MEGA Dark Below Preparation Guide

Published on: Dec 6, 2014 @ 2:15

The Dark Below drops December 9th at 9 AM GMT (weekly reset). It’s going to be a very exciting day, but with so much new content to experience, you might find it slightly overwhelming…

There’s new missions, a brand new quest activity, gear, crucible maps/modes, and of course the Crota’s End raid.

This article will give an in-depth look at all of the new content coming in The Dark Below, and also provide tips and tricks to prepare for it all.

Gearing Up For Crota’s End

As you shift your gaze from the Vault of Glass to Crota’s End, it’s time to start gearing up for your descent into the Hellmouth.

You're going to need more than a shovel.
You’re going to need more than a shovel.

The Dark Below raid will be available immediately, and you won’t need to complete any missions/quests to gain access.

To check out all of the raid weapons, armor, and upgrade perks, click here.

Day One Recommendations

First of all, you’ll want to think about an enemy’s shields. Wizards have solar shields, while Knights have Arc shields.

Use the following suggestions to help maximize your damage to shielded Hive. Also be sure to coordinate with your team of 6 of who has what, so you can split up the elemental duties.

In a perfect world, each of you would have a Vex Mythoclast that ignores shields – but there’s no such thing as a perfect world.

Unless you know you will have teammates who will be focusing exclusively on solar or arc damage, your best bet is to bring and equip weapons that can work for both shield types.


Any of the raid weapons that have been upgraded to have the Oracle Disrupter perk will allow you to shoot through a Knight’s Wall of Darkness shield.

If you don’t have one of the following primary weapons, you might not be ready for Crota’s End.


  • Ice Breaker is in on our Top 5 Exotics list for Destiny, and certainly will be useful in Crota’s End. If you have it, bring it to help deal with Wizards at a distance (or simply use it to recharge your other special’s ammo).
  • Praetorian Foil, obtained in the Vault of Glass, is another great Solar choice. It made the #1 spot on our Top 5 Fusion Rifles list.
  • LIGHT/Beware, a high Impact fusion rifle, can be bought from the Vanguard Quartermaster.
  • Plan C, or really any Arc fusion rifle, is perfect for dealing with Knights, but Plan C is on sale for the low low price of 17 Strange Coins.. for now.




  • Going with a Bladedancer might seem like a tempting choice, especially since you’ll be able to take out a lot of Cursed Thralls when they inevitably swarm around you. Hive attack in large groups; use that to your advantage.


  • A Sunsinger’s ability to self-revive is too valuable, especially when facing the great unknown that is Crota’s End.
    • The Angel of Light perk (aiming your weapon while in the air will hold you in place for a short time) could be useful when overwhelmed by a group of thralls.


  • Defenders are going to be the real MVP in this raid. With the sheer number of enemies, having Armor of Light or Blessing of Light could be incredibly helpful.

Prioritizing Exotics

As most of you will know, there’s a new ultimate Exotic upgrade process that will increase its defense/attack level.

Because of the nature of this process, you need to consider which Exotic will be most useful to you, and which you should use your Exotic Shards on.

You’ll also notice that Xur has a couple of new Exotics for sale, which you can’t equip unless you buy The Dark Below. We don’t know how much the Mk. 44 Stand Asides will cost.

xur exotic shard
A sample of what Xur will offer us in The Dark Below; 2 per class

Each weekend, Xur will have a selection of Exotics in his inventory. These are not necessarily the Exotics you own, just a random selection from Destiny.

If you do not see any of your own Exotics in his “upgrade” selection, then you’ll just have to wait until you do in order to improve your Exotic(s).

I have The Last Word, and Xur has The Last Word!

This is it: Your first Exotic upgrade. Can you feel it? The excitement running through your veins? The obscene amount of damage that your new and improved hand cannon will now be able to dish out…

But wait. Ask yourself this: Is it better to upgrade my favorite Exotic armor piece first, or my trusty hand cannon so it hits harder? 

