New Hellmouth Moon Gameplay

If you weren’t fortunate enough to play The Dark Beyond story mission today, you can still get your fix by perusing through some awesome gameplay videos.

Watch below as guardians take their shrikes though the Hellmouth and explore this previously unseen lunar terrain.

Exploring the Hellmouth



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  • Carl

    I explored every square inch of Hellmouth, and I am thoroughly impressed by the atmosphere Bungie created. The only downside to the dungeon was that it had 5 doorways I ran into that were closed because it’s a Beta.

    • Yhgi117

      I did some thorough exploration too. I ran into a couple of level 12 Hollowed Knights, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I ran into so many locked doors though, it was kinda disappointing.

      • Carl

        Through my exploration I found 2 golden chests and like 8 silver chests (on the Moon overall, not restricted to Hellmouth).

        • Yhgi117

          I only found a few silver chests. Obviously I didn’t look hard enough.

    • same here.. lots of dead ends so far. Awesome enemies though!

  • rob1970

    I was lucky enough to get an event in my first run where i had an ultra servitor thingee to take down…the dual cannons of the pike made short work of it though 🙂