Next Week Predictions


Coming on Tuesday as usual is a new weekly Strike, and according to megamanexe4, he thinks it’ll be The Will of Crota with Arc Burn, and the Heroic will have Arc Burn as well.


Iron Banner

Iron Banner is definitely coming on Tuesday. If you missed our February article about this, megamanexe4 listed the following items that will be sold at the vendor:


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  • sbrozzi

    I am going with Pho Goth Strike withvoid burn.

  • Ryan

    Oh God, I’m gonna need so much glimmer.

    • sbrozzi

      Man, I started farming the “Exclusion Zone” earlier today.

      • Henry14

        So did I….

      • insanetrasher

        You should try the VoG Gatekeeper checkpoint farm. 16 majors to kill on each run if done correctly. A run is about 60 seconds I think, having universal remote is the only prerequisite.

        Once you know your way around this run is more fun, faster (no waiting time except for death) and more efficient.

      • dstripedape

        Will of crota can get you 5000 glimmer each run using ether seed and boack idold wax

  • Andrew Niedzielski

    Got my glimmer maxed out allready…. lets do this!

  • xxThexxDawgxx

    Would reccomend farming hard VoG the gatekeeper. More glimmer faster and WAY more fun.

    • Henry14

      Yeah but you have to get there…

      • insanetrasher , look for both difficulties and either gorgon or gatekeeper cp. Get there under 5 minutes.

        I helped a group get past gatekeeper and left right before atheon cp. Its not like its hard to kill him or find a group for that.

  • Henry14

    What about Xûr?

    • Christian

      The guy who was doing that as renowned his duties to inform us of Xur’s stock. He said he didn’t want it to get out of hand and interfere with Bungie’s decisions, having them change them if they knew someone was leaking all of the information. So it’s back to weekly surprises of Xur’s delivery.

      • Henry14

        Ok…I think I like that better anyway.

    • Ruin Wings
      Claws of Dire Ahamkara
      Apotheosis Veil
      Hard Light

  • Ambient

    The boots are good news, since they’ll get my Titan to 32. I do wish they’d sell the helmet instead though. I can’t stand Willbreaker’s Watch.

    • True Radiant Free

      It looks like a sad puppy dog face right? haha

  • nnickk1

    for those who want to farm some glimmer i would recommend doing the weekly heroic today now it is still available, the part where you have to kill everythng to open the door. make sure you leave one alive at the end so you can kill yourself by jumping of the cliff and start all over again.

  • jetthead4

    Since Bungie changed Xur’s inventory this past week, I wonder if they’re going to change the IB inventory as well. Anyone else thought about that?

    • Ian Feagins

      Turns out they didn’t. Not particularly fond of SW, but the machine gun is a brilliant weapon to have.

      Also been needing boots for my Warlock and Crota’s End is steadfastly refusing to drop them. RNG is a hateful thing, isn’t it?

      • Foreverwasted

        I know this wont help. But I did the first 2 runs on my new Warlock last week. First run I got nothing. Second run I got the Helmet (With regen from orbs), The Gloves and the Boots in one run. That was a good day for me. I also got a second Ghorn. Then did it on my hunter and got ANOTHER helmet with regen from orbs. RNGesus has shone his light on me finally LOL

        • Ian Feagins

          Well, it’s certainly doing it’s best to make me jealous, that’s for certain. Oh well! At least it finally gave me the Third Man.

          Still, that’s a pretty awesome run. Congrats.

  • UnityH8r

    Does anyone know what weapons have the options to drop as loot?

    • king_ghosty

      i think its gelions demise and felwinters lie

  • Jesper Raundahl

    We get it Bungie. You like your new strike… but every other week?

  • Decdog2

    Why? why bungie?? Its been a month since the Summoning Pits strike on the moon! Why not just make a permanent schedule so we know what strike is gonna be next!

    Here is a schedule that I think will work 1st: The Devils Lair, 2nd: the Summoning Pits, 3rd: The Nexus, 4th: The Winters Run, 5th: Cerberus Vae, and 6th, Omnigul strike.

    I think this schedule will work and I would like to know what you guys think. I also think that maybe every three to four weeks we have the iron banner. It will make it more common, and easier for people to reach level 32 without having to run the raid. I know from experience that many people do not want to run any raid with people 31 and below. Also, it would be nice to see that your iron banner rank does not reset after every single time it shows up. There are still some changes that i think need to be at least taken under consideration and that this may bring more people back. Look, Destiny is a really fun game and i love it just as much as the next guy, but I would love to see many issues and requests implemented into the game. (yes i know they are looking into more vault space so no trouble there). I think that maybe some more activities and some new public events and at least public events that are more common. I would also love to see that people who have been playing since day one and dont have a Gjallarhorn (i have one by the way) start seeing more and more of them. I was so happy seeing my friend receive the Gjallarhorn from the “exotic” chest. He was playing since day one and finally he received one. I love watching the community grow and more changes would make the community grow even more! I would also LOVE to see that bungie would give out a poll to see what exotics Xur would sell. For instance, they could release a community poll and ask “What exotic weapon would you like to see next week? A. Suros Regime, B. Truth, C. Thunderlord, or D. Hard Light. Now they would send out the poll and lets say Truth gets the most votes. then there would be a high possibility for Truth to pop up in a week or two. Now, Bungie could post this poll and surprise us with lets say, The Last Word. Still a good exotic and something Xur hasn’t sold in a while. Look, this may seem like a nagging rant. Honestly, It is. I believe that these changes would bring people back to the light (get it? the light? Destiny? ah forget it). I LOVE destiny honestly and I think that these changes would lighten peoples spirits about this game. If you like my ideas or have some new ones, Reply to my post and let me see those ideas. I would love to see what the rest of the community thinks.

  • Jacob Westmoreland

    megamanexe4 is doing a great job and honestly I’m glad to see he isn’t just blowing hot air. The fact he has gotten not just the Weekly Strikes correct but the inventory for Xur down is impressive. It also goes to show us that Bungie’s game is not as RNG as they like to claim it is. Makes one wonder why we have to keep getting these dlc Strikes and exotics shoved down our throats when we’ve had quite enough of it.

  • Shoot i wish they stop with this Strike i hate facing Her she is a Pain and so was the Arc Damage