Necrochasm Exotic Review

“Eternity is very close. Can you feel yourself slipping?”

Necrochasm is an Exotic primary auto rifle.

This weapon can only be acquired by upgrading the Eidolon Ally with a Crux of Crota – learn all about it here.


The good: Only AR with Arc damage, immediate access to perks, quick reload speed.

The bad: Low Impact, underwhelming perks, small magazine size.

Conclusion: Needs a buff to be worth using.

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This is an Exotic Weapon
Auto Rifle (Primary Weapon)
Arc Base Damage/Upgraded339/339
Quality Lvl70
Rate of Fire
Magazine Size

Aim Assist
Equip Speed
Recoil Direction

Talent Upgrades Tree

Arc Damage

This weapon causes Arc damage.

Accurized Ballistics

Less Recoil. Penalty to Range.

+5% Damage
+10 Range
-10 Stability


Precision kills with this weapon frequently trigger a Cursed Thrall explosion.

Explosions do not hard you.

Upgrade Damage 1

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.

Single Point Sling

Switch weapons faster. Move quicker while aiming.

50% quicker switch speed & 10% quicker movement speed when ADS.


Aiming this weapon increases its effective range.

10% bonus to range when ADS.

Upgrade Damage 2

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.

Upgrade Damage 3

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.


Melee kills increase the reload speed of this weapon for a short time.

Increases reload speed by 150% after a melee kill.

CQB Ballistics

Less Recoil. Penalty to Impact.

-10 Range
+15 Stability

Flared Magwell

Reload this weapon even faster.

+100 Reload

Upgrade Damage 4

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.

Aggressive Ballistics

Predictable and controllable recoil. Penalty to range.

+10% Damage
-5 Range
-5 Stability

Fitted Stock

Increases weapon stability.

+25 Stability

Upgrade Damage 5

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.

Requires an Exotic Shard

Video Review

Weapon Review

Necrochasm, extremely similar to Eidolon Ally, is an Exotic auto rifle with Arc damage. To get it, you’ll need Eidolon Ally, and before that you’ll need the Husk of the Pit. If you’re unsure of how to start off, check out this guide.

Before we get into the weapon review, for anyone who doesn’t know, the Crux of Crota can only be obtained in the hard mode of Crota’s End.

Before it will have a chance at dropping, you need to own the Glowhoo shader. You don’t need to have it equipped, but you at least need to own it.

Recommended perks:

CQB Ballistics
-10 Range
+15 Stability

Fitted Stock
+25 Stability

The Good

Necrochasm currently has the highest Attack rating in the game at 339. Does it make a difference? Not really.

The Mythoclast, like Necrochasm, won’t be bumped up to the new max Attack rating once House of Wolves is released. DeeJ said that the Mythoclast “shall be frozen in time” and will not be updated to 331. In the same way, the Necrochasm will most likely be kept at 339 and won’t be increased to the new 365 max Attack rating when House of Wolves drops.

Auto rifles have 3 archetypes: high RoF/low Impact, average RoF/Impact, and low RoF/high Impact. Most people seem to prefer the low RoF/high Impact auto rifles such as Vanquisher VIII or For The People since they hit harder and generally are easier to control.

Necrochasm is in the high rate of fire archetype. Its rate of fire is completely capped at 100. For those that like the high rate of fire and low Impact auto rifles, know that Necrochasm really is the pinnacle of this style. You can unleash a full magazine in 2.90 seconds.

necrochasm upgraded review

In addition to its high Attack and rate of fire, it also has a deceptively long range. Its low base range is improved with the Rangefinder perk – it’ll increase the range when aiming down sights by 10%. Unfortunately a perk like Rangefinder could be easily replaced with something better if the base Range was higher, but more about that below.

The base reload speed of Necrochasm is very quick, reloading in 2 seconds, only slower than a few others. With the Flared Magwell perk it can quickened to 1.70 seconds, although this isn’t optimal due to Fitted Stock being stronger overall.

