New Dark Below Details, Release Date!

Published on: Oct 29, 2014 @ 7:11

The Activision Blog recently posted some fresh details about the upcoming Dark Below expansion that’s coming in December.

Check out this interview with Bungie’s president discussing the Dark Below.

For more bout Eris, click here.
dark below expan

On December 9, The Dark Below — the first downloadable expansion for Destiny will arrive on all platforms. There will be all-new weapons and gear, story quests, Crucible arenas, a new Strike, six-player Raid, and more!

In the Jovian Complex, deep in the old Cosmodrome, lives Omnigul. Here, she works to expand the Hive army in preparation for the return of her master, Crota, and the Hive’s invasion of Earth. Only you and a fireteam of brave Guardians can eliminate this threat, moving closer to saving our world and growing your legends.

Omnigul, boss of the new Will of Crota strike.
Omnigul, boss of the new Will of Crota strike.

In The Dark Below, a new character Eris will arrive at the Tower. Eris warns that The Hive plan to summon a powerful god, Crota, to destroy Earth.

From Wikipedia:

Eris is the Greek goddess of chaos, strife and discord. Her name is the equivalent of Latin Discordia, which means discord. Eris is also considered by some to be the 10th Planet in our solar system.

In an interview with PlayStation, Eric Osborne describes Eris as “creepy.”

Players are spending a lot of time in the Tower, so we took the opportunity to craft a new character, Eris, that players can receive quests and missions from in The Dark Below. Not only does she offer up unique bounties and rewards, she also has a story to tell about The Hive and their evil intentions. She’s also pretty creepy!

Through three new story quests, The Will of Crota Strike, and the Crota’s End Raid, you’ll fight to uncover and eliminate The Hive’s forces. As you progress, you’ll have opportunities to earn all-new weapons, armor, and gear.

The Crota's End raid takes place inside the Hellmouth, on the moon.
The Crota’s End raid takes place inside the Hellmouth, on the moon.

Those on PlayStation platforms will gain access to an additional Strike – The Undying Mind – and more as an exclusive until Fall 2015.

The Dark Below will also raise the maximum Light Level to 32 and introduce five additional Bounty slots.

Expansion_I_strike_shot_2 (1)
A chief underling for Crota, Omnigul looks like an advanced form of Wizard.

The expansion will also add three new Crucible maps. Set in a Vex temple within the Black Garden, Pantheon (Mars) features tight corridors and Vex-designed landscapes. On Skyshock (Earth), you will battle in an interplanetary defense array across both vehicle and infantry engagements. Finally, The Cauldron (Moon) is a smaller map that’s housed within an abandoned Hive ritual site.


the cauldron


New Items

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  • Normal Raid Level 28, Hard 32. Makes sense. Hopfully additional dailys, weeklys and events.

    • ipot_04

      not new weeklies, but there will be new strike playlists for higher levels.

  • delta 6655

    i wonder if we get a new ghost shell upon its release?

  • Lee Juriet

    and once again, Bungie shits on those of us on the Xbox’s….

    • BuckshotGeorge

      I’m disappointed when I don’t get content others do but that battle between consoles is always going to exist. Bungie isn’t, hopefully, shitting on us on purpose, but it’s no different to xbox users getting content for other games before PS does.

      • Deuce (PS4)

        Simple. Call of Duty – Xbox Destiny – Playstation, it’s a Activision thing, so don’t blame Bungie

    • haha, just kidding

    • boostedskyline

      Microsoft should’ve ponied up then. Bet you wouldn’t have been complaining then.

    • sycoteck

      @leejuriet:disqus Destiny was going to be a PS only game so shut up and enjoy it,

    • Raxs

      It’s not Bungie’s fault… it’s Activision. They’re the publisher. It’s Activision’s job to get more people siding with Sony. Bungie wouldn’t want their fans upset over this, they don’t have a say in it because Activision has priority in the contract.

      • robgotbanned

        Who do you think signed the pre-determined deal with Activision?

