Published on: Mar 7, 2015 @ 1:20

LFG.PlanetDestiny.com: This is an ad-free, mobile friendly, and completely automated LFG resource that’s still in its beta stage.

Our primary goal was to make this really easy to use with features that did not exist elsewhere.

We thought automatic grouping and full group control was important, and that group chat would be helpful for coordination before sending out invites.

Video Demo


  • Choose how many players you need when creating a new group.
  • Add/remove spots from your group after you create it.
  • Group will be hidden if you’re AFK and will return when you’re back.
  • Fully automatic grouping; “auto-match” will continue to search for a group until one is found.
  • Auto-match for multiple activities at once.
  • Set the required level for your group; you can limit your group to Level 30+ for example.
  • On/offline status for each member of your group (offline if they’ve exited the site).
  • Individual and/or group real-time chat.
  • Designed and built for any mobile device.

This color denotes features that are exclusive to our LFG.

Coming soon:

  • LFG-wide real-time chat.
  • Automated character/level generation.
  • Automated raid experience; shows how many you’ve finished.
  • Feedback system; awards for positive feedback.
  • Permanent system to list/group your Guardian with others.
  • Sound notifications when someone joins a group or initiates a chat.
  • A list of members who you’ve recently played with.
  • iOS mobile app.

Although the LFG was specifically built around mobile, we understand the convenience of having an app, so an entire PD app is in the works.

Play with PD!

If you’ve ever wanted to play with a member of the PlanetDestiny staff, using our group finder is the best way to do so!

Not only are we regularly using it, but you’ll also be able to “win” games with us.

Winning: How does it work?

For every group that is successfully formed, there will be a chance that the entire group is selected to play with PlanetDestiny at a later date.

If chosen, you will receive an on-screen notification with further instructions. If you’d like to play with us, you’ll be able to choose any activity!

How It Works

1. Enter your Guardian Information

This quickly-editable data is how you’ll be found.

The Gamertag or PSN ID you enter will be linked to your profile, so people can click your username to add you as a friend/message you on that platform.

Once you submit your information, you’ll only see people that chose the same platform as you.

This information is saved in the system and can be changed at any time.

2. Choose an Activity

After selecting an activity, you will see only people who also chose that activity.

After you’ve picked you can join someone else’s group manually, create your own group, or auto-match.

3. Auto-Match

Easily my favorite feature, this will act in a similar way to in-game matchmaking. It will continue to search for players until it finds a match for you.

The search gives priority to people in the same region but it does not limit you.

Once a match is found, you’ll be placed into a group that’s LFM in the same activity you’re a part of.

All groups are listed at the bottom, so you don’t need to auto-match if you don’t want to, but it’s the easiest way to find a group since it searches in real-time and will place you with a team as soon as one is available.

Creating a New Group

If you’d rather not be paired up with other people automatically, and would like to have control of your own group, you can totally do that too.

The “Create New” button will allow you to select the level requirement as well as the amount of members you need.

For example, if you only need 1 more for the Ir Yut section of Crota’s End and you require that person to be over a certain level, you can specify that.

When creating a new group, you have total control; set the rules and kick players at will. Only people of the required level (that you set) will be allowed to join, but they can still send you a quick message.

You can also add a message that people can see in the group listing; request a certain weapon, a particular subclass, etc.

As a group leader you can:

  • Set the required level to join.
  • Kick players.
  • Specify how many players are needed (before and after the group is created).

Quick Chat

You’ll be able to chat with anyone who’s entered their Guardian information.

You can chat with individual people, or if you’re in a group, you can talk to everyone at once in your entire group.

This chat, along with everything else, happens in real-time. You shouldn’t ever need to refresh the page, but if you do, you won’t lose your progress.

Modifying your Guardian

If you decide you want to change your Gamertag/PSN ID, change your console, or your in-game character information, you can easily do so by pressing the “Edit” button.

Keep in mind that you only see players that have selected the same console as you.

Leaving a Group

If for whatever reason you want to leave your current group, just click the “Leave” button.

To start a new group: Click the “Create New” button, or choose “Auto-Match” to be put in the queue to match up with another group.


Whether people are reading through our seemingly endless stream of articles, checking out stats in our database, or hanging out on the forums, there’s something for every Destiny fan at our site.