The Cascade perk, lasting 5 seconds, will also allow you to reload even faster (1 second) after you kill something with a melee attack, which is nice for situations when enemies are getting a little too close for comfort.

The stability is also higher than most other auto rifles. While its base stability is much lower than Up For Anything or For The People, the stability is doubled with CQB ballistics and Fitted Stock, making it amazingly easy to handle. This is a great boon to the weapon since this particular archetype requires precision shooting to make the most of the lower Impact.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the bad dramatically outweighs the good. There are a plethora of issues with the weapon that simply make it underwhelming for its Exotic status amd the time investment needed to get it.

Starting off, it has an extremely low Impact. Tier 1 enemies take 72 damage to the body damage and 180 critical damage. Tier 2 (Major) enemies will take 72 damage to the body and 90 damage to the head. Even after completely unloading your magazine on a Major, they still won’t be dead.

In PvP you will be doing a lowly 11 damage to the body and 13 to the head. It’s almost worth it to just aim for the body since it takes 15 precision shots to down someone, as opposed to the 18 shots to the body. Getting 2 kills without reloading, assuming you don’t miss any shots, will be a feat.

While this low Impact is completely normal for this archetype of auto rifle, it is exacerbated by the low magazine size of 42. Typically high rate of fire auto rifles will have a magazine size of 60-70+ to accommodate the “bullet hose” nature of using them.

The low magazine size with the high fire rate just means that you are going to be reloading most of the time you use the weapon. Necrochasm has a pitifully low magazine size in comparison to other weapons in the same archetype (Silimar’s Wrath, Atheon’s Epilogue, Payback SOS, etc).

You’ll definitely want to use Aggressive Ballistics if you want to do the most damage, but even then it doesn’t make a huge difference.

necrochasm pvp review

The Cursebringer perk is supposed to be the crowning feature of Necrochasm. In practice it’s arguably a worse Firefly-esque perk. Due to the high rate of fire and low Impact, it is difficult to actually land the precision shots necessary to get this perk to proc, and even if you do, it’s not a guaranteed explosion.

A Cursebringer explosion, while awesome when it happens (especially because it won’t harm you), only occurs about 70% of the time and the blast radius feels smaller than Firefly. In addition, it appears to be bugged because it takes an extra second for the explosion to occur.

As mentioned above, while the range starts off poorly, it will be increased by a respectable 10% with Rangefinder. But a perk like Rangefiner begs the question: Why isn’t the base range just higher to begin with to make room for a better perk like Glass Half Full or Third Eye?

The perks on Necrochasm just don’t feel Exotic and it’s hardly different/better than Eidolon Ally. Cascade will help in a few instances, Cursebringer will mostly help in PvE, and the rest just don’t make the weapon powerful enough to warrant practical use.

necrochasm hd gameplay


If you have used Husk of the Pit, Eidolon Ally, or Murmur, then Necrochasm won’t look like anything special. The only visual upgrade is the glowing green fire that comes out from beneath the barrel. The sounds and sight hasn’t changed at all.

It is said the Necrochasm was born in the twilight after Crota’s sword first cracked the Moon. That a lost Guardian’s weapon was altered by the Hive in an attempt to fuse their own dark understanding with humanity’s mastery of war.

The result was a weapon that would feed on its owner’s aggression—reaching further when angry eyes drew focus, its hunger rising as it tore through bone and flesh.


The time investment required into getting Necrochasm just doesn’t feel worthwhile because of its poor performance. In the end, you are rewarded with a weapon that is basically the best of its archetype, but sadly that archetype is probably the worst in Destiny.

Without some kind of buff (magazine size/Impact preferably), Necrochasm simply is not worth the time investment required to get it. Don’t bother with the struggle of getting it unless you are a collector, or an avid user of high rate of fire auto rifles.

Thankfully Necrochasm is fully upgraded when you transform Eidolon Ally, so at least you won’t need to spend any time unlocking the perks.

