“Major Content in Fall 2015”

Published on: Feb 5, 2015 @ 16:13

Activision recently had their quarterly earnings report. They confirmed a “major content release” in 2015 and shared some numbers. 

Plague of Darkness?

In the conference call, they confirmed that not only House of Wolves is coming in Q2, but also a “major content release coming in Fall 2015.”

Bungie also hinted at this in the weekly update: “[…] we’ll also talk about what we’re planning for this Fall.”

activision destiny comet plague of darkness

We have a second expansion pack on the way and a major content release coming in the fall and a very robust pipeline planned after that.

Beyond that, whenever you have a large and highly engaged community, there are obviously opportunities for us to deliver a lot of different kinds of content that we think that player base would find valuable and appreciate and that’s what we’re planning on doing.

Could the major content release they’re referring to be the Comet, Plague of Darkness?

For anyone wondering what a “Comet” is, according to Destiny’s contract, it’s a major downloadable content expansion pack-type software release for each Destiny Game.

Fall 2015 is also when Xbox users will have access to the PS exclusive content.

16 Million

Activision Publishing’s Destiny was the most successful launch of a new video game franchise in history. Destiny was also the #1 top‐selling new video game IP and the #3 top‐selling new release in North America and Europe, combined, for the calendar year.

To date, Destiny has more than 16 million registered users and active players are playing the game an average of over three hours per day.

Source: Activison


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  • haydn

    Im definitely buying this despite how much the current game is moaned about (for good reasons of course).

    If the leaks are true, the idea of getting 2 new weapon classes, one new sub class, a new location and a load of missions can only mean good things – that is if they aren’t selling it as a brand new game ; P

    • Christian

      Good for you (: Certainly don’t buy in to the hate trends. There isn’t anything wrong with Destiny, people just hate it because it’s a trend. Just Like CoD, just like Halo. It happens.

      • insanetrasher

        There is something wrong with every single game. Even Super Mario World wasn’t perfect… it was too short and Nintendo were too lazy to release DLCs for it………

        • True Radiant Free

          Haha what Superv Mario World for SNES?

        • Mark

          Um, there was no such thing as DLC in 1990… The Internet wasn’t even a huge thing till the mid to later ’90s

          • insanetrasher

            I was kidding… but I’d take SMW dlc’s over new Mario games anytime though.. we might be seeing this in some way with Mario Maker soon..

        • Christian

          Just because a game wasn’t perfect doesn’t mean there is anything “wrong” with it. It is very hard to get a game “wrong” because the Devs know exactly what the game is going to be like and have very specific aspirations at mind. People disliking the game doesn’t necessarily mean there is anything wrong with it. It just means the Game doesn’t quite meet their usual interest standards or expectations, while the target audience might love it.

          And about Super Mario. I don’t think Nintendo were even planning on releasing DLCs. They would have engaged with the idea that it would make more money to just put development towards another Mario game that they can charge more for than a DLC. If making DLCs was not going to gross as much money, why bother? Because at the end of the day, Making video games is a service, it is an industry that is supposed to generate money, if it’s not doing that, Devs are not doing their job. It isn’t the Devs job to make the hopes and dreams of gamers come true, it’s to make money. Some Devs are quite interested and on level with their audience but a lot aren’t.

      • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

        if you think there ‘isn’t anything wrong with Destiny’……….then boy…do you have a big problem. But to each his own i guess. Destiny’s story must be as engaging to you as it is engaging to me /S

        • Christian

          There isn’t anything wrong with it. It’s just different people’s taste and observations. Destiny’s Story certainly wasn’t the best, It had it’s moment’s though, at that was enough for me. Frankly, It was exactly what I expected from it. But the Story Missions are a tiny part of the game. The missions themselves took me a few hours. That doesn’t even compete to the time spent on Raids and Strikes and Bounties and such. I’m all about the Lore and the incredible stuff you can find in it. I never thought Destiny would have an action packed campaign like Halo. But the thing about Destiny is it is changing all the time. Halo could never do that. It’s just a different kind of game.

          • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

            Just curious, which ‘moments’ are you referring to? Personally, the only moments i can come up with are the ‘bad dialogue’ moments (careful of the sword of crota! Its power is dark……….Evil so dark it despises other evil…….)

            So you will rate Destiny as a 9 out of 10 at least? I knew someone from Bungie and even they wouldn’t rate Destiny that high because they knew that alot of the game’s content is not done (or there) yet.

          • Christian

            I loved the Introductory missions to each enemy. That first terrifying encounter with the Hive, the Soundtrack on the first Cabal missions made it feel incredible the first time around. The Black Garden Boss battle felt truly awesome, as did the seemingly insurmountable battle with the gate lord. Fighting to the Winter’s Ketch. Many missions were pretty predictable and didn’t make for much, but the ones that were good, were damn good and felt just as good as any FPSs’. It’s just a shame it wasn’t entirely fluid. Some missions were fun, whereas some where just a bit too predictable, Like “Chamber of the Night”, Various Venus Missions, “The Buried City” and such. But because Destiny is game that is always changing, Missions will only get better and better. Destiny was a first of it’s kind. There are very, very few similar games out there, It’s pretty tricky to get something Bang on the first time around. But as long as the Missions keep getting better, I’ll be kept happy with the Missions generally. But like I said, It’s more about the lore and story under the fighting. That is the best of it all, IMO.

          • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

            Also, please tell me you find the bounties and the daily missions and the Patrol entertaining and not repetitive at all! As I’ve never hear anyone saying that ever…

          • Christian

            I enjoy progressing every day, experimenting with new weapons and having the satisfaction of gaining new weapons to use in Crucible. It’s not action packed and exhilarating. It’s enjoyable to me for different reasons. Finally pulling together and completing the Raids just makes it all the more satisfying and rewarding because all of that hard work and progression paid off. It’s nothing like other FPS games, so if that is something someone’s accustom to, it wouldn’t be too surprising if they don’t enjoy it. But just because they don’t see what is fun in it doesn’t mean it is fun. I see too many people that think they are all knowing and how their knowledge of something is predominant. Just because they don’t see the enjoyment in something, doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable to others. It’s just other perspectives (: I can write down a big list of things I’d like to see, but because Destiny is changing all the time, I don’t see the name. It’s pretty satisfying to be apart of a world that alternates around you.

          • Strife

            Man, you need to cheer up, Sunshine. You must be fun at parties… /S

          • Drazaeus

            I’ll say it – I enjoy bounties, patrols and Daily Missions. Probably because I play every day with friends, but i log in every day to work through my bounties to level my gear despite having the option to play a myriad of games.

            What amazes me more is that someone who has decided that Destiny is not for them is spending so much time on a destiny article to pound home some personal disliking of the game like the entire gaming community should share your view – if it is really as bad as you claim then you don’t need to shout about it, people can all come to your flawless and profound conclusion.
            Or you could, y’know, move on with your life

          • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

            So you are saying is….I went to a restaurant, ordered and paid for a meal, think it’s not the worth the price but just move on and can’t complain about it? Got it.

            Also, I can’t ‘just move on’ as i’ve already paid for HoW (that I can’t refund) and am the leader of a 150 member clan which I will need to manage (organize raids & nightfalls)….I can’t just leave this group of people to sort out themselves even if I want until I can find my replacement in the clan. I will not be vexing about this if Destiny is actually FUN to play and not feel like ‘going through the motion’. You may like to ‘play’ the lottery every week but I think only idiots ‘enjoy’ the lottery. And Destiny feels like the ‘lottery’.

          • Drazaeus

            This sounds exactly like being in a job you dont enjoy, but wont leave and so just commit to moaning all of the time. I appreciate that you must feel trapped by responsibility, but at the end of the day yours (and a lot of other peoples’) moaning is affecting the gaming experience of those who are enjoying the game without issue. Constructive criticism and ideas are great but straight moaning like a a kid that wants to go home doesn’t help anybody.

            Find that new leader and find a game you enjoy, then you can perhaps be a little more positive about your hobby

          • the difference between positivity and naivety is just a thin line though….but you are right in some point. I should just abandon my clan and let them arrange their games themselves…(as for find a new leader, HUH! Most people just want to games but not the responsibility of managing a group….)

            As for Destiny itself, if the baseline Destiny and Dark Below is something you want and nothing more…than more power to you. If you are expecting that Bungie will change and add more plot story and content to any of their DLCs, believing in that it’s like believing in a presidential candidate’s speech on how he will the ‘save’ the economy. You may see my moan like a kid although i wish sometimes more people will start to grow up and stop seeing the world like this positive unicorn land like a kid.

          • insanetrasher

            When the devs themlselves call out their bad decisions you can’t say the game has nothing wrong in it. And this is only what they admitted publicly (which is refreshing to see though). There are a lot of small things that they could fix or modify that would improve quality of life and the overall experience that is not being adressed. Far from having nothing wrong in Destiny, even though thats almost the only game I play since weeks.

          • Christian

            I’ve honestly not seen any bad in the decisions made. It all looks justified. But then again, I have played a lot of MMO games in the past that always did the same things. I don’t think that the new Vendor armour being stronger was bad. It just meant there was more to do, more to level up and enjoy progressing. If I could go straight to the DLC Raid with my VoG armour the rest of the dark below content wouldn’t mean anything to me. It would be a whole other Tier of armour and weapons that are pointless. I’m glad I can level up my Exotics again because it is another adventure I can spend with my favourite weapons. There are two sides to everything. Some people don’t like the grindy gameplay, but others favour it to an extent. As long as there are raids and Crucible to enjoy in between and after it all, it makes it all worth it in my book. But for a typical FPS player, It is less likely to seem appealing.

          • insanetrasher

            How is stacking bounties to level up an exotic “another adventure with your favorite weapons”. I don’t mind this system that much but I don’t get your point. If playing with the weapons would give decent XP that would be fine, but its a useless process compared to turning in bounties. Which is another of the many things that need fixes.