You honestly do need to ask yourself that question, because Exotic Shards won’t come cheap, and progression is completely reset on your Exotic when you upgrade it – so which is worth doing first?

Exotic Armor vs Weapons

  • Having to choose which to upgrade first begs the question of which is more important.
  • IF upgrading Exotic armor does not increase Light rating, then it’s really a matter of personal preference.
  • IF upgrading Exotic armor does increase Light rating, without a doubt, upgrade the armor first. Higher Light rating = 31/32.

Primary Weapons First

  • When you’re finally ready to make your choice on December 12th when Xur is in town, prioritize Exotic weapons.
  • As we explained in this article, the new raid primary weapons will not be available until January, and the new Vendor items (listed below) won’t be as strong as a fully upgraded Exotic.



  • First of all, on the topic of Exotic Engrams, DeeJ said that “The plan is for shards to be available all the time. Engrams will appear from time to time.”
  • As for Rare & Legendary Engrams, hold on to these until The Dark Below drops.
  • The infamous Cryptarch’s reward packages “now have an increased chance for Legendary Engrams.” Those Legendary Engrams might contain new DLC gear!


This section will focus on Crucible and Legendary gear. If you’d like to learn about the new upgrade perks for the raid weapons and armor, click here.

When the expansion goes live, all of the gear in the Tower vendors will be replaced; they’re being donated to the less fortunate in the City.

What does this mean for us? It means that there’s tons of fresh gear for each vendor that’s going to be even more powerful, and will get us to Light level 31.

How Does Light Work?

Game Version Rarity Max Light Rating
pre dark below Pre-Expansion Uncommon 0
pre dark below Pre-Expansion Rare 15
pre dark below Pre-Expansion Legendary 27
pre dark below Pre-Expansion Raid Legendary 30
pre dark below Pre-Expansion Exotic 30
dark below symbol Expansion I Legendary 33
dark below symbol Expansion I Raid Legendary 36
dark below symbol Expansion I Exotic 36

As you can see, the Light rating for The Dark Below is 33-36. A piece Legendary Crota’s End armor will be equivalent to an expansion Exotic.

Here’s some options to get to level 30, 31, and 32:

  • Level 30 (120) – pre dark below x3 Raid Legendary + pre dark below Exotic
  • Level 31 (132) – dark below symbol x4 Legendary
  • Level 32 (144) –  dark below symbol Exotic +  dark below symbol x3 Raid Legendary

Simply add up the “max Light” values above until you reach 120, 132, or 144 to see what gear it would take to reach Light level 31, 32, or 33.

Tower Vendors

The vendors, with all of their new items, are now operating under new management. ‘The Man’ has recently informed all of the vendors that they’re losing money, and need to handle business differently.

All Legendary gear requires Ascendant materials for their damage/defense upgrades – click here for tips to quickly gaining endgame materials.

In order to purchase one of the new Crucible/Vanguard items, you must first acquire a Crucible/Vanguard Commendation (after Rank 3+).

  • Commendations are received in Reputation Reward Packages delivered by the Postmaster upon reaching a new Reputation Level.

Ranking up with each Crucible/Vanguard vendor will allow you to receive these.

Crucible/Vanguard Gear

There’s a lot of it, take a look for yourself.

Trials of Osiris

The Trials of Osiris mode is rarely talked about, but lucky for you, we basically know everything there is to know about it.

We predicted it was going to be introduced with The Dark Below, and that’s been confirmed in triplicate now.

Trials of Osiris
Trials of Osiris in the middle

Notice the symbol in the middle? That’s how we’ll acquire the elusive Fate of All Fools with its respective Exotic bounty.

The weapon was actually updated silently with the latest ‘Exotic patch.’ We talk about its updates, along with the new Inferno/Hardcore modes in this video:


Unfortunately it’s not widely known that completing Exotic bounties, or using Exotic Shards, before the expansion dropsis not a good idea.