        • Raxs

          That’s what ALL publishers do. EA, Microsoft, the lot. You can’t blame Bungie for signing up with a publisher… Publisher’s (Professional Ones) Wont give a single damn about how much they upset gamers. If they are making money, that is all that matters. Their sole purpose is to generate a load of cash. Then have more cash to invest. They are Investors. They will do whatever it takes to make money, they don’t care about Bungie, the fans or anyone.

          Let’s go through “Oddworld Inhabitant’s” history. They signed up with “GT Interactive”, GT refused to fund their movies and said “we will only publish your games because that’s the only thing that will make money”. When the moved on from GT and went into publishing with “Microsoft”, Microsoft repeatedly twisted their nuts because they didn’t believe their game would sell very well. They have a company fighting to survive in the industry under their feet and they gave them ground 0 advertising to save themselves money. OI (Battered and bruised financially) moved onto “EA” (I know right, freaking EA! For financial support), EA screwed up the advertising scheme so badly (all to save their own money) they sent the company down the tubes. The whole organisation went underground, employees left, co-founder was so pissed he said he would close down the whole company (The living human coma induced equivalent of being hooked up to life-support) . After all that, the pulled themselves together after being mercilessly beaten down by various publishers and gave the world “Oddworld: New N’ Tasty”, they are now independent publishers and want to get back up on their feet and continue making games.

          Morale of the story: “Publishers are all F*cking *ssholes” THE END.

    • David Laird

      if you say so, please trade your game in so everyone doesn’t think xbox users still wet the bed.

    • Jason David Anderson

      Firstly it’s not Bungie doing it.

      Secondly XBox had nothing but exclusives last generation – get over it dude. You’re missing out on a Strike and a few guns – only one of which is worth a shit (the hawkmoon).

      • Lee Juriet

        ‘Tis the principal of the thing, is all

        • Jason David Anderson

          Again, I didn’t hear many complaints from Playstation owners last generation – and I certainly didn’t hear anything from XBox owners about how unfair or immoral it was that they were getting all the exclusives.

          It was quite the opposite in most places, with the younger crowd that thinks it’s all a contest gloating about how it won’t be on the Playstation.

  • BuckshotGeorge

    Looking forward to more Hive story. A few missions and a strike leading to the big Raid where hopefully we will see the return, and demise, of Crota!
    Personally I would like to see the Raid boss battle as all out warfare. VoG has Atheon, who looks badass, but is ultimately chinned through Portal runs and more complex elements to the battle. As much as I like it, and just to change things up, I would like a straight forward battle where six enemies get to blast him to bits. The complex elements can still be included in the Raid itself on the journey to the big bad.
    I would’ve loved another strike or two, just because I enjoy the Vanguard Tiger playlist.

  • WSquared88

    Only three story missions? It must be really easy to save the world. I could have it done before lunch time.

    • chris

      Bungie leaves the hard missions to the justice league

  • Unforgotten

    20 Dollar for 3 Story Missions, 1 Strike, 1 Raid (maybe 2 bosses again?) .. seems not long lasting fun for that Money.. and the best is, its already in the content of the Game and finished with release.. welcome to the dlc money raising method..

    • echelon

      Would you rather pay a subscription fee monthly?

      Just because there’s some of the level areas on the disc does mean that the dlc is actually on there. Level designers frequently work on different time tables than the other programmers. It’s like building a house. They build the foundation first, but they still have to put up the walls and roof and inner rooms…

      Skyrim had all sorts of real estate outside the borders that was included on the disc. Everyone thought that it would end up as dlc and never did. Bethesda said they did it because it made it easier to make the Skyrim geography more believable and fit within their world.

      • Avenged

        I agree to an extent, the dlc still isnt worth $15 no matter how you look at it though. This is just another Activision cash grab at its heart.

        • echelon

          So $60 for the game + $40 for two expansions within the first 6-9 months of release that will arguably add 50%+ content for a total of $100 vs. $180 for a year sub for WoW with a $30 expansion every, what year or two?

          Got it.

          I’d rather get a steady stream of content. I blow $20 at the movie theatre without blinking an eye. That lasts all of a couple hours. I’m good with my ROI for content that I can replay and master for hours and hours on end.

          They don’t have to grab my cash…I’ll just give it to them willingly.

