Is That Worth Buying?

Published on: Mar 27, 2015 @ 3:40

Xûr is in town offering new gear. What’s worth your hard-earned Strange Coins?

Remember to finish the Urn of Sacrifice quest before he leaves!


Item Class Subclass Type Strange Coin
MIDA Multi-Tool Any Any Scout Rifle 23
Ruin Wings Titan Any Gauntlets 13
Achlyophage Symbiote Hunter Gunslinger Helm 13
Obsidian Mind Warlock Voidwalker Helm 13

MIDA Multi-Tool

mida multi tool exotic

Its namesake suggests a versatility that helps it to handle a variety of situations and, for the most part, it doesn’t disappoint. Its stats are particularly rare among Scout Rifles, and its niche lies in mobility – a strange role for a weapon class whose primary function is sustainable DPS at greater distance.

Check out our full review and also how we place it in our PvP and PvE Exotic tier list.

Should I buy it?

MIDA Multi-Tool is really designed to fill a high mobility playstyle, but it can also easily fit into anyone’s loadout and be used successfully.

The MIDA has seen its share of upgrades, and has come out better because of them. It is an extremely fun weapon to use, and versatile to boot. Although it suffers from damage output problems, it more than compensates with its staggering rounds and unreal speed, both in movement and reload.

You will never feel lost on the battlefield, even if you aren’t going to be wasting enemies in record numbers.

Alternatives (Top 5 Legendary scout rifles)

Stats Compared to Other Scout Rifles

  • Above Average: Stability, Reload Speed
  • Average: Impact, Range

Notable Perks

  • Third Eye: Radar stays active while aiming down this weapon’s sights.
  • MIDA Multi-Tool: This weapon boosts move speed and fires on a hair trigger.

Ruin Wingsruin wings exotic

Titan gauntlets that are useful for either subclass, these will give an awesome advantage in PvE. Before you buy these, test your luck with an Exotic Engram!

These gauntlets have an average 91/98 Strength roll.


  • Special Weapon Loader – Increases the reload speed of all Special Weapons.
  • Impact Induction – Causing damage with a melee reduces your grenade cooldown.
  • Seeds of Ruin – Heavy ammo drops more often, and contains more ammo in each drop.

Should I buy it?

These gauntlets will get you more rockets and more bullets for your machine gun. Heavy ammo drops much more frequently and even doubles the amount you get from each crate. You will almost never have the need to burn through Heavy ammo synthesis packs since you’ll be consistently picking up ammo.

Impact Induction offers the opportunity for melee-loving titans to get even more grenades to throw; you don’t even need to get kills with the melee, just cause damage.

A perk like this is not as useful in endgame activities where you want to usually keep your distance, but it’s certainly going to be useful nevertheless.

This is one of the best Titan Exotics since The Armamentarium. It gives you a huge edge since you will have an endless stream of heavy ammunition at your disposal.

Obviously in PvP enemies don’t drop heavy ammo, so these would be best in PvE.


Possibly the best Exotic for a Gunslinger, its unique ability will add an extra shot to your Golden Gun.

This helm has a poor roll of 87/94 Discipline, while it can reach over 129.


  • Fastball – Increases grenade throw distance.
  • Ashes to Asset – Replenish Super energy when you kill an enemy with a grenade.
  • Last Man Standing – Golden Gun gains one additional shot per use.

Should I buy it?

This is easily one of the best Exotic helmets for a Gunslinger in both PvP and PvE. If you’re a Gunslinger without Exotic armor, definitely grab the Achlyophage Symbiote.

Increasing you grenade throw distance is a great help, as it will better your chances of getting grenade kills, which will boost you Super energy charge rate, which then brings you back for more Golden Gun action.

The helm will increase your Discipline as well, decreasing grenade cooldown time, which meshes well with the two other perks. This will help you get grenade kills further away, and if you’re able to kill enemies with your grenades, you can use your Super a little quicker.

