Level 32, Now What?

Published on: Feb 21, 2015 @ 17:53

So, you’ve reached 32. Now what? If you don’t want to take a break, here’s some ideas on how to make your Destiny experience more enjoyable.

If you just picked up Destiny, and are on your way to progressing past 20, check out this guide.

If you have any suggestions for fellow 32’s, be sure to share them in the comments below!


You’ve done it. You braved Bungie’s toughest content, felling Crota with a mighty stroke of the sword just before the Oversoul wipes you. You’ve seen Nightfall’s go from a special challenge to just a slightly harder Strike.

You’ve started halfheartedly shrugging when the Vex Mythoclast drops, and sneering disdainfully at 30s in the Tower, in spite of yourself. You’re a 32, it’s what you’re entitled to.

vex mythoclast exotic

Still, what is this uneasiness setting in? Why are the Engrams less shiny – why has that Exotic lost its luster? “What am I supposed to do now?” you cry out in existential angst to The Nine, as you drop a Level 15 in the Iron Banner with a single disinterested melee.

Well, don’t fret Guardian, we’re here to help.

Embrace the Hoard

Okay, so you’ve got your ideal loadout. You strut into ROC Strikes with Fatebringer, Ice Breaker, and Hunger of Crota, and you can’t remember the last time you didn’t immediately shard a Legendary drop the second you got it.

Your Hard Light stares mournfully at you, neglected in the corner, as you conquer raid after raid without it. But why would you ever change that? “I don’t need a Payback SOS”, you say out loud, to no one in particular, as the Nightfall dutifully doles out its weekly disappointment. But, what this article presupposes is… maybe you do?

After all, where’s the fun in being the best constantly? Using the best stuff is so 20-and-late. When you were a bright-eyed and bushy tailed young 29, stepping into the Vault of Glass HM for the first time, you needed your safety blanket Ice Breaker. But now you’re a big bad 32 — cock of the walk, the envy of lesser men! — and you can show your superiority by deigning to collect and max a wide variety of weapons.

vanguard level 32

That One Way Ticket 000 from the Vanguard Vendor actually looks kinda fun, huh? You can’t remember the last time you had to do something so strange as aim your rocket launcher. And what’s a Fusion Rifle? Is that some sort of Sniper powered by atomic wizardry? Go find out!

You have every advantage afforded to you: maximum damage reduction, no damage penalty against anything except enemies in Crota’s End HM, and – let’s face it – probably a lot of time on your hands, so now’s the time to switch it up!

Don’t let your Helium Filaments languish in the Vault. You might find that it’s fun to play around with different stuff, and a veteran Guardian should have his trophies. Your Vault is coughing up cobwebs asking to be filled with curios and tools of destruction; assemble an arsenal!

With the weapon damage updates, there’s never been a better time to break out a pulse rifle!

Max Out

It’s easy to become daunted by Destiny’s post-level 20 adventure when you factor in the mass of stats, items and activities that are all clamoring for your attention. But to boil it down, it really is all about obtaining the best possible equipment for your Guardian.

When you’re level 32, you’ve most likely got a complete set of Legendary armor, and probably some Exotics too. To truly maximize your experience, try and target the armor stat you want the most of.

Xur plays a big part with the Exotic upgrades as he can offer better rolls for gear that you already have.

destiny level 32 now what

There are substantial benefits to increasing your Strength, Intellect, and Discipline. The goal is to have as much as possible, and while this may take some time, its worth it if you want to be able to use your abilities quicker.

With full Intellect you’ll get nearly twice as much Super energy from kills, with 271 points reducing the cooldown to roughly 2:55 seconds. With full Discipline and Strength, grenade and melee cooldown will be reduced by half.

271 points is the maximum you can have in any stat, so don’t bother going over that, or it’ll just be a waste.

Rep Up

Deeeaaad Orbit neeeds your hellp, Guaaardiann.”

“But I’m already rank 6!” you yell back, indignantly. “All you’ve ever given me is a crappy emblem… and I think one Mote of Light?”