      • Jason David Anderson

        Subscription based games carry an expectation of content along with them that Destiny has not come close to meeting, though – I would much prefer to pay a subscription fee over paying for DLC if it meant that Destiny had as much content in it as the successful subscription based games do.

        • echelon

          So Wow and others release new content every 3 months? What kind of expectation does Destiny have in your mind? Does that expectation live up with reality?

          Another thing to realize is that a FPS like Destiny carries much more work for the new content than does a game like WoW. Even FTP games like Warframe don’t hold a candle to Destiny in terms of polish and scope.

          Plus Destiny has been out all of not even two months…

          We are free to disagree and I respect your opinion, although I feel it is rather short sighted at best. The people who are saying that the game is “not complete” and so Bungie and Activision are trying to makes a quick buck off of artificially lengthening the game still don’t get it…Destiny is a new thing it was not meant to be a game like Halo where there’s a nice neat campaign and some PvP maps and it’s all wrapped up in a nice little bow. The retail disc game is just the starting place, it’s the foundation. And for $60 you can play all of the content and get to level 30. If you like the game enough you can buy more new content and level up even further and get new gear, etc. If you don’t like the game that much or just aren’t interested in the game any longer – great – then don’t buy the DLC. Problem solved. Nobody is forcing anybody to pay more money and Bungie didn’t rip anybody off.

          • Jason David Anderson

            The point I’m making is the game is half assed.

            If this is it’s entire iteration – then something is wrong.

            No cut scenes, a hugely lacking in game story, no in game lore.

            They literally took the mechanics for a shooter, slapped it together with fantastic art – and then just said “OK, done, fuck it, put the story on cards on the internet.”


          • echelon

            The point you’re making isn’t valid.

            The game on the disc is not the entire iteration. As I’ve stated, it’s the beginning. It would be similar to being pissed after watching the 1st Lord of the Rings movie, not understanding that there were sequels. (And in fact people were pissed when the movie ended on a cliff hanger if they didn’t realize the movie was based on a book series)

            It’s pretty obvious that Bungie wanted to focus on gameplay and connecting people together first and foremost. Considering that fact that research shows that only like 30% or some such actually finish ANY game from start to finish and it’s probably easy to see why they did what they did. Now that there’s been moaning and groaning I’m sure they’ll add more story content. Everyone bitched at Metal Gear Solid games because they had like hours of cutscenes…so I guess the pendulum swings both ways.

            To say there is no lore is to just be flat wrong. There is a ton of lore. But obviously you don’t care about or want to read the “cards on the internet” so there you go.

            Once again, you completely lack any understanding of what it takes on a technical level just to get a game like this off the ground on simultaneous systems. Yes there are flaws, they admit it. Were there deadlines? Yes. Again, publishers actually like to make a return on their investment as soon as possible…otherwise, you know…they stop making money and die. Was some content or ideas scrapped due to deadlines and/or other technical reasons? Most assuredly. And again, the hope is that since this isn’t your typical ‘retail box game’ and it’s a persistent online game, that they will be able to explore some of that stuff in the future.

            Buy it or don’t. Destiny will be here whether you’re playing it or not. But Bungie nor anyone else ‘owes’ you or anyone else anything.

            Have a nice weekend. This has been a truly enlightening experience, to say the least. 😉

          • Jason David Anderson

            I paid $80 for a game and two DLC’s, Bungie owe me a lot. 😉

            If Bungie focused on gameplay and communication, they failed on communication.

            I’ll never understand you people who defend and become apologists for Bungie.

            It’s like you don’t want anything better for yourselves as gamers and are content to be bent over at any price.

            Whatever – it has been an enlightening experience, criticizing video games will bring out blind zeolots that defend a developer at any cost – including the cost of having a solid game.

            This is why video games are devolving into Beta’s with paid DLC – you guys just accept it, time and time again.

          • echelon

            See, the difference between you and me is that you have a “victim” mentality and an “entitlement” problem. I have a life and don’t freak out if some game doesn’t do everything including take my dog for a walk and make my lunch.

            Hey, I’ve had buyer’s remorse too…it happens to all of us.