Its unique perk is one of the most reliable ways to do more damage, and should usually result in at least 1 more kill in PvP.

Obsidian Mindobsidian mind exotic helm

Obsidian Mind, introduced with The Dark Below, will be most beneficial in PvE. It’s got the potential to allow your Nova Bomb to be continually recharged, assuming there’s enough enemies to kill.

It’s got a great roll with 66/71 Intellect and 61/66 Strength, while the max for each is about 77.


  • Energy Projection – Increases grenade throw distance.
  • Inverse Shadow – Increased Super energy gained from killing minions of the Darkness.
  • Insatiable – Nova Bomb kills reduce the cooldown of your next Nova Bomb.

Should I buy it?

Do you love using Nova Bomb? Insatiable will decrease the cooldown on your Nova Bomb every time you kill something with it, which sometimes can allow your Super to recharge instantly. Coupling this with Inverse Shadow, in PvE, this helm is going to cause you to wreck havoc.

It’s recommended that you use Bad JuJu with Obsidian Mind, as kills with that weapon will further increase your Super recharge speed!

Voidwalker’s Soul Rip, Annihilate, and Bloom talents will allow you to maximize your damage with the Nova Bomb. Soul Rip allows Energy Drain to reduce the cooldown of your Nova Bomb and Annihilate/Bloom will make your Nova Bomb deadlier.

Finally, the increased grenade throw distance… this perk feels out of place on this helm, but is a nice quality of life addition if your gloves don’t happen to have it.

This is definitely one of the best Exotic pieces for the Warlock, even though it looks sort of bland, it’s absolutely worth using.


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  • That Guy

    Been waiting for the MIDA for what feels like a life time. Going to snap this up and run the ROC strike for a bit to try and get 1 extra coin and buy myself Obsidian Mind. Well done, Xur. You came good.

    • XEGtechnomancer

      Good luck getting another coin, it’s always hit or miss. You’ll love both pieces of gear, they’re fantasticfantastic.

      • That Guy

        Yeah, knowing my lucky I wont get the coin I need but I’ve had quite the lucky occasionally chasing public events and running the ROC playlist. Keep your fingers crossed for me Guardian.

        • Good luck! I was 2 SCs short when Xur sold Icebreaker the 2nd time. I was able to earn 1 SC from an engram from ROC…but I had to fly out-of-town before I could earn the 2nd one. Fortunately, he sold IceB a 3rd time and got it then.
          Again, good luck!

    • esaks

      Have you gotten the gold chest on Mars that guarantees a strange coin yet?

    • Eelco

      Best chance to get another coin is to run patrol (I prefer earth or moon) and go after public events and make sure you get the three stars. You have *a* chance of getting a strange coin right there, and the first one you complete each day gets you a package at post master, which also has a decent chance to turn into a strange coin. That’s been my experience at last.

  • Damnil

    Pretty good week overall. I just wish that the stat rolls were higher for the Ruin Wings and Achlyophage Symbiote. Because of that I’ll likely pass.

    • WesternEagle

      Think of it this way… Ruin Wings may have an average stat roll right now but when House of Wolves comes out, you will be able to upgrade the gauntlets with a better stat roll and a higher light level. You won’t need to grind or wait hoping to get another chance to grab Ruin Wings in the future. Just my thoughts.

      • guest

        hmm never thought about that. also with xur having heavy ammo all the time, the ruin wings kinda less impressive now

        • Illwill_55$

          Think about how many pve kills you can get I’m the 5mins your waiting ….

          • guest

            well the thing about the perk “heavy ammo drops more often” seems non existent IMO. i find with ruin wings equipped, heavy ammo drops in bunches, like 4-5 packs at the same time, not sporadically and intermittantly as i hoped. so i dont see it as a good way to rely on heavy’s, id rather just go with 20 heavy packs. but thats just me

          • Illwill_55$

            Can’t disagree with that , not even a lil bit. I just feel if you’re just be boppin around in strikes it’s one of the best to equip. Now if your runin a raid where heavy is needed asap .. no I don’t rely on wings

      • Devilsmack

        I was lucky enough to get Ruin Wings with an even better stat roll from the engram.