It’s confirmed that waiting to turn in your Exotic bounty until after December 9th @ 4 AM EST, you’ll automatically get the new and improved upgraded version that you would otherwise have to pay for – if you turned in the bounty now.

As for Exotic Shards, there’s not much use in using these right now. So, you purchased that last defense node for your Light Beyond Nemesis… but what about when Xur is selling the upgraded version next week?

The Shard you spent on an upgrade now, could have been much better spent on actually purchasing the improved version of that item.

Pro tip: You’ll get more Exotic Shards for dismantling an Exotic that has perks unlocked via XP, even if the perks aren’t purchased/being used.

Exotic Upgrading Pre/Post Expansion

It’s going to be slightly quicker to upgrade expansion Exotics.


pre dark below These Exotics need a total of 162,500 XP to unlock every node.


dark below symbol These Exotics need a total of 160,000 XP to unlock every node.



pre dark below These Exotics need a total of 285,000 XP to unlock every node.


dark below symbol These Exotics need a total of 237,500 XP to unlock every node.


But Wait (Again), There’s More

For anyone who’s consistently following our updates, you already know about the new Exotics, Eris Morn’s bounties, etc.

For those of you who aren’t, that’s OK!

Check out these articles for more information (this article is too long as it is):

If you want to learn more about something, just ask in the comments below, or use the search bar – it’s pretty robust.


Check out if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)

  • Lee Juriet

    Damnit, I spent a shard on Suros…. well, I did have a boatload of Coins just sitting there, so I got 10 of them. Pity they don’t drop from anything…. And retardedness that Bungie removed the ability to turn in materials for Crucible Marks and XP! That one NEEDS to be fixed, because not everyone wants to grind in PVP for Crucible marks!

    • BarretOblivion

      Likely will not see it come back. Because of the update to turning in marks for materials I doubt they would bring back materials for marks as one could easily abuse this by switching vanguard with crucible marks.

      • Lee Juriet

        It still mean that you HAVE to do PVP to get Crucible marks now;some of us don’t like being forced to do a activity that not all of us like.

        • Warlock Holmez

          You should have to PvP to earn PvP marks. But the faction vendors should accept either type, not just crucible.

    • Micah White

      Yeah, but the new mechanic of turning in crucible/vanguard marks for destination materials is much better, and those two can’t really go together very well. Although it would be interesting to be able to convert destination materials to another (like spirit bloom to relic iron) through marks…

    • Igor Chernyy

      I mean Crucible rewards are supposed to be aimed at people who prefer PvP to PvE. Following your argument there has to be a way to get raid gear without raiding because you don’t like raiding. There should be a way to get PvE gear if you don’t like to PvE.

      Point being is there are rewards for every type of activity. You should be required to participate in that activity to get those rewards.

      • Warlock Holmez

        I agree with this. The only issue right now is that faction vendors only except crucible marks and it doesn’t make sense that people who don’t like PvP shouldn’t have access to those items. Crucible vendor, yes, faction vendors, no.

  • Lara Croft

    Let me guess, u will only get crap stuff from doing Story and Eris moon bounties. I bet u will get a single e-shard from finishing the dark below story. Also, there is no point in getting the new gear from either vanguard or crucible. The armor only has 27 light, and the weapon only has 300 attack.

    • No, it’ll have more (as we show in this article). The database will be updated to reflect these changes, sorry.

      • Lara Croft

        Wait, so the vanguard/crucible legendary armor will be higher than the current raid armor? u can reach 31 with it? u don’t need the dlc for that right?

        • BarretOblivion

          Problably be equivelent to having current raid armor (max 30 light).

          • Jimmymann

            No. Just read the article.
            I wish current raid armor was better than the new ordinary legendary gear but it’s basically useless now and VoG was just a waste of time.

        • Jimmymann

          Yeah, sad but true.