            I’m less of an apologist for Bungie and more of an apologist for sanity, logic and reason. I’ll never understand “you people” (love that derision) that use the anonymity of the internet to wail and weep and whine about everything in their life that is less than perfect.

            How can I be content at being bent over if I don’t feel that I’m being bent over? If a game was so bad and so horribly, horribly frustrating that I felt the need to rage and wail such as you and many, many others are doing…I would do the only sensible and logical thing: Make a better game myself. That’s how granddad used to do it and that’s how dad did it.

            Videogames are devolving into betas with paid DLC because the technology is so complex. Humans are fallible and make mistakes. If you are a gamer surely the recent and high profile debacles of many big releases is fresh in your mind right?

            There are many indie games that are much less complex and simple that I think would suit you better. They only cost maybe $10 or $15 or sometimes you can get them in a bundle (!) and they tend to offer a very good return on investment in terms of bug free content per dollar or “BFC/D” as I like to call it.

            It could also just be that the definition of “game” is changing. Games are no longer bound to discs. Cloud storage and high speed internet make a huge difference. Destiny is not your typical retail box game and it was never intended to be. I don’t have to apologize for that, it just is.

          • Jason David Anderson

            You deciphered all of that from a few posts I’ve made about Destiny?

            I’m a Disabled Veteran, I served two tours in Afghanistan before I almost lost my leg.

            I’m far from the “victim” mentality, and I have no entitlement. I’m a 33 year old man voicing his opinion on the internet about a game that has many flaws.

            If you can’t put up with it, you don’t have to respond to me, or read my posts. It’s not a very hard concept to understand.

            I own a PS4, XBox One, 3DS XL, VITA, PC Rig, PS3, and Wii U – with well over 500 games on all of them combined. I’m well aware of what Indie games are, and I’m well aware of what games suit my tastes and which don’t.

            Video games are devolving into betas with paid DLC because gamers allow it to happen – $65 beta’s are much more prevalent in the console world – in the PC world you pay the appropriate price for an open beta, it has nothing to do with technology and everything to do with passive attitude and tailored behavior through marketing in the younger gaming crowd.

            If myself, and “Many many others” are complaining about the state of Destiny – then that just means that there’s something wrong with it, and people see it.

            If you feel the need to be an apologist for Bungie and defend the game, that’s fine – but leave the passive aggressive borderline insults out of it. It’s silly, it’s trollish, and it serves no purpose.

            We’re discussing Destiny, not entitlement issues, the state of the video game industry, what your Grandfather taught you, or other video games. Please stay on topic.

          • echelon

            I’m trolling you on purpose to point out the silliness of Your posts.

            I’m fine if you have legitimate gripes with the game, I do to. Again, I’m far from the Bungie apologist you think I am. I loved the original Halo, but for me the series didn’t shine again until ODST and Reach. I didn’t like Marathon or Oni very much.

            Your post, and many others don’t come off as just critical of the game, they come off as a gigantic chip on the shoulder and very whiny. That’s all I’m saying. Y
            ou can say that the game lacks story, needs better communication in game, etc.

            Or you can say, I didn’t get the game that was promised me, I was lied to, now you’re stealing my money with DLC for stuff that should’ve been in the game.

            See the difference between those two statements?

            As far as I’m concerned we’re just two dudes having a spirited conversation on the web. If you want to disengage that’s fine with me.

            Thank you for your service.

    • Raxs

      WTF? Look at halo. The the past 12 years it’s always sold 3 Multiplayer map DLCs, CoD only does 4 and a mission. Battlefield is the same. Why get pissed when Destiny does exactly the same.

      • Avenged

        Who said no one was pissed when Halo and Battlefield did it? Thats the point he was making when he said, “Welcome to the new dlc money raising method.” They’re all cash grabs and Activision has done it for years. (You already mentioned COD)

        • Raxs

          That’s just tradition…DLCs are always like that. It’s not “Money Grabbing”. It’s just selling content. I don’t call the cashier at every service station a “Money Grabber” because they sell product slightly more expensive than usual. Games are designed to be sold and gain money.