What we haven’t had, until now, is a reliable LFG resource. We wanted to provide a quality alternative, and we need your help to make it better.

planetdestiny lfg auto group

We’ve hired a full-time developer to work solely on this. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us, so please don’t hesitate to share it, because we want to make this as useful and effective as possible.

We’re dedicated to creating the ultimate resource, so please let us know what you’d like to see; send us any feature you can think of.

Of course the more people who use this, the better it will be!


Check out forums.planetdestiny.com if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)

  • Jerry Sköld

    Looking forward to try this out – it has to be easier than the bandaid of re/fireteams (which is great, understand me right, but not really optimized for this activity). Thanks for making the effort!

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Awesome!! The only thing this site lacked in terms of Destiny resources was a LFG system and now it has added that too – Fantastic!!

    • We’ve got so many improvements in the works for it too. Automatic character generation, raid history, LFG-wide quick chat, and much more 🙂

      • BAMozzy69 .

        I know its mentioned above but Language is probably the most important omission – its more important than Region. I know I have specified English on another LFG site and enjoyed playing with US based players (I am from the UK) however if I specified Europe as a Region I could end up with French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian etc speakers. This wouldn’t be very helpful where communication is important – maybe not an issue in weekly Strikes or the daily Heroic but essential in raiding.
        It would be nice be able to link names with their Destiny Guardian – not just their Xbox/PSN profile – kind of like a Destiny tracker.
        I know I said the only thing lacking was an LFG option – probably the most important thing missing but a Tracker would be great too – especially if that linked in with the LFG part.

        • Edwin

          You no want play with me?
          I sad now.

          Is our Dutch accent really that bad?
          I prefer Dutch, but English isn’t really an issue.

          I understand the problem though. Getting French invites is gibberish for me and result in me responding in Dutch that they need to learn English :p

  • Laurent Lorette

    Can you please enable a ´language chooser’ option. You should not underestimate the amount of non native EN guardians following PD.com. Thanks !

    • Yep

    • Poisdesuc

      Indeed. Belgian guardians are following you ! You could add more language like french, german, spanish, … It will be great ! We don’t want a full translation of the LFG but only a filter option by language.

    • Yes

    • Edwin

      I’d really like a filter to but a soft one.
      In Belgium a lot of folks speak English, French and Dutch. (sort off 😉 )
      If we got 5 Dutch Guardians that Guardian from Belgium would be a nice match as we can all speak Dutch.

      If we can only choose one language most would simply pick English as it will have the best chance for a match.

      Would be cool if you could select multiple languages and mark the preferred one.

    • Zander Sabbag

      Yeah man, my first language is portuguese, for example, and i’m here everyday. Though i don’t think many brazillians use this site, sadly :/

  • Guest


  • Alan

    Sweet. Great work on making this happen Team Planet Destiny!

  • Keith Christmas

    Just out of curiosity, does the auto matching have a system in place to stop you ending up with, for example, a group of six warlocks? For most stuff it’s not gonna be an issue, but in something like the Crota fight where you need a Hunter who can run sword and a Titan to bubble up, it would be helpful. I guess you can just match manually if it’s a problem, but I was curious as to whether you had anything implemented already.

    • Currently auto matching does not take class into account, nope. On the very small chance that you do get grouped up with undesired classes, like you said, you can join another group manually

  • sbrozzi

    I tried using last night for a quick NF run & was unclear about something. I entered my information and was auto-matched with two others, that was easy. However, it said that the two had entered their request for another person more than hour ago. So is the idea that I should have messaged one of them to see if they were still looking? After an hour I assumed that they probably already finished.

    What I would like to see on the Planet Destiny LFG is the ability to plan future activities. Can you do that now & I just don’t know how? The ability to form a group ahead of time is why I use the 100.io LFG so religiously.

    • We added the ‘online’ and ‘offline’ indicators to make it easy to see if people were AFK. I would always quick message people, no harm in that.

      We do have a more permanent system coming like you’re referring to.

    • Jrenokid

      I’m with you

  • Jrenokid

    Set upy ifo got add to a team but how do you get started the run pls help not sure this work ????????

    • You’d need to message them to make sure they’re not AFK.

  • Timothy Marks

    While an iOS app is all well and good please do not forget to make an android and windows phone app as well. That way you will reach a broader audience and the site/feature will be more successful

    • The site works/looks perfectly on mobile, so an app isn’t even necessary.