But what sort of Guardian are you if you get discouraged by the crushing reality of RNG? You play Destiny for Xûr’s sake!

You can continue to do Vanguard bounties and patrols, taking advantage of the Nightfall bonus and the Weekly Heroic Strike reputation awards to increase how much a given faction wants you to be their friend. Once they decide you’re worth it – and not just going to break their hearts again – you’re bound to get something good in a package.

new monarchy rep grinding guide

The grind is your life. The Revenant shader is out there, waiting for you to claim it at an arbitrary point in time. And all it asks is for an unholy chunk of your time.

All Guardians look the same at 32, you say? Not you, sporting the Amalthea shader and wielding a Vanquisher VIII with Field Scout. You are the beacon of New Monarchy, shining light into a dark world.

The Future War Cult hand-delivered The Calling with Firefly so that you could pop skulls like it was going out of style. Use it, love it.

Help Your Friends

Destiny is a social game, and you are a social creature. Sure, you can be the Lone Wolf, but even wolves run in packs. Hopefully, you hit 32 with a little help from your friends, but we all know that Crota’s End was begging to be soloed, and you might not have been able to resist. Either way, you have arrived, and others may have not yet. This means you get to prove how great you are!

You are a wizened and great 32, battle-hardened and forged in the fires of domination, and you can spread your Light to the farthest reaches of the cosmos. Seek out some lowly PUG trying to conquer VoG on normal for the first time, snicker away from your mic as they run around in panic at the Confluxes, then steer them with a sure hand through the most rewarding content Bungie has to offer.

Atheon still cries in the corner at the thought of your name, but you can bet he takes it out on these guys every chance he gets. Don’t give him the chance. There are lots of Guardians who aspire to be just like you when they grow up, and you can play a part ensuring they do.

destiny ranking up guide

Maybe you retired from the Crucible with a 14.0 K/D and a 99% win rate, and you’ve already exhausted the Iron Banner – but you can bet there are those who haven’t. There’s a 29 out there angling to snag 36 Light gear, but he doesn’t know his Control from his Clash, mindlessly capturing point A on Blind Watch and shouting excitedly while he does so. Fix that.

Stoically absorb the incompetence while molding a future 32 who will pay it forward himself. We’re all in this together.

Never Forget

Whether you’re gathering all of the golden chest loot, completing daily events, increasing Faction reputation, finding Dead Ghosts, or finishing Destiny’s raids, remember this: Playing with your friends and doing what you enjoy should be what you focus on.

Sure, you can grind for gear or materials… but if that’s not what you enjoy, then there’s really no sense in doing it.

Don’t get too caught up in trying to finish content as soon as you can. Make your own content, go on the unbeaten path and find your own quirky ways to have fun.

While you’re away from the controller, check out our friendly and inclusive community forums to meet other Guardians who you could play with in the future.

Take a Break

If you’ve read the rest of this article and thought “No thanks”, but are still clamoring for stuff to do, maybe the best thing to do is start a new subclass take some time off? All of those Fallen skulls propped up in your study aren’t going to polish themselves.

Hang up your Black Hammer and that monstrous Titan raid helm and try something new. If you’re tired of the merry-go-round that is RNG, it makes more than a little sense to get off the ride for a bit.

You may find that when you return – and you will return – everything feels fresh and new and fun again: “The Wakening is the Daily Heroic? Hooray!”

inferno control
Soon, there will be more content to enjoy!

If you’re not having fun, don’t force it. You’ve given everything and more to beat back the Darkness so far.

House of Wolves is just a few months away (see: Q2), so you’d better be rested and ready to assume your role as the front line of defense in protecting the galaxy.


But you’re a 32. You can do whatever you want.


I’m aWrySharK, your resident Exotic guru and lover of all things min/max. At PlanetDestiny, my perfectionism is no longer simply a matter of form over function.


  • lane underhill

    As a level 29, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that the above description of a “lesser player” fits me perfectly.

    • Mark Wootton

      I’ll join up with ya… Actually anyone!

    • cool_herc

      Don’t sweat it, dude. Each and every one of us has been there…. most of us multiple times! Simply enjoy the game and the progression as you advance.