          You people have really strange ways of twisting words. You are not being forced to buy anything. Companies are just allowing you to spend more money to get more content for a game. What? Do you want them to just give away free content? Free content that hundreds of hours invested into it by many paid staff? It’s not “Money Grabbing” it’s “Selling Content”.

          “You already mentioned COD”? God, you aren’t one of those people that actually target computer games and take actual morale stances against them are you? Don’t. Unless of course you are a nine year old. Which I expect you aren’t. Judging by that you don’t actually hate on “CoD” do you? I am going to let you answer that question. Please tell me I’m wrong.

          • Unforgotten

            Its funny how People defend this.. ok its your choice and im fine with it. But what they do is like, your buying a car and the seller keeps the tires. He got in mind “He will come back for the tires cause he need them to come forward”.. and then he sells you the tires for the half price of the car. Would you be ok with this?

            The only thing i was really mentioned is that dlc, is fast done and nothing too fancy.. why should it be worth 33% of the original price?

            But hey keep defending it further to find excuse why u did buy the guardian edition or maybe the season pass..

          • Raxs

            Defending it? What are you talking about. You think just because I disagree I’m on the opposite side of the table. No. I am disagreeing because it’s wrong. DLCs are when the full game has come out and Developers want to generate more content over time for users to purchase.

            What kind of comparison is that? No. It’s more like buying a Car and then being charged extras for it like a Sat-nav, Tinted windows Etc. You can’t drive a car that hasn’t got tyres. You can play Destiny for weeks without DLCs.

            This is typical hypocrisy, you are the one attacking a system companies have set out. I’m neutral, look at things logically and accept the way they are. You are just going against the corporate word and just think you know better than everyone else. Don’t be so self indulgent. Your word isn’t above everyone else’s. Accept things are they are. DLCs aren’t all pulled out of the game from the start. They still haven’t even finished the Dark below DLC. Would you rather they just worked on the DLCs and released it with the game 10 years into the future? I’m sure you wouldn’t.

          • Avenged

            You don’t seem neutral, you seem awfully upset. Yet you got on me about taking some sort of “moral stance.” You sound like the one who needs to step back and take a logical look at the situation. No need for insults when talking about what is ultimately nothing more than a GAME. I don’t care what you spend your money on, to each is their own. I’m just expressing my opinion in a logical and tbh slightly cynical manor.

          • Raxs

            I think upset is the wrong word. I’m nothing at the sorts, I’m just very surprised at the way you interoperate things. Just because I am disagreeing doesn’t mean I completely in an opposite stance. We just have very different ways of looking at things.

            I essentially went over every detail to make a point. I’m certainly thinking of this logically because marketing and Game development is what I have studied for the past 3 years. I already see this a familiar stuff.

            I don’t think I’m insulting anyone. I’m sure you understanding that people that “hate on” video games are just not mature enough to play or understand them. Why hate it? It’s basically just a toy. An instrument for our entertainment. I wasn’t “name calling”, I basically took the long way of saying “I doubt you are like this”.

            I hope we agree we don’t have to oppose each-other in a derogatory way. It’s just a petty disagreement. If you still dislike the way DLCs are done, fine. Nobody is going to make you buy them and I wont further try to convince you anything otherwise.

          • Jason David Anderson

            I gather from your comments that you’re a bit younger and grew up on DLC based gaming.

            It wasn’t always like this.

            Games used to release with a lot more content than they do these days, and add-ons were free bonuses that developers gave to the gamers to show their appreciation.

            The new way of selling a game is to release 1/4-3/4 of the game at a $65 price point and charge for the rest until they’re raking in close to $100 for the content that was always planned from Day 1.

            If you want to defend that kind of behavior, it only shows that the PR marketing schemes over the last 10 – 12 years have worked to make what was once an unacceptable practice, acceptable to the new generation of gamers.

            One day, pay to play games will be the standard.

          • Raxs

            I’m 18. I usually play FPS games. I know that every Halo, CoD and Battlefiled DLC has been like this and if anything gotten better over time with how much content is in DLCs. There is also the fact they can now be bought cheaper online instead of having to buy a Disc with the content on it.

