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Monetizing Destiny

Monetizing Destiny

It appears Destiny may adopt a monetization model out side of the official game’s release. Watch below as MoreConsole describes some of the in-game possibilities.

What do you guys think?

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  • Charlie Pharis

    Even if it does not affect gameplay, I don’t like micro transactions at all. I still feel like people have an advantage because they spend more money to get stuff I don’t. It’s a factor of jealousy and “who’s richer/better than whom”. It may not be a lot of money too, but the idea of spending real cash for virtual items has always been something I turn my head at.

    • Michael Gyapong

      well we pay money to be in a virtual world already. this may be why some people dont mind it. its the same in some people’s eye. plus most of the time u wouldnt even Want whatever is being sold. i hope thats the case for This game.

    • TimAuthor

      My thoughts exactly

      • Squatchmen

        Oh, look it’s Tim. And yeah, I agree. I hate micro transactions as well -it’s a shame we have them in games especially Destiny

  • Braden Todd Larson

    Well as much as I do hate spending more then whats needed on games. Sometimes if the weapon/armor looks really cool, I have a really awesome vision of my character with it on and it gets me all excited of how it might look in the game. That’s why I don’t mind the micro transactions.

  • Mykle D Clark

    I feel like it’s a slap in the face to decent people who love games for the sake of playing them. This is 100 times worse than dlc. Dlc should be the addition of significant content which by principle should increase enjoyment and longevity of a game.

    Micro transactions are a way of milking a consumer base. It is petty and disgusting. Why can’t game makers give awesome bonuses to their fans for free? Maybe in game through hard work and dedication.

    I hope Bungie decides not to do this.

  • Raxs

    God dang it! It’s friggin’ activition trying to squeeze every last penny out of us again. Why can’t we just unlock this stuff. Only activisaon, only activision…

  • N2xN

    I don’t like the idea, however I’m sure that this is only because Destiny is such a big and expensive game that Bungie have put so much time into so the initial purchase cost won’t be quite enough. It basically means the game will be awesome, I mean look at WoW, top game.

  • Silentk

    As long as I can buy the stuff in a real store beforehand, I’m fine with it. I can’t use credit cards, I’m illegal…