over SUROS).

    So this Nightfall turned out to be a piece of cake, as it took us like 45 minutes to complete it 3 times.

    I really hate the fact you’re able to get legendary engrams as drops from the Nightfall, and you just guess what happened the first two tries; yes indeed; A primary engram and a special weapon engram. -_- This does grant the chance of getting an Exotic ofcourse, but i hate it for one simple reason, and that’s exactly what happened to me last night: They both turned out to be 2 ascendant energies -____-. Come on man; 4 ascendant energies, for completing two Nightfalls. This gotta be the worst roll of drops I ever had from a series of 3 Nightfalls in a row, I thought.

    And then came the last try. I had my main character left (Titan), to do the Nightfall for my last try, and that frankly went great. I succeeded to make it though the strike without dying, which i haven’t done too many times, due to my sometimes risky, forward playstyle.
    We finished, again, relatively quikly, and then i realised i did it without dying (Whoohoooo; walking tall on the Nightfall^^). Not to confident about the rewards, after those two other Nightfalls, I was staring down the bottem screen, in hopes of previewing the rewards (which didn’t happen the first two times, when it should have)…. MakkinjeM found SUROS Regime! Hell yeah m*th*rf*cker, I said in my own language, this makes up everything of the last two!

    Now i only miss Thunderlord and Necrochasm!

    But what caught my attention mostly, was the fact that it’s the second time in a short time, i actually got a reward that felt deserved. I would almost suspect, that the randomness is slightly taken out by the developers, as for three weeks ago, I Solo’d the archon priest nightfall, on my 31 Hunter, which rewarded me with a Hawkmoon, that i also didn’t have at that time, and wanted so bad. Now I got the SUROS after not dying in the Nightfall, and after two reallyyy crapy Nightfalls. Perhaps there are some ajustments in the loot system, but who knows?!