            Again, I’m not defending it. I’m just accepting that it happens and understand why it happens. I’ve been officially educated in multi-profession game development for 3 years. I have a very firm and legitimate understanding about this.

            Your proposition makes no sense. Why would a company release DLCs for free? It’s just a waste of their time and money. Gaming is already the cheapest form of entertainment possible. A new CD costs £12 and at most modern CDs have an hour of music. That’s £12 P/H of entertainment. Movies, about 1 and a half hours long, cost at least £8. £6 P/H. Destiny new is £50, Most people play it for minimum 100 hours before reaching endgame and completing raids. That’s 50p an hour. And yet you want it to be even better value for money? Seems a bit much to ask.

            If I were myself to make assumptions I’d assume you aren’t very old yourself. Video games a dirt cheep entertainment. I only earn £6p/h and work weekends, that gets me enough to buy a brand new video game every week. My partner works full-time and earns 2.5K a month. A video game is nothing and DLCs are even smaller. Gaming will always be cheep, DLCs or not. So what’s the concern? I don’t want to get on the wrong side of someone over a stupid argument. So why don’t we just think about this logically. If you still for some strange reason have this disbelief. Let’s just agree to disagree, right? It would be stupid and childish to argue over anything so unimportant.

          • Jason David Anderson

            In the PAST company’s released DLC as a way to say “thank you” to the people who bought the games – it wasn’t nearly as large scale as what you see now in DLC content. It would be like, a different outfit to play your character in.

            The point today is that people have accepted the release of a game, with content cut to be sold as DLC, as normal business practice – when it shouldn’t be like that. Game company’s should be releasing everything they have for that game at the price point of a release title.

            Older gamers like myself, who remember what it used to be like are more resistant to this newer practice than younger gamers like yourself who grew up around it.

            I’m 33 – I grew up playing the NES – by the way. It wasn’t meant as a condescending remark – it just seems that younger gamers who have grown up around DLC are accepting of the practice, while those of us who have seen what it’s done to games over the years do not like it.

            If a company is giving a genuine game at release – with an abundance of content – and then releases DLC later on to expand upon that gaming experience, great.

            The gripe is with company’s who break up their game to make more money. It hurts their own game and sales in some instances, and it will always hurt the gamer.

            I know you think you make enough money to live within your means now – but you may find once you have a mortage, a child, insurance, a car payment, credit cards, etc. – the extra $100 – $300 you’ll spend on DLC a year could be put to better use.

            Look at the big picture here. Paid DLC is causing companies to break their games up and sell content that was already hashed out at release – if people continue to accept this practice, it’s going to lead to more greed in developement, to include Pay to Play models becoming viable options in the console and PC gaming industry.

            P.S. Hours played does not necessarily equal content or value in a game. In the case of Destiny the mechanics are incredibly solid – so it’s fun to keep doing, but what makes it take so long to get to top level is the borderline ridiculous RNG system.

            If Bungie had not released this game, a lot of people would write it off as a failure from the start. The amount of content in the release for an MMO style title is abysmal.

            I’ll say it one more time, just because I criticize the game doesn’t mean I hate it – it just means I see a lot of glaring problems as some one who has been playing games for the better part of 20 years and some one who has played MMO’s since an MMO was sitting around a coffee table with 6 friends rolling a 20 sided dice.

            I don’t want Destiny to fail, and I see potential in it – I just don’t agree with how Bungie are handling the game.

            If you look through the credits, only 20 people from the original team that made Halo are still with Bungie – so perhaps I’m expecting too much out of them now.

          • Raxs

            I completely see what you mean. It’s not the developers fault DLCs cost money now. It’s way of the business, as tipple A developers are now all pretty much housed by a Publisher. Publishers are just money generating machines, it’s what they do. They are investors. They will certainly not allow DLCs to go out free. That’s the equivalent to them of just tipping money out of a window.

            DLCs these days are very sophisticated too, they arguably require a lot more attention and require more resources. It’s not really ethic that’s changed. It’s just the Industry. Companies will always be trying to find new ways to make money, it happens. Sadly nothing with stand against it because business is just ruthless.

          • Jason David Anderson

            Actually Shadow of Mordor just released a free DLC that changes you into the Black Hand as you play – to include complete gameplay changes.