For PvP this weapon gets a 5/10, and for PvE it gets a 6/10

necrochasm pve review


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  • Reflex

    I agree with the buff. Half of the Crota hard mode encounter is based on chance whether you complete it or not. The Necrochasm should be borderline OP and a go to weapon, not just something you whip out when there is an arc burn nightfall.

    • Batracho

      Even with Arc Burn, I’d rather use the raid scout rifle, which is a better weapon in itself, and frees up the exotic slot…

      • Josh Paul

        Yup thunderlord is a way better choice for that exotic slot, best sounding weapon IMO too

        • gues

          if theres arc burn, light of the abyss and thunderlord would be a deadly combo

        • Octus

          I love the thunderlord and its beautiful noises.

  • Tycally Vicano

    about what I expected when the stats and perks for this were revealed. underwhelming.

  • Jason Peterson

    Necrochasm is exactly what I though it would be based on the pre-release stats. It’s unfortunately not even a good primary weapon, nevermind it’s exotic status.

    This gun needs some serious retooling, anybody who doesn’t have it isn’t missing out at all. I tried to like mine when I got it this morning and I just can’t. I’d rather use just about any other exotic primary in place of Necrochasm. That includes Hard Light, Bad Juju, and Red Death. Even an old Shadow Price or Doctor Nope is better than this gun.

    A really big letdown overall. Especially for the hype behind it and how much work & waiting we had to go through to get it.

    P. S. Why is my picture changing to my GF & her brother all the time? *sigh*

  • ceedoubleyou

    Can’t help but feel like if Bungie had told us more clearly how underpowered the Necrochasm would be, it would have saved many of us a lot of the effort we expended in upgrading the Husk Of the Pit.

    • Christian

      For a High ROF auto rifle it’s amazing. The best in the game. This weapon is for users of weapons like Saharah and Eclipse. It will likely be buffed anyway, however.

  • Neil

    Sadly disappointed by this weapon. By footage i’ve seen, and after the review, it just doesn’t sound very special. All of the effort from getting HoTP and upgrading it to Eidolon Ally, and this is the final result?After reading up on the grimoire on the Necrochasm, one part in particular stood out to me: “The result was a weapon that would feed on its owner’s aggression- reaching further when angry eyes drew focus, its hunger rising as it tore through bone and flesh.” What if the Cursebringer perk had been replaced with something else? For example, what if the longer you wielded the weapon, the stronger it became? This would continue the trend of evolving the weapon, and truly making it feel like an exotic weapon.

    • Topside 21

      See I thought the Cursebringer perk would be more like the needler from Halo, where the more bullets you placed on someone the bigger the explosion, but even then it doesn’t make sense with the lore they gave it.

      • Neil

        While that would certainly make the perk much more useful in both PvE and PvP, it still wouldn’t make up for the other glaring issues that this gun has: low impact and magazine size. Weapons like Atheon’s epilogue and Payback SOS both have above 60 rounds in a mag, while Necrochasm has only 42. I know that impact on these “Bullet hoses” is supposed to be low, but applying it to Necrochasm seems to weaken the gun even further. I do like your idea about cursebringer, though. The more bullets you put into the target, the bigger blast radius sounds much better than just getting a less powerful firefly perk on the gun.

        • Topside 21

          Yeah i never understood the whole balance idea behind high ROF auto rifles. These weapons have extremely low impact so why the low stability as well? If its gonna take me 20 out of my 40 bullets to kill one guy at least give me a very high stability. I really shouldn’t waste perks to able to handle the weapon properly.

          • Neil

            I definitely agree that the stability has to be tweaked on these weapons, too. If you got a bad roll on a Payback SOS from a legendary engram, its pretty much useless. Most of the time, I feel like if just shooting marshmallows out of my gun whenever I decide to use one.

      • jr240483

        but if they did that , i would bet ya Microsoft would be crying out for a class action lawsuit and it will be a certain if it was like the needler.

