Dark Below (Not Halloween) Sparrows

Published on: Oct 28, 2014 @ 16:00

With the latest patch comes a few Halloween goodies!


Flight Of Shadows – Are you the dream of a sleeping god? Or the nightmare of a dead one? Changes the appearance of your respawn for 24 hours. 

You can earn this consumable by killing Hive on the Moon. If you wear the Jackolyte helm while talking to Xûr, he will sell this item.


All Hallos’ Eve – Guardian! Do not forget that you returned from the dark. Celebrate these days of the risen dead.

After you’ve installed the patch, this will be waiting for you at the Postmaster.


Jackolyte – The Hive may haunt the dreams of children, but you haunt the dreams of the Hive. 

“Mask of the Third Pumpkin” as I like to call it, will transform your head into a pumpkin for 30 minutes. All Hallos’ Eve will reward you with 3 Jackolyte’s. 

Halloween Themed Sparrows

These Halloween Sparrows not only look great, but have a new upgrade called Destabilizers – “Use while airborne to release roll stabilizers.”

Each of these Sparrows has a speed of “6” which is the same speed as Rare Sparrows.

It is currently unknown how these will be acquired.

Update: Bungie said “There is no Halloween sparrow” – but obviously the Sparrows weren’t recently put in the game’s database (literally days ago) for no reason.

Notice how they worded it: These Sparrows aren’t considered “Halloween Sparrows” to them – that is all. They are still coming, eventually.

Everyone referred to these as the “Halloween Sparrows” because they were added/found in the database the same day that the actual Halloween items were found. Because of this, we assumed these were “Halloween Sparrows” when in reality they’re likely to be introduced with the Dark Below, along with the “Refer A Fireteam” item.


S – 30 Tumbler

It takes a skilled field mechanic to disable limiters without destabilizing the entire drive.


S – 31 Nightfall 

Drive fast and take risks.

S – 32 Snowflake

In modifying field drives, the limiting factor is tolerance to the idea of explosive engine disassembly.


S – 33 Dragonrider

At some point, it will come down to how tightly you can hold on.



Not much is known about this item.

Refer A Fireteam

We celebrate every Guardian who returns from the dark. A gift for you for leading another one home.



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    How do you get these Sparrows?

  • WSquared88

    This looks amazing. I might be playing destiny for the next couple of days

  • Micah Yang

    I want the pumpkin head thing. I assume you don’t get to keep it

  • Micah Yang

    I want the pumpkin head thing. I assume you don’t get to keep it

    • you get 3 of them, they last for 30 minutes

    • you get 3 of them, they last for 30 minutes

      • Wraith

        You also get spooky sound effects!

  • Alan Dick

    i do destiny videos i uploaded the jack o lantern helmet 30 mins ago in1 hr and 5 minutes i will be uploading the new hallo ween sparrows! https://www.youtube.com/tehalantv

  • Brandon Banks

    I want the sparrow but how do you get it all this figure it stuff gets a little anoying

  • Raxs

    I really wanna find out how to obtain these sparrows! They look great, haha. Also my pumpkin head didn’t work for me :/ I used 2 and nothing happened to my head at all.

    • Yhgi117

      Have you done the Nightfall this week? My friends and I have tested it and it doesn’t seem to work with the blue flame from “Blessing of Light”.

      • Raxs

        At the time I hadn’t done it, no. I’ve done it now and not tried it since because I only have one left and would rather just keep it lock up. Haha.

        • Yhgi117

          Yeah, I’ve used my last one to purchase a few “Flights of Shadows” from Xur.

  • Alan Dick

    I Was the first person to make news on THE NEW HALLOWEEN THEMED SPARROWS IN DESTINY THE GAME! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYFF5gxiMbM&list=UU2vU55Efxz4de64n1v_BZXw

    • Truth Serum

      +1 Cookie

  • Lezlow

    So this article states nothing on how to get these things!

    • It’s not known

  • Lee Juriet

    so how the fuck do we get the sparrows?

    • MellowJelO

      Heard killing 400 enemies in a nightfall, with the jackolyte helm on gets you the nightfall sparrow…

      • Pat1711

        Has this been proven?

        • MellowJelO

          Someone posted this on the bungie forum…

        • chris

          Don’t question the forums they know all ALL HAIL THE FORUMS

        • Steffan Long

          It’s been proven: fake

  • He Hate Me

    Anyone figured out how to get the sparrows yet?

  • chris

    I love riding my black sparrow around (bitches love sparrows)

  • delta 6655

    and i just bought a new sparrow yesterday, god damnit

  • MellowJelO

    Just killed 1011 hive on the moon, and no flight of shadow drops…just 3 jackolytes…

  • Ryan Snavely

    How does one “refer a fireteam?”

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  • Ian

    Hoe do you get one of these sparrows? I have no idea..

  • Alan Baez

    how you get the bat sswarm? Ive done 3 times the sumoning pits and nothing

    • tijske1996

      go to xur while wearing a pumpkin

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  • David B

    Bungie has confirmed there isn’t any Halloween sparrows


    • I updated the article explaining this response

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