            Like I said, if you accept that paid DLC is the standard in gaming – it just means the PR teams have done their job over the last 10-12 years to make sure people forget that once upon a time, games came complete in their release form.

            If it exists at release, give it to the gamers at release.

            If it’s something you designed after release – then you have every right to charge for it.

            That’s all I’m saying. Period. I don’t think it’s morally responsible to cut a few hours of story out of your game just so you can turn around and sell it to gamers – especially if it’s cut from the original release and was intended as part of the game in it’s entirety when it was thought up.

          • Raxs

            Sadly this is something you’ll have to tell Activation. They don’t care about the game or the consumers, as long as they make money they are happy (It’s just what publishers do). If it means slipping content out of the game for some easy DLC bucks then they will happily go for it.

            Publishers are the perfect encapturement of why life is a bitch.

  • Matt Dunnigan

    Does anybody know will this DLC include more cutscenes with our characters?

  • Raxs

    Looks incredible. It’s going to be nice to have some extras to work for. To be honest, I am only slightly disappointed PS is getting even MORE stuff exclusively. It doesn’t bother me when a new game comes out and ‘sure!’ it will have a few console exclusives, that happens all the time, but when I am constantly paying to expand the games content and having Activision say “No, no, no, you payed, but you don’t get that either, or that, or that.” First time: Whatever, PS gets a couple unique things because Bungie is sided with sony right? That only makes sense, so I brush it off. But after more and more money is spent it just feels like repeated punches in the nuts!

    On a lighter note, this content looks awesome. I only expected to see 1 hive weapon in the game, and now we have 3 and counting! I am seeing more and more badass looking exotics. We can even see more and more of the stuff that was missing from the concept art. (Loot at the titan above’s helmet).

    On another plus, with all of the content Activision is restricting until 2015, for us XBOX users it’s gonna be a Destiny Freakin’ Christmas! Still a bit annoyed about missing out on a whole strike for this! if anything that’s the thing I want to do more of; Activities!

    • Jason David Anderson

      Do you honestly think you’ll still be playing this game in 2015, or that the current PS exclusive content (especially weapons) will be relevant at that time?

      I don’t know how Bungie plan to balance exotics in the future, but I would think like any game that involves leveling, the lower level stuff becomes defunkt with the new DLC. Right?

      • Raxs

        I wont play right up to 2015. I’m going to stop playing pretty soon actually. Buy another game and just play it until they release the DLCs, then I’ll play the content and repeat pretty much. I enjoy Destiny when there is stuff to do, so I’ll cut out the middle man and quit the unnecessary grinding.

        And I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure the new exotics will be roughly matched with the although pretty messily balanced ones currently. I don’t think they will be “Better”, just different.

        • Jason David Anderson

          Yep, I hope Bungie figure out a way to make the exotics and raid legendary’s viable in the future.

          Perks such as “chance to drop an orb when melee kills a Vex” aren’t exactly abundant on gear – so they either need to start putting that on legendary’s in the future or figure out a way to make gear scale.

          Alpha actually showed that people could earn legendary’s and exotics as early as level 1 – and that the gear scaled with your experience levels – at least weapons did that – which I think is a much more intelligent design than what they’ve got now.

          • Raxs

            I do agree. They change the way they think about the game with every step they take, so hopefully they’ll work around the nooks and produce some much more interesting content as they go. Only time will tell how it goes. The DLC might drop a few clues on how things with develop.

  • Micah Yang

    level 32 huh? Some people who haven’t bought the expansion are in for a nasty shock

  • ipot_04

    At that time, I’m probably playing another game

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  • joerendous

    In the patch notes Deej mentions they’re working on exotic balancing and more space for bounties in the future. In this DLC preview we have them saying we’ll be getting more bounty slots. I hope it’s additive, though I don’t know what people would do with so many slots.

  • Symmaccus

    Really disappointed in the PS-restricted Strike… I would be fine if it were, like most exclusive content I’ve seen, exclusive for a month, but over half of a year? That might be wishful thinking on Bungie’s part. I’d also be fine if it were shaders, crucible maps, or any other cosmetic items, but a full strike…?