      • Macmardigan

        The preexpansion combination to reach level 30 that you show in the “how does light works?” section is wrong, isn’t it? I mean: one exotic+ one raid legendary+ 2 legendary (all of them preexpansion) doesnt reach 120, Or am I missing something? Thanks for clarifying!

        • Sorry, fixed!

      • Maxi Potenzoni

        Does that mean that new ordinary legendary gear will be more powerful than old raid gear?

        • Currently it appears that way, but there might be a new set of VoG raid gear

          • Jimmymann

            Should just let us upgrade our VoG armor to light level 32…
            But hey, it’s Bungie.

      • Jimmymann

        Does the new legendary armor from vendors REALLY have more light than VoG raid armor??? That’s just stupid. Basically all these hours and hours spent in the VoG were a waste of time.

  • Adam

    I take it current raid gear is going to be less powered than what the vendors are selling? Bit of a kick in the teeth really..
    They need to give an option for JUST raid weaponry to upgrade or why would anyone bother with VOG anymore…

    • Oriel76

      Maybe new cap gear with LvL 31 mode.

    • Guest

      Nope. The Raid gear is still more powerful than the new Legendary stuff (:

      • Adam

        How do we know this???

      • Jimmymann

        No (according to article).

    • Jimmymann

      Exactly. VoG was a waste of time now we know that ordinary armor has more light than VoG raid armor.

  • Oriel76

    Very good article, thanks 🙂

  • BAMozzy69 .

    I currently have 30 of the 36 exotics including all 5 from the bounties. For me to fully upgrade these to the new higher attack stat, I have to pay Xur and then grind through all the upgrades and pay all the resources again. With the 5 bounty weapons I can do this OR I need to do the bounty again and get a new, better than my fully upgraded, version and then grind through it once to get the upgrades unlocked – Sounds Fair…. NOT!!! Its not like I only use a select few either as I use the majority regularly as I like variety and certain weapons and Armour suit certain playstyle, sub-class and situation.
    I feel I am being penalised for playing the game a lot!
    I am also disappointed that despite leading many players and my clan through the VoG, having many more completions, experience etc, I cannot lead my Clan into Crotas End because I haven’t been ‘lucky’ enough to get the Armour drops. I know people that have had all the Raid Armour but haven’t managed to beat Atheon.
    I know the new items will allow me to get my level up enough BUT I will not be able to lead my clan into the new raid on Day 1

    • BAMozzy69 .

      just reading through this, Its going to take me 30 shards (equivalent to 210 Strange coins) and 210,000 glimmer just to unlock the opportunity to upgrade these to the same level as new Exotics then another 30 shards, lots of glimmer and planet materials again to upgrade them!
      Of the 30 I have, I can think of maybe a couple of weapons I possibly would leave (universal remote, super good advice – although I would probably just re-do the bounty for this as it was easy, pocket infinity – again maybe redo the bounty Mida…) and a few armour pieces (chest of Alpha Lupi, Young Ahamkaras spine, Light beyond nemisis…) at least until last

    • Christian

      You don’t need to fully upgrade every Exotic. Just do it for the ones you like the most. It’s not like the un-upgraded versions are unusable and I’m sure you don’t need to use all of them anyway.

      • BAMozzy69 .