  • Olivier Droppert

    guild member in our group dose not have glowhoo shader (on the char he got the Crux), killed crota 2 times on that char on hard now and the crux dropped for him (he dose not even have husk of the pit yet) the second time.

    • John Wilson

      Sorry but he does have Glowhoo. Everyone gets the first time they beat it on HM.

      • Olivier Droppert

        ah yes sorry, I forgot that I was actually there in the raid and am his guild mate and your not, so you must be right >.>

        • John Wilson

          Good to see you understand facts.

          • jr240483

            I’m afraid he’s right. i beat it on hard mode the first time and i got the crux and the glowhoo at the same time. so its not required at all.

  • Fenrir

    Thank you bungie…once again you proved that you are a lazy company that does not care for your customers…all that work for that? I prefer the mythoclast, that was a great weapon with a unique design… necrochasm…another exotic to the vault of shame…

    • Olivier Droppert

      Agree with you, Mythoclast was a perfect weapon as a high reward for a raid

    • Guest

      People make mistakes. They aren’t lazy. Everyone thought Necrochasm would be amazing, looking at the perks and stats it looked like a great weapon. Nobody complained about it, so why would Bungie change anything? If they were “Lazy” the only thing that would be added from release would be Multiplayer maps, just like every other FPS. They never had to make Raids, New Exotics and even Necrochasm in the first place. They aren’t obligated to add this stuff.

      So, Ergo: Bungie Isn’t Lazy, they aren’t lazy just because you don’t like a weapon. You might be Greedy. They don’t owe anything to the gamers. You just take it all for granted. Bungie never had to add any of this stuff in the first place. Plus, they will buff this weapon anyway, so why does it matter?

      • Fenrir

        I respect your opinion, but at least let me tell you why i think that.

        I say they are lazy not only because of this weapon, but in general. If these weapon “evolves” i would have loved to see some changes in the weapon design, but from the husk of the pit to the necrochasn the weapon is exactly the same, only thr color is different but the design is exactly the same.

        The radegast fury is a hezen vengance with the iron banner logo and iron banner colors.

        The new jumpships…it is like if they have pieces of all the ships that appeared before the dlc and then started combining them all together and then adding some colors that most of them looks like if they were high or something.

        There are a lot of bugs that really really affects the gameplay…for example if ypu are using raid boots or any armor that lets you carry more heavy ammo, when ypu die, you loose ammo…if you have 7, you loose 2 and from there you loose 1…even if you go to orbit you loose ammo.

        I tried the weapon by using it with a friend of mine and is horrible. The mythoclast is a worthy weapon of anyone who plays the hard raid and even if you finish it ypu depend on luck to get them…so after all of that ypu end up getting a horrible weapon?

        And what about bungie’s idea of not upgrading the raid’s exotic and forcing us to play the way they want by puting barriers in the templar battle just to mention an example.

        And by the way, you say they are not obliged to create the new exotics…that depends on the point of view…but if that is the case….what is the point o playing a game for 10 years (according to bungie’s long term plans with destiny) with exactly the same weapons?

        I respect your opinion and i am not gonna trash talk about you, even if i do no agree with you, but bungie is extremely lazy compared to other videogames companies ans unfortunetly, every day they show us that…or tell me why do they keep nerfing/buffing weapons? Because players complains? Yes…but the true problem is that they do not make trails before…from all the new exotic weapons that came with the dlc the only one that seems to be kind of useful is the dragon breath.

        Fourth horseman? Horrible range. No land beyond? Do i really need to explain it? Necrochasm?

        Sorry mate, i respect you, but i do not agree with you.


        • guest

          well for one. i looked at the necrochasim stats a few weeks ago and it didnt look much different from the edion alloy. so i wasn’t expecting much from it. as a matter of fact the stats were almost identical (just the damage output was the only mystery whether it would 339 or higher). so i cant say i was disappointed, just indifferent now.

