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Mail Sack (5.3.13)

Mail Sack (5.3.13)

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EZcompany2ndsqd  So Bungie, what movies are you looking forward to this year?

It’s about that time again. Isn’t it a bitter irony in Seattle that as soon as the weather gets warm and bright, we’re depressingly inundated with fantastic reasons to retreat into dark, enclosed spaces? There’s enough buzz about Star Trek: Into Darkness at Bungie that we’ve rented out a theater for an early premiere. For me, though, the best part of the summer blockbuster season is the internal email debates that rage after opening weekend, as our first panelist can attest.

Individually, most of us love movies, but the Bungie hivemind destroys all movies.

Rahsaan Green, Sandbox Test Engineer

Star Trek.

Wesley Oleson, PS3 Tester

Much Ado About Nothing.  Shakespeare and Joss. It can’t get much better than that.

Garrett Greer, Engineer

The one where the muscular guy beats up the bad dude!

Leland Dantzler, Tester

Pacific Rim. Guillermo Del Toro + Idris Elba + GlaDOS + Lovecraft + Evangelion = Epic Nerd Awesome.

Joey Gibbs, Broducer

Elysium – I think Neil Blomcamp is a very talented director. I love it when I see Halo influences in his work.

David Candland, Senior Artist

Fast and Furious 6: The Furioustest. But, seriously, Man of Steel. I can’t wait to see what Michael Shannon does with Zod.

Chris Owens, Test Engineer

Iron Man 3!

Jami Jeffcoat, Tech Designer

Before Midnight. The blockbuster trilogy comes to a shocking conclusion! Hopefully there will be a part 4.

Scott Taylor, Producer

Master Coy  It has been said that, if we had an outside force to fight against, we would put our differences aside and unite as a human race. Are you providing that outside force that could unite us worldwide?

Yep. That’s the plan. You figured us out. How better to dominate the world than to unite it against a common foe? The idea is that, if we make Destiny feel real enough, the world will forget about war and corporate takeovers and band together to make their last city safe again. Then, we can just swoop in and reveal our designs for Planet Bungie, a shining utopia where the virtual loot economy is fake, the sarcasm very real, and where all eager dissidents score themselves a one-way ride straight into the sun.

SonOfTheShire  What are your favourite boss fights from games?

So, I tried to have some fun with this question, and morph it into a mass-remembrance of actual fights that people had with their bosses whilst making games. The only person who took me up on the dare was Lorraine – probably because she’s been at Bungie for long enough to outlast several bosses. Since she followed the instructions, she’s the only one who gets to answer.

It went something like this:

Me: But she’ll be naked!

Max: No she won’t. She’ll be all covered up.  It’ll be fine.  She’s gonna be on the cover!

Me, giving Max a very dubious look:  I’ll do it. But showing Konoko with just guns is off-brand.

Hours later, the vixen that is the star character of Oni is glaring at us (and rightly so) past her bangs, carrying 100+ lbs. of loaded guns and a bandolier that were all strategically placed to cover her girl bits.

Max, looking shocked: Oh my god. She’s naked!!

Thankfully, I had prepared a layer that had actual clothing, albeit ripped to shreds in spots.

Lorraine McLees, Senior Graphic Designer

Ser Jergen  Have there been more Jason Jones sightings and is he a major player in communicating the overall vision of Destiny to the rest of Bungie?

We see Jason Jones every day. He is Destiny’s Project Director, after all. Sorry we keep him all to ourselves, but work makes him a very busy guy, and we are very selfish when it comes to our Jones time. Besides, we’re pretty sure he’s right where you want him to be.

Lord Visvas  Name a co-worker that inspires you and why.

I’m inspired by the two ladies who sit at the desks on either side of me. One of the few things that separate my corner of the studio from the average Cro-Magnon cave is the fact that our wall etchings happen on whiteboards. To protect the shreds of dignity that they have left, they shall remain nameless. I’ll let the panel out their more inspirational coworkers.

John Shaffstall’s youthful passion for excellence always inspires me. When I’m feeling old and curmudgeonly – or I need to be beaten at Magic – I go pay him a visit in the mobile development area.

Alex Loret de Mola, Engineer

Paul Gradwohl. He has almost 200,000 kills in Black Ops.

John Harris, Tester

Damian Frank. The dude is always chipper and laughing and chugging ice water from his massive mug. He’s like a happy Viking, laughing in the face of horrendous blocking bugs.

Leland Dantzler, Tester

Jerome. He’s just an all-around badass!

Wesley Oleson, PS3 Tester

Chris Owens, because he’s Chris Owens.

Chris Owens, Test Engineer

Bulldawg  Does Bungie have a company MacGyver? I’m not talking just software, I’m talking about, if anything breaks, this person can fix it. Who is this unsung hero?

We do. His name is Steve Burnaroos. He can build anything we ask for, and we love to keep him on his toes. He’s the physical manifestation of the Bungie fetish for going completely overboard on a design spec, and reaching beyond known boundaries of awesome. To date, he has built (among other things) a boat, a virtual race car, a rock wall, an illuminated pull up bar, an overflow bike rack, a haunted house, a custom camera dolly, set pieces for motion capture shoots, and installations to decorate our studio for various seasons. He even coated some of our toilets in hydrophobic paint to solve a problem MacGyver would have rightly refused to tackle. When reached for comment, he whispered something about a miniature golf course. Best job ever.

Oddball  Have you gained a friend in a fellow employee at Bungie, that you didn’t necessarily know before, by playing Destiny with them?

We have yet to become meat world friends yet, but one of my most recent encounters in playtest featured our studio’s resident set of identical twins. Their reputation already preceded them. They  go to lunch together. They work together. They came to Bungie (at the same time) from the same company, where they also worked together. More than friends, they are as close to inseparable as you can come without literally being joined at the hip.

Once, when I was brave enough to leave the protection of the Tower and venture into the wild alone, I found myself pinned down by a crew of scavenging Fallen raiders. I thought all was lost until the twins arrived. They rolled through my Fallen enemies like silent heroes. They saved my life. I haven’t had the chance to thank them for that. This reminds me though. I should take them out for a new hire lunch.

And now the Mail Sack is bringing Bungie together.  Let’s see how the panel is making new friends while they “work.”

Mat Noguchi and I have been hanging out a lot lately, and I’d say that it was playing Destiny that brought us together.

Alex Loret de Mola, Engineer

I got to know Jamie Evans better after driving him off a cliff. That’s what he gets for accepting rides from strangers.

Joey Gibbs, Broducer

Elliot Gray. I don’t think we’re allowed on the same team anymore.

Mat Noguchi, Programmer*

Only blood rivals in the depths of the PVP lab.

Elliott Gray, Graphic Designer

Friends? No. Enemies? Probably. Playtests get intense.

John Harris, Tester

New Hire lunches are better for friendships!

Leland Dantzler, Tester

Ibex1001  What happens if the careers positions aren’t filled?

If they are unwilling to submit themselves to our interrogations, we kidnap the people we need in the middle of the night, and convince them to stay with offerings of free snacks and weekly playtests. If anyone knows anyone who fits these descriptions, let us know.

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