  • doc

    I’m a lvl 32 and I have almost everything in the game and I’ve done countless VOG and Crota runs and I still Love this game sure theres a lack of content but I enjoy my time playing this game and will keep playing and I really want to focus on improving my PvP I come from a COD background and BF and i quit playing them to play destiny cause I enjoy more and can’t wait for house of wolves sure this game has flaws but what game doesn’t and now that I have all my people too lvl 32 I’m helping people get raids beat this is the best community and I love planet destiny they are doing great work in getting us the information I would love to play with those guys and share and talk about the game so if and anyone wants to get a team or just mess around on some ROC or share your story and time on destiny hit me up I’m on ps3 soon moving too ps4 my PSN is Doc-187-
    And for all your reviews updates and news planet destiny is our guide to the destiny universe.

    • Layzmaster

      For the record, it’s not countless, you can look on bungie.net and see how many you’ve done.

    • Nameless115

      i come from cod and BF and yet im insanely good at the crucible

    • Randy

      There wasn’t a single glimmer of punctuation in that entire rant.

  • Taylor Bair

    This article makes me smile so much it might be painful. Funny, slightly sarcastic, and just all around great. Nice job, and keep em coming.

  • André

    nice article, thanks

  • Hyperion

    Wow, this article was posted under an hour after I got my first guardian to rank 32. Pretty weird, almost like destiny 🙂

  • VanilaGorila

    Nice article and a very good read.

  • John Scamartist

    Wow Joel rules!

  • Guest

    This is a really well written article. So true and you know it’s from someone that has seen destiny in all it’s motions. It’s not fun to be the best, you achieve your goals and then what? You have none

  • Lee Juriet

    Meh. All I can say is, House of Wolves better have a LOT of content in it, otherwise Bungie will have even less cred than they do now.

    • 22prod

      3 missions, 1 strike, 1 raid, some exotics (the warlock ones are good but the ones for the other class not so much) and thats about it

    • Damnil

      It’s going to have about the same amount of content as the last one.

      The next major content update will be the one not covered in the season pass.

    • cool_herc

      Have you not been paying attention to the articles (there have been many) that have outlined this upcoming content? There’s little excuse at this point for people to be clueless as to what to expect with HoW and hoping for more.

      • Lee Juriet

        I have been. I’m not impressed. It seems to be the same amount of Content we got for The Dark Below, which when you think about it, was not very much.

  • Jeff Kremer

    I’m 32 andbive never done vault of glass or all of crota legit (I gotnmy two crota pieces legit) but I don’t feel like I’ve left the crowd of identical 32 warlocks in the tower. I feel that I cheated the system with the iron banner. But hey I’m 32 right?

    • buba


    • CanadianBoy

      you are 32 but should d4efinitely do crota legit. Totally worth it to learn the system. Have fun!

  • dstripedape

    When I get some more shards my next mission is mastering swordbearer for all those 31s trying move up, gonna pay it forward

  • S0N 0F ANDER

    Not only am I a level 32, I have 3. Titan, Warlock, and Hunter all 32. I liked this and the thing I did was nothing short of a Herculean feat. I got my wife involved in Destiny and now she is my level 30 partner. As husband and wife we brave the depths of Crota, the vault and nightfalls side by side. Nothing better then kicking fallen butt and talking about it after over dinner!

    • lawdawg445

      You’re lucky

    • madmitchell79

      if only I could get my wife into it!

      • S0N 0F ANDER

        It just took me buying a second XBOX one. begging my brother to get me his copy, since hes a loser that never plays. Playing through the story mode and ensuring she had fun. When she started to get frustrated we quit playing. Now she asks me to play. Long process, but I have a partner to run bounties, nightfalls and even parts of the Raids.

        • rvnforty

          Got my Gf to play, she loved it until the story missions were complete, then she didn’t see the point in playing it. Sigh.

      • Kverulv

        if only i could get a wife!