          • xxMasipoten

            If theres one thing bungie is not that thing is lazy, they showed to us multiple times that they do care about their game and about our feedback so please dont Callate them lazy.

          • xxMasipoten


          • Fenrir

            Ok…so..which word would you use to describe bungie when the company:

            – they try to patch something but they mess up almost all of the weapons?

            – we still have that glitch involving raid boots and more heavy ammo capacity, which by the way there are already petitions to fix it since the vault if glass came out back in september.

            -it seems that they do not have test teams, because if they continue to nerf weapons it is because they do not test them correctly beforehand.

            – the queens wrath event was story missions with a little higher difficulty and without background or reason to do them.

            – phogot= a giant ogre with a lot of health and fire power. Arkon priest= a giant fallen captain with a lot of health and fire power. Sepkis prime= giant servitor with a lot of health and fire power. Want me to go on with this point?

            -crota= giant hive knight with oversoul capacity.

            -VOG sparrow= Crota’s end sparrow, but different colors.

            – new jumpships= split all of the original jumpships and mix them together and see what comes up. In this regard, the only 100% original thing that i saw was the skull in the new raid’s jumpships, but still they glued together each part of the old jumpships…i mean…the ones from crota’s end are just the ones from the vog with hive parts.

            -crota’s disciples= a witch, a knight and an ogre i think with extra power.

            I can keep going, i know that bungie has done some good things, i won’t deny it, but the bad things out weights the good things.

            My english is bad, you can see it if you read these posts, maybe my vocabulary is very limited, but lazy is the only word i can think to describe them, so…if lazy is not the right word to describe them, please, by all means, tell me which word is more appropiate to describe them.

            I also recommend you to see in youtube a video called: “destiny’s honest trailer”. Granted, it is a little outdated, for example in the cryptard part, but even so, i really think it mentions some of the biggest problems in destiny and the only word i can think of is lazy.

            If they really have a 10 year plan for destiny…i can not see it happening…i can not see that many players llaying destiny for more than 2 years.

            – in the templar fight…lots of teams created and designed strategies to fight it without cheesing and instead of appreciating they efforts…they go and destroy the strategies by placing the barriers…so is bungie hearing the feedbacks or just doing whatever they wanted? I remember a lot if complain for the cheesing but never for strategies like that and they still destroid those well planed and legal strategies. Is that an example of bungie listening?

            Greetings. And just for the record, i think that destiny has an amazing potential and bungie just does not know how to exploit it without exploiting us.

            Rockstar continues to make events and give more contents for their players, just to mention an example.

        • Octus

          Thanks for being civil and explaining your thoughts, I’m not even in this conversation, but I really respect that kind of talk on the internet. Good job dude!

      • Tycally Vicano

        I had a strong feeling this weapon would be bad. it’s stats are virtually identical to Eidolon Ally, which is the most stable bullet hose in the game, but still a bullet hose nonetheless. I said to myself “those cursed thrall explosions had better be huge or else this weapon’s gonna be a huge disappointment” trying a kill anything above a tier 1 enemy will make you feel how weak the gun is.

        • Killien

          The payback sos I rolled is more stable than my eidolon ally. It’s far better than eidolon ally too. Bigger magazine, faster reload, higher damage and better perks. I can kill four and sometimes five tier 1s in one magazine with payback. I’m lucky to get two with eidolon. I think payback is the best bullet hose in the game right now. I don’t have necrochasm yet, but I still feel confident saying that.

  • Alex Howden

    OK my question dose the character your doing it on have to done hard raid or can I transfer a Goohowl and give that character a chance to get it?

    • Micah White

      you have to actually complete it, since it is really just bungie tracking what you have gotten as a reward for that character, not just wearing a shader

  • Josh Paul

    Woohoo all that work for an exotic shard!! Yesss!!

    • boostedskyline

      I’d still hold onto it, itll most likely get a nice buff hopefully an increase in impact

  • Dan

    I’m seeing a theme with Dark Below Exotics. Barely even bad Legendaries at the end of the day. Except Dragon’s Breath is ok. It’s no Gally but not terrible

  • Such supense about this weapon, for what?

