King’s Fall Available September 18th

As the closing note of Bungie Twitch stream reveal of the Court of Oryx (a new patrol-based end-game activity), lead creative designer Luke Smith announced that the expansion’s raid will go live on September 18th, 2015 @ 10 AM PT — only three days after launch.

The third raid in the Destiny saga will take place among the outer rings of Saturn within the colossal Dreadnaught, the mothership commandeered by Oryx, the Taken King. As the climax of the “Taken War” storyline, guardians will venture in with their fireteams to slay the dreaded Hive lord once and for all.

The delayed release of the raid is not unprecedented in the history of Destiny. In the original base game, the Vault of Glass went live on September 16, 2014—one week after the game’s launch day.

Not only will The Taken King introduce a new level cap of 40, the recently re-polished Light-level system will also directly influence the strength of your guardian. Your guardian’s Light value will be directly correlated to the strength of your weapons and gear, so the earlier players decide to grind away, the better off they’ll be.

Make sure you prepare well during those three days, King’s Fall is supposed to be the biggest & best raid yet.

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