            Having VoG Raid useless after 2.5 months is ridiculous.. After 6+ months it would’ve been alright I guess, but not even 3 full months…
            Having them level 31 would not have rendered new DLC content useless, since you’d have to get 32 gear for the new raid Hard More. And it helps a lot to get Eris level 4 (by playing dlc content) to get lvl 32 gear. And anyway you needed to complete the new content in order to play the new strike that is put in the Weekly playlist.

          • Christian

            Who said the bounties were all that mattered? The bounties are only the side. I love to replay my favourite missions with the weapons. If you just grind the game relentlessly just for bounties it’s no wonder someone would find it boring. I grab some easy going bounties and play my favourite missions. The end of the black garden gives me goosebumps every time. I play a small handful of fun missions and that’s most of the vanguard bounties done (Eris ones too). Then I take it to crucible and finish those off with some good old fashioned Player versus Player. Nightfalls, Raids, those fit in nice too and give a great big XP reward.

            By the end of a week of casual gaming my Exotic is back to its prime. The thing people completely miss with Destiny is they think they are obligated to level up weapons and gear. I see people on this site all the time claiming they have 500+ hours and they state that they are tired of levelling up their gear. It’s no wonder, they aren’t playing the game for fun, they are addicted to the pointless task of levelling up weapons for no reason other than it’s own sake. It’s not what it’s all about. It’s about getting together with some good mates and some unfinished weapons and starting the journey all over again.

            Obtaining the VoG gear was a fun and tiring ride, but I see no reason why I should cling on to it. I’d rather it had no use each time an update came out because the new gear keeps our hands busy. If there was no new Gear to level up in the new DLCs the content would be finished in mere hours. Having that gear to level up is what keeps me enjoying the older missions, It almost gives them purpose again. Most people had fully upgraded Raid Gear a good period of time before TDB. I think it was nigh time for a new wave of fresh armour, I don’t really get a buzz just from owning armour and being at the top of the chain, that’s when the game starts to slope. As long as there is always something motivating me to carry on with gear, it keeps me happy.

            Don’t get me wrong. If Bungie introduced a way to make VoG Armour incredibly useful inside the VoG and even opened up new possibilities, I’d more than welcome it.

          • insanetrasher

            Well, you’re probably right. The problem might be that I when I play I do want to maximise my time so much that I don’t look into what is the most fun but rather into what is the most efficient.

            But I believe Bungie could do a better effort into pushing fun and varied things being also efficient. I mean some missions were fun to play, but they are totally worthless in terms of progress if its not the daily (and even the daily is not that useful). It could be as simple as having every missions giving decent amount of xp and loot possibility, things like that.

            I just don’t like playing without making enough noticeable progress in a game that is all about progress (at least in PvE). I’m sure I’m not the only one in this boat. And simple tweaks would easily fix that issue (like xp for every missions, etc.).

          • Christian

            I agree. There is a lot than can better in the future. Obviously Destiny is a massive game and it is always difficult to pre-empt exactly what players will think of it because it is so bizarre and unique. XP for missions will certainly help, however. It is one of those little things that might go a long way. But after what everyone has said about the Story missions I can see how they will feel less than motivated to add to something most people hated in the first place. If they do, they will have to be careful not to set up massive farming spots, but it will make it more meaningful.

          • insanetrasher


            And, after all we’re only 5 months into the game, that’s still very young for such a big game so we’ll see how they handle the future, but I think great things are to come. I’m very curious to see the changes that will come with HoW and with the “comet”.

          • Christian

            Same here. I am expecting some interesting things from “The Arena” Reef raid. Will hopefully be something very different. Comet should also make way for some very innovative things indeed. I’m hoping the 12 Missions campaign will be most enjoyable, and that I can love every missions rather than just a good few.

  • Adamms

    16 million active users that play over 3 hours. Nice.

    • Nick Davidson

      That’s not what it says. 16 million REGISTERED users – this includes people that have STOPPED playing. Note the semi colon, that means the two statements ARE NOT A SINGLE STATEMENT. ACTIVE players average over 3 hours a day, it never states how many ‘active’ players there are.

      • Yeah it’s saying that “active players” are playing 3+ hours per day, but they don’t specify how many players are “active.”

        • Adamms

          Ah ok, still nice numbers.

      • True Radiant Free


      • Thomas Harrison


      • Strife


  • echelon

    I think they are making a huge mistake by not keeping the DLCs quarterly. If they don’t release HoW in early April and then the big content push in August/early sept then I fear there will be a huge drop off in players in the mean time.

    I only really run the raids and NF/weeklies now as it is and even though I don’t have “everything” in the game I have more than enough good weapons and gear for all my characters so there’s really no point other than the joy of the gameplay and the social factor of running with my clan…

    Hopefully HoW is much bigger content wise than TDB…

  • M1KE404

    “release for every Destiny Game”? its just a dream, but… free??… maybe?

    • I highly doubt it’ll be free

    • Drazaeus

      nah, more like ‘Destiny 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5’ i think. Much bigger paid expansions