  • Toh Tohs

    yeah…. my buddy got this last night and WOULD NOT stop texting me about it – I have about a dozen pictures now… asshole

  • Dewhitt Ager

    Told all my friends this gun was trash nobody believes me. Got it my first try. Upgrade it and a bit more with bounty playing, playing with it just not feeling it. Need a buff

    • Jureidini

      How did you upgrade a fully upgraded gun?

  • Marco

    In the top main stats the ammo capacity says “2”

  • Spiggs

    Thx for the article, I’ll stick to Normal mode on Crota (already have the Abyss Defiant, Word of Crota, & Oversoul Edict) Im not wasting anymore time on HM bulletsponge Crot and company.

  • Alex Davis

    7.0 and 7.5 is way too generous when your own review and everyone else is recommending avoiding it.

    I’d say more along the 4.0/4.5 range personally.

    • Michel Makkinje

      Yeah. I totally agree on this. Everything in the text makes clear, this is definitely not the gun guardians have been waiting for, for several months.
      To bad PD. This takes your credibility into account, regarding other reviews. Better make it a bit more believable next time please.

    • Kayoss860

      The nechro was very useful in this weeks nightfall. However for everyday use, it’s basically useless.

  • P4leRider

    Soooo…………….how about that Word of Crota review? 😉

  • hauntedknight55

    Picked this up last night. It’s an OK gun overall, but it’s real benefit? The things shreds everything in the Abyss and quickly. The explosions really make it work here.

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Whilst the weapon may not be the ‘best’, It seems to me it is lacking in one main area – that being Ammo. With its RoF and Impact stats, it does semm like an Exotic Atheon’s Epilogue/Payback SOS type of weapon except both of those have nearly double the mag size.
    If the impact was buffed to say 8 then it would basically make ‘Hard Light’ redundant. Both would have similar stats yet Necrochasm would have the added bonus of being Arc based, a slightly higher attack and of course that ‘Cursebringer’ perk.
    Even though I am not a fan of the Atheon Epilogue type AR, I would rather Bungie buffed the Mag size so this became an Exotic of that AR model rather than made it into a ‘Hard Light’ type for the extra variety.
    It is, like the Vex before it, an Exotic Primary with Elemental Damage and quite useful on this weeks Nightfall with the Cursebringer perk…

  • johnnynitross

    I just don’t understand how these exotics get out as is. Do they test them?? That ROF is stupid, coupled with that terrible impact, I mean make it fun to use, not something that gets thrown in the vault and forgotten about. I was really excited to get my hands on one and now….not so much

  • Dan Priddy

    ok so as an actual owner of this weapon i have to say its kinda fun to use in strikes and patrols. the range when zoomed is alot farther than you’d think and the acurracy when hip firing is pretty good, you can actually get decent precision kill from close range unzoomed.

    though with that sed I ran it through the nightfall on 2 characters.. andd yeahh.. its absolutely pointless in higher end pve game play. When running through the nightfall this gun just feels like your slowing everyone down. fighting omnigal(I think that’s how you spell her name) was so frustrating it almost made me wanna rage quit. with the amount of shielded yellow enemies, its just a constant game of tiny DPSing mixed with reloading. the gun makes you feel like your a 3rd wheel runing around reloading every 5 seconds, then running out of amo every 10 seconds (hypothetically speaking). serously.. this gun is so terribly bad that it NEEDS A BUFF asap. cuz I did the nightfall with the oversoul edict and yeah it felt like it was a walk in the breeze.

    p.s. you don’t need to complete the whole hard mode raid to get it. I completed it once last week [got the oversoul, helmet, shader] and on Tuesday logged on after a few minutes my buddies asked me if I can help them with crota, so basectly I skipped to the end n beat crota[got the crux, the exact same helmet and shards]

  • forever_free

    Hey Ryan (or whoever else is posting here) reading the articles, but I feel like you’ve been a bit generous to TDB weapons with the ratings. Necrochasm gets a 7/7.5? It’s honestly terrible for an exotic. Fang gets a 9/9? It’s a legendary so maybe it doesn’t get held to the same standards as an exotic, but no way is it better than MIDA or VOC for PvP and the PvE perks are underwhelming. With how fairly you guys graded all the other guns I’m a bit surprised.