    • Christopher Nixon

      lucky. My gf will play mario party, but getting her to play Destiny would be like pulling teeth

    • Mike Menkes

      Friends keep me in, as well as more and more sword bearer training. Now skilled on normal, probably ready for hard, but not as steady as the guy who helped last night.
      Fang of Ir Yut dropped last night, and I am only missing Swordbreaker from my raid collection.
      I’ve now decided to collect triples of the most valuable guns so I can do less complex vault swapping. I will still continue to help friends, because they are friends.

    • senzan

      Is your wife single bro?

      • Raul


        • key989


    • Raul

      How?! And how long does it take to make them 31?

    • the MAC Mommy

      Heck yea! My husband and I talk about strategies over dinner. 🙂 and my 7 year old son has a 29 now. We three make the best fireteam. 🙂

  • Mark Wootton

    It would help alot if I could find Fireteam members that don’t want 32 max players to do raids and strikes…

    • cool_herc

      Def don’t need 32’s to do any of the strikes – that’s silly. It always makes me lol when you see people on the LFG’s that are 30 and 31 (and sometimes ever lower) asking “only” for 32’s.

  • Damnil

    My ultimate goal once I reach level 32 is to get the Flawless Raider trophy on the PS4. It’ll be quite the challenge due to all the bugs and simply one person having an off game can ruin any chance of it.

    • Spiggs

      That too was my goal after getting all my Guardians to lvl 32, but the Raid is full of glitches and bugs which makes the Flawless Raider trophy much harder than it should be.

  • BAMozzy69 .

    I have 3 level 32 Guardians, All exotics and all upgraded (where possible) to 331, all VoG and CE weapons fully upgraded too. I have no room to collect random legendaries and I have used and broken down many of them too.
    It seems all I play Destiny for now is for the Weeklies (out of Routine as I don’t need the rewards or vanguard ranks) and the CE Raid in case I get a better stat/perk variation on my Armour and to help friends get their weapons/armour too
    However I have recently purchased a 2nd console and bought Destiny for that – I have started 3 Guardians and currently upgrading those so I still have somethings to do…

    • Nameless115

      you know have could have just made another email adress and open up a second account on your console, no need to waste like 400$ for destin and a console

      • BAMozzy69 .

        I bought the console as I would have done regardless. I have both a PS3 and XB360 as I like both consoles exclusives. When I opted to upgrade my 2nd Console (PS4), I bought a couple of the exclusives and saw Destiny Limited Edition going cheaply (£40 – considering the DLC costs £35) so picked it up as something else to play. I was always going to buy the console anyway – I didn’t buy it exclusively to play Destiny but it should allow me to play the exclusives strikes and see what the Exotics (Hawkmoon, Monte Carlo and 4th Horseman) are like for myself…

        • metalman5150

          You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone (especially people on the interwebz).

    • Anon

      Go outside

      • BAMozzy69 .

        You don’t know my personal circumstances – what I do or don’t. However being a disabled person limits what opportunities I have and 1 of the things I can do is game. It gives me a virtual sense of freedom that others take for granted!

        • WhoAmI

          Still, you should probably go outside

  • caleb locklear

    If anybody needs any kind of help let me know @ DayLightKiller3 (Xbox) I have two 32’s and I love helping . So just let me know

  • Sterling Mallory Archer

    I have three level 32 characters (a warlock, titan, and hunter), nearly every exotic in the game, and so many awesome legendary weapons in my vault and saddled to my each of my characters that getting a new legendary drop no longer excites me, but terrifies me as it launches me into a mental shell game of moving things around and trying to figure out what I should get rid of next.

    I have nothing left to do beyond trying, in vane mostly, to get the last few exotics for my collection, getting the last few things I need from hard mode crota fight, getting more radiant energy/shards- mostly just cuz, getting the last few VoG weapons I need for my collection (…Fatebringer) and leveling up random legendary gear/weapons I have no real intentions of using seriously.

    I’m Ranked up with the vendors/factions mostly (still no revenant….grrghh).

    I help my friends with a lot of things, but I will never do the Crota’s End raid on hard mode (especially the crota fight) more times than I need to get the last bit of gear as it’s just fucking awful. It’s a tedious boring annoying buggy ass raid that no one I play with actually enjoys doing.

