First Look: New Locations

We got an early preview of 2 never-before-seen (Expansion Pack?) locations in the Collector’s Edition video.

2 1 Capture

We also get a quick glance at what may be the Vault of Glass:

4 3



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  • PunKZ

    That looks sick.

    • Meow Meow

      It should probably go to the doctor.

      • Frozenpheniox101

        I’ll go find the TARDIS for him.

  • KMGommster

    Why is there a radar in that second picture? Its almost as if that is a screen capture of gameplay….. but it looks like that is a picture in space of other spacecraft…. it almost looks like there will be times when you actually pilot your spaceship!
    lol I am pretty sure bungie has come out and said there wouldn’t be any space-dog fights in Destiny but maybe they were kidding!

    • invisAble

      that could be a really sick rocket launcher just looking up at the sky though…