    • Alex Davis

      Fang is absolutely amazing. Plus it’s perks are better than VoC. Full Auto makes no difference and it’s stability is great already so it’s other perk it pointless too. At least Fang has better stats than VoC and has reload speed increase and radar during ADS. Those are at least useful. VoC is one of my absolute favorite weapons but Fang is just better.

      All of that plus being legendary makes it better than MIDA because you can still equip a better exotic. Exotic status is mostly a hindrance in this game unless it’s one of the top few exotics or you’re just having fun. I love MIDA too but Fang or VoC is better solely for their element damage and perfectly fine stats otherwise, and as mentioned not being exotic allows you to use something like Ice Breaker or Ghorn, etc.

  • Mezi-Crochet

    If they don’t buff this weapon, At least it shoul be a LEGENDARY! and even then…

  • JakeJamesThomas

    I got the crux a couple of nights ago. Ran the hard raid twice on one of my characters over two resets and got it on the second go with my glowhoo shader equipped. Have used this gun on the nightfall on all 3 of my characters and it seriously kicks ass. Every nightfall I nearly doubled the amount of kills of the other players with this thing. I’m not sure why so many people are bagging on it. I have both the Monte Carlo and Hardlight so I am used to the high rate of fire low impact exotic auto rifles. The necrochasm just feels different all together and is by far my favourite. I would rate this thing a 8.5 out of 10 (pve). I do completely agree that the curse bringer perk needs a buff, it is no where near as powerful as the firefly perk on my fatebringer and the thrall explosion is slightly delayed. I am using the accurised ballistics as opposed to the cqb ballistics. Every review I have seen everyone recommends the cqb ballistics due to the stability but I find with the accurised it is just fine and it is worth the extra impact and range. This gun is absolutely a short to mid range weapon though and the downfall of the accurised ballistics is as soon as you are trying to kill an enemy past the mid range the stability makes it way too hard to get an accurate round in. The other frustrating thing about this weapon is having to reload after nearly every kill. Aside from the few frustrating downsides to this weapon, overall it is an extremely good exotic. If bungie buffed this to improved the cursed thrall explosion (quicker explosions, and explosions NEED to be more powerful than firefly as it is an exotic) and they also buffed the stability and the size of the mag, this would easily be in my favourite 2 exotics. At the moment it is in my top 5 but it just needs that little bit extra to make it an exotic you just don’t want to unequip. My PSN is JakeJamesThomas. Feel free to add me!

  • Rodman_Xx

    Ok, bungie is not lazy per say. What they need is a dept devoted to weapon testing and or balancing. Not us as the testers. The game is unbalanced in general anyway and tends to reward players who put no effort into it and just troll or play to see if its for them. Exp…Beat VOG hard 15 times and no vex or even a weapon. My buddy who plays no more got invited into VOG hard, ends up dead after a min. Atheon dies and he gets the vex, auto rif, helm and speeder. Thats the stuff that really bothers me. Did 1st bridge solo in crota raid on hard, got shards. Another buddy of mine died with another party doing same thing. He sat back and 10 min later got the pulse rifle, gauntlets and 6 shards…WTF

  • th3cookie

    Got this last night. Was definitely not worth the time investment. What a waste.

  • Rodman_Xx

    They also need to fix weapon and armour drops. If u own the item do not reward one with another with the exact same specs. WTF use or sense is that? Can we duel weild? No then shards would make perfect sense instead of dismantling your 5 vex 5 other people could have really used.