        As I added afterwards, there are some Exotics that I don’t use as often. However weapons like Vex, Suros, Red Death, Plan C, Icebreaker, Patience & Time, Thunderlord, Gjallahorn and now since the latest patch Bad Juju and Thorn are regularly used. The Last Word, Invective get some use just for a change.
        In terms of armour, I frequently use probably at least 3 of the 4-5 I have for each character. for example I use Achlyophage Symbiote most often for my gunslinger, Lucky Raspberry for my Bladedancer (sometimes Msk of the Thirdman) and Knucklehead Radar a lot for either.. I use both chestpieces for my Warlock most often but occasionally use the others. I use Helm of inmost light and Armamentarium the most fot my Titan but occasionally the others but like all the Armour it depends on situation and sometimes even sub-class.
        Of the 30 I have 20ish are in very frequent use, 6 get used rarely (but still get) used and the others are occasional or circumstance based use. I am yet to get a few others that I want (Hard Light, Truth, Skull of Dire Ahamkara) and the others (helm of Saint 14, No Back-up Plans, chest of Alpha Lupi – hunter version) probably wouldn’t be on my priority list to upgrade.
        I have still upgraded all my Exotics and would still want all to be upgraded to the highest possible standard. I am still disappointed that all my efforts and resources invested into these is going to be wiped.
        How is it fair that I would end up spending a lot more time and effort on my weapons than some people to have a weapon of the same standard. I feel I am being penalised for putting the time and effort in to these.
        It’s not like Bungie couldn’t update the damage stats across all exotics to bring them up to the same standard as new. That way everyone would still end up having to invest the same time/resources to get the same standard of weapon.
        I think that at the very least, paying Xur should carry across all progress.
        Maybe Bungie should give us the option of just buying the weapon upgrade (stats reset) for 10 MoL or buy the upgrade and keep the stats for 25 MoL as these are awarded on experience and have no real purpose

        • Christian

          I agree there should be some sort of “carry over” protocol for fully upgraded exotics. Otherwise, organising these guns should be hard (And now will be). It’ll teach us to treat them more personally when we use them. I can appreciate that decision, even if it means I can only upgrade 3 Exotics in my time of playing, I don’t mind so much because that was the initial intention.

          • BAMozzy69 .

            I Like my Exotics – certainly most of them. I remember getting my first and striving to get it fully upgraded.The Exotics are special – nobody cares what legendaries you have – even if they are better than the Exotics. People want the Exotics regardless.
            The new Legendaries are supposed to be stronger than the old ones so that means that they will also be better than all the Exotics too so if you are not willing to pay and grind again then your exotics will be weaker than legendaries!

          • Christian

            True, very true indeed. But, just because the attack power is higher doesn’t necessarily mean they are “Stronger” than exotics. Some exotics have very elaborate powers, some of which a Legendary at damage 450 still wouldn’t be able to top. Bad JuJu of which, you can hold down the trigger forever and not need to reload while mincing up countless enemies, that is hard to top.

            However, I will be willing to pay and grind all over again for my most prized Exotics. I love all of them, but I only have a small number of ones I feel truly connected with. “Thorn”, “Bad JuJu”, “Suros” are my 3 core weapons. They do everything I could imagine, from PVP to Daily Activites to Endgame Challenges. They form a perfect triangle around me and my playstyle. I’m sure it wont be too hard to level up 10 by the next DLC, (Armour is easy to do, So I wouldn’t worry about that).

            I think the problem would be solved if we got 50% XP going to all weapons in out inventory, rather than just our equipped stuff. There should, really, be a way to upgrade the stuff we keep with us at all times, it’s not problem with legendaries because they stay equipped no matter what, to only level up 1 exotic at a time would solve the problems you are having. I can do without, but players that don’t like the change need something like this.

          • BAMozzy69 .

            Personally I don’t mind that you can only upgrade 1 weapon and armour exotic at a time and that those not equipped but in our current inventory are not upgraded.
            I know that I will want to upgrade at least the majority of my current exotics and would probably upgrade the rest too after all I wouldn’t want them to be obsolete and useless compared to the new legendaries. I know they will still serve me well though in the majority of circumstances i.e. low level patrols but never the less I would of course prefer them to be more powerful – who wouldn’t?
            As Motes of Light are awarded for Experience (as well as through other methods) and have no real purpose, I wouldn’t mind seeing these used as currency to keep the upgrades on the current Exotics. Maybe something like 10MoL to get the upgrades but reset all perks or 25 MoL to get the upgrades and keep all progress. That at least gives us a choice.
            If the cost is factual (i.e 7,000 glimmer AND an Exotic Shard) this means that I need to have 210 Strange Coins and 210,000 glimmer just to unlock the chance and another 210 Strange Coins to max them out again as well as all that extra glimmer and materials.As the Glimmer is capped at 25,000, you could only pick to upgrade about 3 – maybe 4 a week if you earn a bit extra.
            The bounty weapons such as Thorn and Bad Juju will be the higher attack for those that acquire them after the DLC launches, Those people will only need to put 1 Shard and a lot less glimmer and materials into them than I will have to do IF I want to upgrade mine to the new max attack. It is definitely penalising those of us that have already spent time and effort into the game, making us go through that tedious grind again.

