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New Races Announced!

New Races Announced!

destiny warlocks

On top having the ability to choose from being a Hunter, Warlock, or Titan, Bungie announced that you can also select your race. The three races talked about were Humans, Awoken, and Exo.

From what it sounds like you will get to mix and match these races with your guardian class. This means you could have a Human Warlock or even an Awoken Titan.

Humansdestiny human

Described as being relatable, tough, and uncomplicated.

Ex. Military, Sports Stars, Action Heroes

Awokendestiny awoken

Described as being exotic, beautiful, and mysterious.

Ex. Elves, Vampires, Ghosts, and Angels

Exodestiny exo

Described as being sinister, powerful, and tireless.

Ex. Undead, Master Chief, and the terminator

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  • Jonathon West

    I love some a lot of the creature art in this game, the Fallen, and Exo look great. Hopefully they can live up to Elites.

    • That0neWeirdGuy

      Maybe brutes if not hunters. They definitely don’t look like grunts in my opinion. The whole group thing is troubling though. Can you imagine 8-12 brutes just running at you!

      • Moses Davis

        Especially the H3 style brutes…*Shivers*

    • Admin

      Fallen are the Elites, Vex are the Prometheans, Cabal are the Hunters, The Hive are the Flood, Exo are the Spartans, Humans are the marines, and Awoken are something else.

    • Braden Todd Larson

      more like brutes i feel.

  • Christopher Cowgill

    I want one of my charecters to be a female Awoken Titan. but my favorite one will be a Human Warlock. (ignore all my recent post i did a minute ago please)

  • Peter

    Master Chief you say??

  • jt711

    When is the concept art coming??

  • Dylan Ridener

    Any one feeling tiger man as a race you want to be? I know I am!!!

  • David Perez

    going with exo, definetly.

  • Ryan FreeJay Lucker GFord

    exo lol “Master Chief”

  • Nate Misra

    I’ll probably be an Exo Titan, I love tankin’ and spankin’. Hopefully Human and Awoken get more appeal so that I don’t look like I’m just hopping on the bandwagon.

  • TheNinjaKlown

    My favorite race is the Fallen. If the Fallen were a playable race, life would be amazing!

  • Jeff

    I’ll probably be an Awoken titan ;) Sophistication with brute strength and defense.

  • Marcus Anderson-Smythe

    Hard to choose from.

    I tend to be a bit of a human supremacist when it comes to video game character creations, but the three just look so cool. I am particularly sold on humans and Awoken.

    I like playing as humans because I can relate to humans, obviously, but I also love angels and vampires, which is what inspired the Awoken.


  • obame

    can you choose the gender?

  • Matisse

    When I play the guy doesent look like the character I customized please someone tell me