    I have a few more ghosts to find. More lore cards to read…yay.

    PVP is fun with friends, but the rewards are shit.

    I would’ve moved on from this game a long time again had there been anything to move on to (I did complete a lot of other games while taking mini breaks from Destiny) that I was interested in.

    You say take a break and come back…a lot of people won’t. Why? Because by the time HoW comes out there will be a lot of actually good games coming out that people will be playing. Destiny is a failed dream for a lot of people and Bungle too.

    I will be taking a long possibly permanent break and never looking back. When The Witcher 3, Uncharted 4, Tomb Raider 2, Halo 5, BF Hardline, Star Wars Battlefront, etc, etc, etc come out I will be forgetting about Destiny forever most likely. I don’t think I will be back for Destiny 2 either…. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    • metalman5150

      The Croat encounter is probably the most exhilarating piece of the game!
      Simply executing our strategy is a reward of it’s own!

      Everyone in the encounter has a valuable role.
      Center – Lip guns slingers, to distraction & escape bubbles. Timing and execution make the Croat encounter much more rewarding, for my crew.

    • kojak rocks

      I actually like CE. Hard mode makes normal seem like a walk in the park but there is great satisfaction to beating Crota on hard. Sometimes it is so glitchy we wonder why we can’t get it done and others time we hit it in one smooth try. I’d like to get a HOC off normal–despite the many times of beating it I can’t get one. For HM all I need is the crux of crota. But either way there is great satisfaction to seeing Crota die.

  • jackShin

    “Revenant shader is out there” my ass … lvl 36 Dead Orbit and Just the Hanged man and some Shards / Energys … thats why i´m taking a break from Destiny ….

    • HiImNotHere

      You should start to level up New Monarcy

      • cool_herc

        Maybe he doesn’t like red.

  • manatee

    The author is obviously bored of destiny lol at least he’s thinking positively

  • BOoya956

    More articles like this Ryan.

  • LokeMata

    Great article. Definitely loving this game. Got 3 characters. Warlock & Titan at 32 and Hunter at 31. Pretty sure I will get my Hunter to 32 this week. But just still going to be grinding to get missing exotic weapons and gears that I’m missing. Also planning on maxing all my exotics, and my legendary faves. Work on my FWC, DeadOrb, and NewMon reps. And of course still going to run HM CE and even HM VoG (that Fatebringer still eludes me). See… Plenty to do unless you have done everything I’m trying to complete. Cant wait for HoW’s. (this thing is equally addictive as Pokémon, got to get ’em all)

  • Andrew

    I am a level 32 and have only downed Crota once, only gotten the raid chest and gauntlets, gotten the IB gauntlets and boots and only have Aetheon’s Epilogue as an elemental primary.

    Apparently I am not the same 32 that you are.

  • DangerousDonnyD

    This was a great article. Playing Destiny with friends has always been my favorite part, not soloing Heroic strikes. This game of Destiny has been a roller coaster. From hitting 20 and not really understanding light levels to the first time our team beat Crota on hard it has always been a challenge and a reward. I look very forward to the House of Wolves content and also playing with new guardians.

  • Brasileiro88

    so… im a 32 on all three classes, i have all exotics ( which are all maxed out) i need 1 hunter helm 1 warlock helm and the fabled gally. my hunter is lvl 38 with DO, i got 3 shaders. my titan is FWC lvl 20+ i got 2 shaders and their RL. my warlock is NM lvl 18 and got 1 shader and just a sniper rifle, what brings me back? the exotic collection is not complete and i want my faction shaders and apparently the ships drop too? Also i want full faction gear, for the crucible, and i want that champion class emblem. 1300+ hrs on this game i just have one question, if i do a mission on a planet n its sponsored by the faction i am repping shouldn’t i get a bit more experience?

  • GiantHorseRichard

    Three 32s and I am only limited by vault space. REALLY wish Bungie would implement that sooner rather than later.