        • Tycally Vicano

          There are currently 38 exotics in the game.

          • BAMozzy69 .

            NOT if you are on Xbox there isn’t!!

    • So have someone else who is a level 30 start the fire team for your clan. You can still “lead” as far as giving direction goes, although with a brand new raid it is going to take every member to figure stuff out. I don’t really see the issue here. You obviously have put a lot of time into the game and I can understand your frustration, but plenty of people just played IB all week to get the pieces they needed to get up to level 30. That option was available to you. I’m not a huge fan of pvp either, but if making it to lvl 30 to lead my clan was my only viable option I would have done it.

      • BAMozzy69 .

        Had I known at that point in time, this was going to be the situation then I may have tried to put the effort in to the Iron Banner even though I find it annoying and frustrating. Another reason I wasn’t overly bothered with the IB armour was because it only allowed me to get boots and Gauntlets. All my characters have Raid Boots, 1 has Raid Gauntlets but only 1 has a Raid chest piece. I know I can still lead a team in etc and still a clan leader in name. I know to a degree that we will all be in the same boat where the DLC raid is concerned as we will all be experiencing it for the first time together.

        I don’t understand why Bungie though are being so specific. They never specified that a Level 26 had to lead players into the VoG or level 30 players had to lead into the hard VoG especially where an element of luck is involved in getting to that level.Like I said, I have more hours, experience, completions, gear etc than most of my clan put together and as I said I know some level 30’s who couldn’t complete the VoG on Normal (and that doesn’t include using IB armour).
        Hopefully though with the new gear and the amount of hours I play, it won’t take long to get to and surpass level 30

        • BarretOblivion

          They are fixing the loot tables and drops for raid items (at least for crota’s end) expect to get alot of helpful drops each time you play, hopefully.

          • BAMozzy69 .

            I had noticed that so fingers crossed I won’t be so unlucky. Would be nice if they did the same for the VoG too

  • Green Beast

    One thing that I missing in the article is to complete, but DO NOT hand in bounties with a value of 5000xp (if you do not need to upgrade something before the DLC comes out). If you have 10 bounties with a value of 5000 each you will have 50 000xp to hand in for each character when the DLC comes. Do the nightfall on thuesday and you get the xp boost aswell. It can be a good start for raidgear, exotic weapons and maybe new sub-classes that will be introduced on thuesday. For me it is a option as I already have what I want and have no point in turning in bounties for the time being. Sure you can easy grind the xp on 2-3 days, but it can be a good headstart.

    • SuperjonCA

      Thuesday? WTF?

      • ElectricZealot

        That’s the extra day every week you’ve always wanted…. :o)

  • Leo Garcia

    Do you think xur might be at the tower on Tuesday ?

    • Iain Price


      • Leo Garcia

        But why ???

        • Because he comes on Friday

        • Iain Price

          They’re screwing current players over in so many ways, i’m surprised you think they’re going to do anything against the norm to help us out. You must be new! Jk.

    • Micah White

      no, they said he will be at the tower on friday

  • Dylan Pickles Schneider

    So I have a couple of questions.

    1. Since Exotic Engrams are going to be sold from time to time, does that mean they’ll increase the likelihood of Exotic Engrams being dropped out in the field?