  • Freezy G

    Personally I think the best low impact/high rof auto rifle is Dr. Nope. The 3rd eye upgrade is a real lifesaver in the Crucible.

  • micker

    Not true that you can’t complete normal first. I did, and still got crux on hard mode later the same day

    • I’ve added an annotation to the video

  • Royale With Cheese

    7.5 is very generous, this gun is completely useless.

  • Technic

    If they’re saying the weapon sucks why did they give it a 7/7.5. From what I’ve seen in game-play and pvp it should be more along the lines of a solid 4 all around.

  • Drew Wilcken

    I think a 7 for PvP/PvE is a little generous. Pretty much every other primary exotic in the game is better than Necrochasm. I’ve used it extensively and it’s just not that good for anything but killing hoards of thralls.

  • Sean mccatharn

    Do not use CQB ballistics accurized for longer range situations aggressive for closer. These bullet types do about 20% more damage about 95 a shot in pve 120 crits. 12 body and 15 crits in pvp. If your main complaint here is the impact/damage your shooting yourself in the foot using CQB

  • Tomas Esteban


  • Lara Croft

    I would still like it for the collection, but that’s it. As a exotic, it doesn’t come close to Suros, Gally, Hawkmoon etc.

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Well I finally got my Crux of Crota today and now have Necrochasm.
    Whilst I will agree its not the best Exotic, its certainly not the worst and obviously better than its predecessors – the Husk of the Pit and Eidollon Ally.
    I know it needs a buff but I think it will be just a magazine buff to bring it more in line with other AR’s of this type like Athens Epilogue and Payback SOS. If this had an impact buff (to 8 for example) it would probably make Hard Light obsolete as Nechrochasm is Arc, fires faster, has Cursebringer and a higher attack stat too.
    Like I said I know its not the greatest or top tier but its certainly not the worst or bottom tier like No Land Beyond, Universal Remote or SGA

    • Decdog2

      out of those last three exotics, (NLB, Universal Remote, or SGA), you must admit the Universal Remote is better than the other two. Its not that bad of a weapon. sure its not the best, but its fun to play with

      • BAMozzy69 .

        Universal Remote has ‘some’ use from a PvP stand point but in all honesty I would prefer to use an AR, Scout, Pulse or Hand Cannon in both PvE and PvP – If I wanted a Shotgun for CQC, I would carry one in my special slot and still be able to compete at mid-long ranges – the area where the majority of engagements take place. Its not bad as far as a Shotgun is concerned but it is quite limited in terms of range and reload speeds are concerned. I think its more of a ‘novelty’ weapon.
        I would prefer to use Necrochasm in almost every situation but would still be out classed by other standard primaries in these modes. The main issue with it is that compared to other AR’s in particular, its not that great which makes it more disappointing. If you have Suros or Hard Light, both of these are likely to be used in preference. All other weapons with the same RoF/impact have almost double the ammo so with Necrochasm you are constantly reloading. I still prefer it to Payback SOS though.
        Its not the worst like I said but it could be the most disappointing after all the effort you have to put in to get it.

  • Hydreigon530

    If you run Aggressive Ballistics and get headshots, the Necrochasm has the lowest TTK of any Auto Rifle in the game, so it does have it’s place, it just requires too much skill

  • metalman5150

    Still the most elusive drop in the game. My crew has roughly 20 completions and only one Crux drop, last night.

  • jr240483

    Wouldnt necessary call it useless. for one thing the cursebringer is a lot more useful during the lamp encounter when the explosion can take out hoards of thralls in one go.

    also its handy when i used it to take out phorgorth for this week’s nightfall thanks to arc burn.especially since i dont have thunderlord.

    while its definitely something to be desired, just like how bungie nerfed the vex cause it was OP , their definitely gonna buff up the necrochasm during the next expansion , though the only buff that would make it while would be a larger magazine and the thrall explosion triggers all the time with every kill instead of just “frequently triggering with precision kills”.