Marty O’Donnell Terminated From Bungie

Marty and Paul working on Destiny's soundtrack

On April 15th 2014, Marty O’Donnell announced on his twitter account that on April 11th Bungie’s board of directors terminated him without cause.

The news has spread like wild fire across the web. But no sources know of any reason. Hopefully, the Bungie B.O.D will give us a statement soon. Because I don’t know about you guys, but the music in a game is pretty important to me. And no one does that kind of music better, than the great sir Marty O’Donnell.

You can wish him well on his twitter account.


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  • rob1970

    As sad as this story is you would hope the a company with the ambitions of Bungie would have a very good reason for this,you don’t just fire someone of this caliber for shit’s n giggles.

  • Squatchmen

    Wow…..this actually made me stop in my tracks when I got this in my email. He’s the heart and soul of Bungie, he’s one of those people that truly made Bungie, Bungie.

    This is really upsetting, I really hope there was a good reason to fire him and not just because of some lame ass excuse. I’ll miss him working there and wish him the best of luck

    • Bilal Mvw

      I’m only new to the bungie community. What I’ve heard of people talking bout him but I’ve not experienced his work first hand. It’s a shame to see anyone fired esp with a big thing like bungie around the corner, as far as of I know there wa quote ‘no cause of the firing’.

      • Nater-ater

        Marty O’Donnell was the man behind the music in halo. I really hope he got all of the music for Destiny done, if not most of it. No one can do music like him, and he will be missed

        • Bilal Mvw

          I know that!
          My point is Ive not played halo as intensely as most ppl on this form. Hence why i said not experience first hand.
          From What I’ve heard from what ppl said bout him-He sounds like a good musician.
          I can’t say whether he was or wasn’t I’m not gonna like/dislike a guy I’ve not seen.
          All I can say is that its a shame ANYONE will be fired at a time like this- with such a big thing like destiny around the corner.
          But i don’t mind to wish him a bit of luck which I’ve done.

  • ApAngel

    I hope he got to finish his work on destiny first. I would say I feel sorry for him, but lets face it. He is the best at what he does and everyone knows it. He will find another job ez, probably make more money and we will get to see his masterful works in another genre of games hopefully. I can only imagine what his music could do for a good adventure RPG or something.

  • Kenshiro Genjuro

    Marty is The Man. Bungie dropped the ball bigtime, and probably over matters of ego. Maybe he’ll find himself back behind the Halo series. I just hope he turns up doing his fantastic work somewhere. He’s too good to not be out there.