    2. Will Exotic Engrams turn to Shards?

    3. Are they giving away old gear from every Tower Vendor, or from a couple of vendors?

    4. To those unfortunate getting Legendary gear, do they have to be at a certain Light level?

    5. Now that we have to buy Vanguard/Crucible gear through Commendations, does that mean reputation gain for all factions has been increased for faster access to these Commendations?

    6. Do these Commendations replace getting a Legendary piece of gear or no?

    • ElectricZealot

      Referring to #3 and 4, you’re not getting the humor… They are ‘giving it away to unfortunates in the City…’. We’re in the Tower. Call it the cute way of saying that it’s being eliminated in favor of the new armor/weapons/etc. A virtual ‘Goodwill’ in the city is getting a digital transfer….

  • Will Chin

    Anyone know if we will be able to upgrade mythoclast? just got it and dunno if worth working on it or save for dlc

    • David B

      As far as I know it was already upgraded from the last update from 300 to 323 attack. I doubt it will be upgraded further than that.

    • Warlock Holmez

      Seeming like it already got its upgrade.

  • Jimmymann

    So wait…you’re telling me all the VoG armor I grinded for fu**ing weeks is basically useless now because new vendor legendary gear has 2 more light rating??? Ridiculous…


      Pretty much

    • Warlock Holmez

      Other than the fact that you’ll be able to jump straight in if you’re 30, yes it looks like it.

    • HoyaSaxa

      This is what always happens in MMOs and it’s called a gear treadmill. Gear isn’t supposed to last forever…=

      Edit: You also can’t say the gear was useless unless you never benefitted from having the gear. If you used it before the new DLC then the gear was definitely useful. Will they have better gear out since an expansion is here? Sure.

    • Oddsock

      I’ve gotten 5 pieces of raid armor after doing the raid about 9-10 total times, and I didn’t make it a streesful thing, so maybe its more your attitude that’s wrong. And the nodes unlock pretty fast.

    • Mark

      I know it sucks man but this is not anything new for an MMO…it is very standard…

      Trust me I get it, it blows but if you think about it…what else would you have them do? That means you would be at the highest level for the rest of the game after leveling up gear from the first raid…it leaves nothing to work on or improve.

  • Alan Baez

    Hey Im planning to use Pocket Infinity as my exotic along woth Voc/Fatebringer and Hezen Vengance, What do you think? Better use Thunderlord with a legendary fusion riifle as special}?

  • João Nunes

    Sorry but the article made me confused in one part…
    You say that new vendors legendary gear will take you to level 30, then you say on the board that with 4 legendary vendors gear you go to level 31…
    Great article by the way

    • Mark

      to be clear that is 4 RAID legendary gear…

  • Looks like we’ll be able to equip multiple exotics?

    • No

      • I see now….was reading on my phone and everything was shifted and off. Oh well 🙂

        • Mark

          there is still time for them to change this!

  • LetsTalkAboutAnything

    For VoG, you cannot enter the raid unless you’re team is at least composed of 3 to be able to trigger the platforms. Does anybody know if there is such a limitation in this new raid, or it will be accessible to a single player, notwithstanding whether he will actually be able to survive the carnage?

  • Oddsock

    Great article guys!

  • Mark

    why are people complaining about getting new gear??? This is par for the course in regard to MMOs…you get gear, you level that gear up so that you can get better gear and then level that up….not sure why everyone is acting like Bungie is doing something foul….I mean, don’t get me wrong they have plenty they need to improve but maybe I am missing something??

    What do people want??? Do they want bungie to just say hey yea you leveled up VoG raid gear…you will be the most powerful guardian out there???

    People need to bitch about things that actually matter like increasing glimmer level, more spots in the vault, being able to equip as many exotics as you want (now that pisses me off, you spend a lot of time trying to get the best gear/weapons available to only be able to use one at a time….lame).