    • GiantHorseRichard

      I gave up all hope of ever getting Gally. More than 1,000 hours and I have abandoned all hope.

  • Blue

    The one bad thing about 32’s. Most of them (not all) become selfish jerks once they get to 32 because they think they’re better than you for being luckier and getting frustrated over things like raiding for the newer players because they think it should be obvious what to do. Once again, not all 32’s are like this (I’m gonna be joining my 32 friends soon and don’t plan on being a jerk) and I’ve seen many people being quite generous and friendly to newer players. I know this from experience, having a very patient Level 31 (I think) help me through the VoG my first time.

  • Brinyleech30

    Great Article! When you get the chance to ride the elevator of success up, its your responsibility to send the elevator back down. With that said, I am a lvl 32 titan and am always up to help anyone out. I have had the fortune of getting help from other higher ranking guardians when I needed it. I am happy to pay that back to anyone that needs help. BrinyLeech30 (Xbox360 / ONE)

  • Spiggs

    I hit lvl 32 on all 3 of my Guardians 3 weeks ago, haven’t played since. Getting off the Destiny treadmill has been glorious. My clan has all but disbanded, I wont be back for HoW. I’ll hold out hope that the Comet release fixes a lot of things that are broke with this gm (lack of content, no discernible story line, endless grind to look like every other player who hits lvl cap).

  • Kyle Beal

    Go home Joel!! Your Drunk.
    Read this entire article. All I see is….
    “Keep playing Destiny so I don’t lose my job because if you keep playing that means this game is still relevant, and in turn I still can report USELESS articles like this”
    This game is done… it’s over.
    Hardcore players have given up believing this game will be worth continuing to play.
    For those of us that hit 32 (on 3 characters). The grind has become exhausting and pointless. There are still casuals that play that may never hit that wall and honestly believe this game is groundbreaking. They’re playing a lie.
    It’s not…. It under-delivered in almost every aspect of a triple A game.
    I’m not even going to list them all.
    But for you to sit here and try to list out things to do after hitting the 32 wall is just plain fukking laughable.

  • Raul

    I heard that they might make a level cap a little higher

  • D86

    Same I have 3 32 characters, all different classes. And I have all exotic weapons and gear. I sometimes tell myself why I keep playing this. I don’t need to run the Raids anymore, neither the Nightfall and Weekly as well. (I’m one mean swordbearer when it comes to the Crota run) I have over 250 strange coins and not to know what to with them, might I add that I bought a butt load of Heavy Ammo Synth (450 to be exact). I can honestly say I spent over 750 hrs all together on Destiny. I need to take a break from it. It is fun helping other ppl getting to where I’m at. It’s kinda rewarding helping them achieve it. All the cheering I hear when I kill crota on that last hit and everyone goes wild hoping for that one piece of gear or weapon they are hoping to get. It puts a smile to my face when they thank me for the run. I tell them they can all run the sword. All you need is practice. I know I did. There are people out the willing to help you get there. And when you get to 32 I hope you all get the satisfaction of helping other people too. It is dissapoiting that it’s missing alot of key points of this game. Story, Trading, Crafting, more side quest than what it has for sure. I was hoping for a better turn out of this game but I’m not going to hold my breath if HoW isn’t any better I will have to depart ways with this game and move on to something else. In the meantine if anyone needs help running anything add me with a message on (PS4) RamD86.

  • metalman5150

    I have 3 lvl 32’s (one of each class, nonetheless).

    Pardon me, if I take action upon myself to not indulge in the consumption of endless Destiny. Moderation is KEY to staving off burnt-out status, and of course, to keep my attitude, well- grounded. Otherwise, I might end up blaming my indulgence and subsequent burn-out status, on others, rather than myself. Like how could Bungie possibly create a game that I play so much, as to burn out on it?!

    Here is what I like to do in Destiny, after 19 days of gameplay.
    1) Play with my friends! The PVE co -op component of Destiny is very sound. Weekly Raids, Weekly Reset Tuesdays, Coin Runs and Grimoire Ranks.
    2) Play a different game, when there are no friends on, while waiting on the HoW drop.

