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Destiny music and cinematics will be played at the Video Games Live Concert at Comic con on Saturday, July 20.

The streamed pre-show begins at:

9pm ET
6pm PT
2am GMT (July 21st)

The concert begins at:

11pm ET
8pm PT
4am GMT (July 21st)

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  • CaptainCocknee

    This guy is REALLY bad…

    • I happen to think he’s really rather splendid. lols

      • Raxs

        Indeed… * Sips Tea*

    • CaptainNoah

      I think his excitement is kinda contagious. Plus he does us all the service of collecting all that sparkling, new Destiny news!

  • Mykle D Clark

    I do love that crazy bastard. I don’t hold it against him that Stingie (see what I did there?) is not being forthcoming as of late.
    It is great to see someone who cares enough to at least pull something out of nothing to pique our interest and keep us involved.