      • Timothy Marks

        “Although the LFG was specifically built around mobile, we understand the convenience of having an app, so an entire PD app is in the works.”
        Then why did you specify in the article that an iOS app was in the works and include this statement? A bit contradictory…

        • An app is in the works, my point is that any audience can use this site, on any device.

          • Timothy Marks

            I understand that. That was not my point. My point was that if you are creating an app please do not limit it to only one OS as that will limit the total number of users who would prefer an app to a site as their device may not work too well with mobile sites

  • Dee

    Should put in an option for “cheese” or “no cheese run”…its the first thing i ask a group when i join. Always looking for people who wanna run the raid Legit.

  • Kinji

    Thank you so much for this, I FINALLY was able to do my first raid last night. Everyone was very nice and helpful. Not to mention really happy when one of our team members got his hawkmoon….tho he almost made my ears bleed from screaming out of happiness xD

  • Zander Sabbag

    Hey everyone on planet destiny! Thanks a lot for this lfg! I’ve never used them, but when i saw you made one i had to try. I haven’t been doing high level stuff lately, but today i just did the nightfall with some ppl from the lfg, and surprisingly for me, it was just smooth, and nice, and even fun 😀 So yeah, thanks a lot! I hope more and more ppl start using this site, you deserve it (sorry for the long text btw :x)

    • Awesome, be sure to share it with your friends too 🙂

  • Ellis Montgomery

    Few little brainstorming ideas for the LFG. So first off I haven’t actually had a chance to have a hands on use the LFG because of college keeping me so a few of my suggestions might be already existing. 1.) A way to view your history of previous matched activities so you can be able to recall what gamers you have played with if you didn’t have the opportunity to friend them on console. 2.) Perhaps a way to rate gamers that you have matched with so future people matching with them will know what they’re getting themselves into. Using other LFG sites I’ve experienced a fair amount of people blatantly lying about level, gear, what checkpoint they have, and even what class they are. Also I’ve been victim to setting up a group on the final boss and people joining in to get the checkpoint and then back out. It’s not that huge of a deal, but it can get tiresome. 3.) Continuing on with the social aspect, a way to “follow” gamers you have perviously played with. Similar to favoriting someone on Facebook or twitter, you could receive notifications for when they are looking for a group or DM’s directly through the LFG tool instead of relying on them either being online and sending a message through console or using the mobile playstation or xbox app (assuming they even have it on their mobile device). This idea may rely more heavily of the communities want for a Planet Destiny LFG mobile app. While I know the site is set up to run on mobile devices, the ability to receive push notifications would be very convenient in the aspect of following other gamers and possibly creating a friends list on app. Again I know you could potentially do this using the specified consoles mobile app but in my experience not a very high percentage of people use those apps on their phone and also they may be playing other games, while on the other hand a Planet Destiny LFG app or Planet Destiny app in general could keep fellow gamers connected for the sole purpose of playing Destiny. But yeah, those are just a few ideas/additions off the top of my head that I’d personally enjoy seeing implemented as a means of convenience! Honestly though, great work on everything you’ve done up to this point. You are by far my #1 source for information and I really hope to see you guys continue to grow!

    • Something like #1 & 3 will happen. We’ll have a “friends list” that you can manage, it’ll be great. #2 will be implemented in a positive and unique way.

      Also an app is in the works, but the site is mobile-friendly, so we encourage you to simply save our site on your homescreen for now.

  • Hobeypoopoo

    I tried this just to support the effort… I didn’t know how to adjust for people who already had a person with them

    • What do you mean exactly – you mean you already had X people with you, and only needed Y more? You’d adjust that with: http://puu.sh/gBCQR/690834408b.png (if you’re creating a group)

  • Hobeypoopoo

    Also I think you should partner with bungie to make an exclusive exotic helm for Titans that can only be awarded by using the lfg… For example it could be a helm that had a perk called the champagne room and when you pop you bubble it would also drop a disco ball and four strippers inside… The stoppers would give you health and any enemies that came in your bubble would get an std from the strippers and lose health… By it would also cost you glimmer for how ever long you stay in the bubble… This would def get your site some attention and become the most hotly seeked exotic helm.

  • metalman5150

    Used this LFG, the other day. Found a guardian, almost immediately.
    More guardians should start using this LFG!
    PD <— Y'all have done a great job!