    Something about six guardians triumphing over Aetheon & Crota; gets my adrenaline flowing, puts a smile on face and reminds me of why I like to play this game.

  • jrth76

    Give us the new DLC pack NOW(House of wolf)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • knightfire2

    I would suggest that some 32’s meet a lower level in the Tower and ask them if they would like help in their adventure on Destiny.

    • TheAcheShow

      So do you need help?

  • Armando Sanchez

    I play with my two sons (15 and 12 years old), I’m helping they to do the nightfall and the weekly every week, and sometimes we play some strikes and bunties. It’s a lot of fun play with my kids.

  • l

    i’m scared. i actually do use fate-bringer, icebreaker, and hunger of crota in roc’s! i also got hard light as my first exotic and havent used it seince level 24! Stalkers :[

  • rich

    Thanks for letting me finally know that my gloves are useless! ive been trying to get my intellect up and scrapping other gauntlets not realising they max out at “271”???? Where did you come up with that amount and why does it not stop at 271 instead of saying I have intellect 365 just seems like the more I play this game the more im wondering why.

  • This article had me in tears. With three 32 characters I can honestly relate to the whole thing, even sniggering at level 26’s in VoG while I carry them through with calm assurances that everything will be alright.

  • rich

    Ha well done deleting my comment bungie

  • Theacheshow

    Continue to raid to get better stats on your gear and then level it up, work on the grimoire for any perks and bonuses still available to you from ghosts to crucible it can keep you busy, if fashion is your thing then visit all vendors to get that certain bond cloak or titan mark and lastly spring clean your vault because it is starting to stink and the post master is complaining to the speaker about it.

  • Gaffords

    My safety blanket is the invective Instead of ice breaker. Nothing like jumping into a frey, blast a few things, jump back, reload, and right back into the fire. Fatebringer or WoC, and I’m set.

  • Add me PS4 = coffeeclubber

    Might as well add my story into this.

    I’ve been playing Destiny since the Alpha, where I played warlock and got him up to level 8.

    Now I have had 3 level 32 characters, one of each class, for a while (at least 2 months). I finished my exotic weapon collection 2 weeks ago with Gjallarhorn dropping from Atheon HM. I finished my exotic armour collection yesterday with the Lucky Raspberry came from the exotic engram. I have 2-manned normal VOG, soloed normal CE, 2-manned flawless normal CE and just need to do crota for solo hard CE. I use the shield and the sword, have soloed hard Templar and normal Atheon, I can 2-sword hard Crota as any class. I have collected all the ghosts I could find guides for, and I don’t want the HOW ones because ban.

    My vanguard on my hunter is about 56, his cryptarch is about 73 and his crucible is 8 (I think?) All the guns I might use in HOW or iron banner are maxed and all my subclasses (Except voidwalker, which I don’t need anything else left for) are maxed. I need 2 trophies, the ones that require a can. My clan has 5 people, but we can’t find time to do a strike together.

    All my friends do strikes and raids with their friends, which doesn’t concern me for drops as I am only missing Praetorian Foil from raid weapons (Which I don’t need as I use relic and nobody wants to do oracles from the bottom, even on normal mode. I don’t use fusion rifles much in crucible, and when I do, it’s Plan C), and I can just go onto LFG and spend 30 mins doing 3 lots of oracles a week.

    I find I don’t do weeklies or nightfalls any more, raid are catching up on this. Once I solo hard Crota I don’t have any challenges I really want to do. I haven’t done a roc strike in a long time other then because I can (and I don’t do them any more). Randoms on destiny LFG are generally incapable of doing raids (even though I tell them I can solo Crota normal no problem for them, they don’t let me).

    I guess I just need some ideas. I don’t really want to take a break as I have nothing to sink his much time into (I can’t play Ironcast for 5 hours straight in weekends no thankyou).

    I’m more then happy to help people, as long as they don’t fuck around and are appreciative of the fact I don’t need to do stuff.

    So Y[e]. Have fun finishing destiny.

  • MakkinjeM


    Especially made to follow up this article!

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