    It will be interesting to see how many people buy the sequel to this game compared to how many bought the original.

    • Jason David Anderson

      You know there are already PS exclusive strikes in the game, right?

      • Symmaccus

        Yes, I know that. Still a bit upset over that too.

        That being said, I just read your comment above and have to agree with your sentiment: Destiny is just not the game anyone meant for it or wanted it to be, and there not being enough content is certainly at the root of the problem.

        I imagine I probably wouldn’t be as upset about exclusive content if it were a much smaller percentage of the overall content of the game. One out of the six strikes is exclusive. If it were more like one out of the twenty strikes is exclusive, I wouldn’t care nearly as much.

        • Jason David Anderson

          Fair enough.

          I’ve gotten nothing but flack for comments I made in the Patch Post here.

          There are way too many people who jump down your throat if your opinion isn’t rainbows and sunshine about Bungie and Destiny.

          This is a really good thread that sums up how I feel about the game:

          I think everyone should read it. Destiny’s core gameplay is amazing, and it’s amazing because it is so much like Halo – but the rest of it…honestly if it were any other game, any other company, people would be up in arms and write this off as shit and a failed gaming company.

          I so desperately want Destiny to be what Bungie promised us, I see so much potential here – but when you look at what Halo gave us, and compare it as a baseline to what Bungie is capable of giving, then look at Destiny, you see that something is terribly wrong here.

          I was hoping the DLC would be a lot larger than it is. I really don’t want to finish 3 15 minute missions, a raid, and then go back to the same grind every week hoping I get a drop in an RNG system that has no rhyme or reason to it.

          Yet I keep coming back to it because there are no shooters with the mechanics this game has out there, yet.

          I hold out hope that Destiny II has a bountiful amount of content and story to it, and that this was a fluke on Bungie’s part – but waiting another 2-3 years for it really sucks, and Activision is so strict with their deadlines – while Bungie notorious for not meeting deadlines – who knows if they’ll ever make another Halo level of epic game.

          • Symmaccus

            That pretty well hits the nail on the head for my views on the game.

            I hope I didn’t come off as jumping down your throat with my comment before, I do try to be civil.

            I certainly agree with the fact that if you compare this game to what Bungie delivered consistently with each Halo game that it isn’t even a contest. The core mechanics in this game are good, sure, but with way too little content to make use of them in.

            To be honest, Destiny 2 would have to be a really big success to bring me back after this one. Even then, it would be something that I waited a couple weeks before buying just for fear it would be as crazily over-hyped as this game was.

            I want the game to succeed, but the future isn’t looking bright if this is what they’ve managed given five years with a full team and two more with a partial team..

        • Jason David Anderson

          Also, reading up on it – if you look through the credits of Destiny – only 20 people from the original Bungie remain. The majority are brand new people who had nothing to do with the genius of that game, and the lead story writer of Destiny quit a year before it’s release.

          I just don’t know if I should keep holding out hope or shelf this game altogether to see what the second one brings.

          • Symmaccus

            That is ridiculous! Where did you read about that? I’d like to look into that myself and send it to a buddy of mine.

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  • Jason David Anderson

    Disappointed in the amount of content being released in the DLC.

    Excited to play through the raid.

    Sadly I don’t think Destiny is going to be the game I wanted it to be – and I don’t think it’s the game Bungie wanted it to be.

    Here’s hoping Destiny II lives up tot he Bungie name.

    A good post I found for how I feel this far:

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to play the new content, I just really wish there was more of it. This game feels half finished to me.

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  • Ryan

    When I Pay Bungie 6 months before i get something and then they add Another YEAR. I get pissed

  • Drolmah

    So much hate.

    It is simple, if for some reason(s) you think that this is not worth playing, just don’t buy the expansion and stop playing the game from now on.

    Do not complain, still go ahead to buy the expansion, and complain about the game again and the cycle continues.

    Do not waste your precious time and also everyone’s time for reading your non-constructive poisonous comments.

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  • Travis Knight

    Just a head’s up, but Bungie expanded the bounties space already in patch 1.0.3

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