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  • Awesome

  • Nater-ater

    That Warlock dressed in all black… Oh the sexiness of these pics is unbelieveable

  • Logan b

    I love the “confidential” disclaimer. Oh Bungie, you are too loved for anything to remain confidential LOL
    One thing I am noticing, the progression of the capes for the hunter. Anyone else getting the distinct feeling that the guardians we will come to develop over the 10 year mark will only resemble those seen in the gameplay footage towards the end game? Exotics will be hard to come by, yet all players in the gameplay have exotics. We have only ever seen a hunter with a full cloak, yet up above we seen hunters beginning with boy scout scarfs. I think our starting guardians will not look as badass as those seen in the gameplay footage.

    • Bubbais55

      i agree, and im slightly troubled that its only showing exotic….furthermore, you notice that the concept guardians look like they’re wearing full exotic suits, but in reality you can only wear one exotic piece of armor.

  • Bubbais55

    all of these are dope. The designs are more exotic than i thought, and go beyond my expectations. The all white warlock, looking extremely sharp with the red inside of his cloak hold the mysteriousness yet striking look of a futuristic anime concept character. (P.S Is that a glass gun he’s holding?)

  • GrimCuriosity

    “Oh let’s show off some snazzy concept pieces.

    Except the Titan. Let’s show the same concept as last time.”

    Bungie, god damn it. Quit playing with my heart </3

  • Christopher Cowgill

    Dem warlocks (^.^)/

  • Matt Dunnigan

    Bungie…………you freakin’ rock and rule!!!!!!
    The warlock class would be my first choose and that black warlock is so my kind of style and I hope get to try out that kind of look during the beta at least.