        • That happened to me last week with Mask of the Third Man.

      • MakkinjeM

        I may hope you’re wrong. I’m not going to completely upgrade exotics again. I’m willing to add a few talent trees to the total upgrade scheme, but this exotic upgrade bust they put us up with for TDB is not acceptable a second time.

        • Kenshiro Genjuro

          I feel for everyone that already had fully upgraded exotics before TDB. I had only barely started Destiny at the time and only had Truth and re-upgrading that single weapon was insulting enough. Now I’ve got close to a dozen exotic weapons that are NOT fully upgraded, most I’ve hardly even begun. Maybe only a half-dozen of my exotic weapons are upgraded at the moment and even that will be unbearable if Bungie repeats that BS.

  • Petis17

    finally mida multi tool

    • guest

      i never got this before. i use my fang a lot though, how does this compare?

      • MakkinjeM

        Can’t say how it compares, but the MIDA is really great. Especially for the Hunter class, with boosts on agillity and character movement. Next to that; it sounds awesome, and it hits pretty hard for a lower impact, higher RoF SR.This both counts for PvP and PvE. If you don’t owe this gun at all, you should definitely buy it!

        • Mike S

          Completely agree. The best part about this gun is the movement. A hunter is insanely fast. At first I thought that would be fun (but not particularly useful), but I rely on it now in certain situations!

      • Dan

        Between the two, Fang is no doubt the better scout rifle, in my opinion. Deals arc damage, has super high stability and range, and is just a flat out beast. That being said I also like Mida. They updated it so that it staggers enemies and that can be really useful in certain situations. It’s also really useful if you want to give your character higher agility without sacrificing armor or regen

  • Xurios- Boxed disappointment

    Another week Xur is literally completely useless for me…. That said, to be fair, there are literally only three exotics (Lucky Raspberry, The Armamentarium, and Thunderlord) he can sell that I need and I am way stocked on heavy ammo synths already so…

    Just sell Thunderlord already Xur!

    • Brian Collins

      I know. Literally!!! I literally only need thunderlord. Literally!!

      (Let me get one more “literally” in.)


      • owen lattin

        i have 4 thunderlords…..

    • Lestermoses

      Same! The only exotic I would buy from him his thunderlord! Let’s pray to RNGesus.

      • MakkinjeM

        A bit further away but quite close to that as well;
        Weapons: THUNDERLORD (Can i underline this? I want it sooo bad), SUROS Regime & Nechrochasm (which isn’t sold naturally.)
        Gear: Obsidian Mind (Now solved!!) Mask of the Third man (Forgot it last week -_-) Starfire Protocol and Radiant Dance Machines.

        Coming reaaaaally close to owning all exotics! Hope to make it before HoW!

  • dstripedape

    Good week, too bad I loaded up on heavy ammo last week. praying Rngods for a engram luck

  • I only have 26 SCs…I’m going to go ahead and pick up MIDA…I wish I could be getting Obsidian Mind, as well.

    • Decdog2

      either A. use your remaining 3 strange coins to get 15 heavy ammo synthesis, or B. save up for something next week

  • Eelco

    I love Mida Multi tool. The boost in agility is huge, and the weapon really feels fast/ lightweight.

  • About time he has something I don’t have, the ruin wings which is the last exotic gear piece i don’t have. Got 200 coins to spend.

  • Dan

    I didn’t need anything other than heavy from him this week, since I only need 3 exotic armor pieces to have all the game’s exotics. Though I can’t deny it’s a really great week again for people missing some of these items. Xur is on a roll lately

    • Kenshiro Genjuro

      This was a super-generous week to be sure.