Jason Jones Interview (Part 3)

Bungie co-founder and Destiny/Halo creator, Jason Jones, sat down with IGN’s  Ryan McCaffrey for an in-depth interview. Jason talks about what he would have liked to have changed in Halo, and how Destiny will be much different (and much better). We also learn that the Warlock class will have “team buff and team res abilities.”

I think the great tragedy of Halo is that for years and years it provided wonderful single-player and co-op content, and we provided people with almost no fun incentives or excuses, almost no reason besides their own enjoyment, to go back and replay it. So Halo 1 built these 10 labor of love missions, and only if you decided to go back and replay them was there any incentive to do so. The reason we’re doing Destiny is because I feel like, looking back on Halo… I described it over and over again to the team. It’s one of the great tragedies of Halo.

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Check out the full interview here.

This is the final piece of the 3 part interview.

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  • TylerHerndon

    I still play halo 3. Even more than h4. Improving on that formula gets me even mor excited.

    • Admin

      I played H3 for a while and I gotta say its much more easier than H4. Kinda like the question/comment you give COD gamers when they play COD(only) while having Halo. Same goes for H3/H4. H3 was really easy, I even did 1v1 with some H3 only vets, beat them without any problem. H3’s community was kinda rough. Anyway if you think Bungie is looking at Halo 3 and Halo 2 right now you are wrong, they are looking at Reach and wanna continue from there. Reach was kinda like a pretty old beta of what Destiny will taste like. Bungie confirmed that the exotic weapons you earn in Campaign can be carried over to multiplayer, which means there will be loadouts, perks and all sorts of COD stuff filled within it. If you’re looking for balanced hardcore gameplay you won’t enjoy much Deal With It. As he said they want Destiny to be balanced in a fun way.
      All I’m expecting from Bungie is a good open-world Campaign, not some hardcore H3/H2 like multiplayer. Its pretty obvious and almost a fact at this point, so you’ll either be okay with it by being a fanboy or just continue playing Halo 3 until the servers shut down and once 343 makes a remake u can play it again.
      I’m talking a bit rudely but I hate fanboys, I’m against that company love when they only want your money.

      • TylerHerndon

        I don’t really call it easy. A game can’t technically be easy if ur playing it online.Campaign:yes. Online:no. Ur either better than one person or not. OR the game is unbalanced. And that could be the problem for H3. However I never thought it was unbalanced. I always play with my friends, we know who’s better and I lose to who’s better than me.

        • Raxs

          Ahh, That’s a very good justification 🙂

      • TylerHerndon

        I’m also not a fanboy. I just really like those games. And the halo series is considered one of the best game series ever. In guiness book of world records gamers edition it was ranked #1 series ever by FANS. And halo 4 had some work put into it. But they didn’t just do it for the money. They did it because they wanted to continue a great franchise as best they could. AND they still regularly do updates. They want the fans to be happy to. And I do think elements of H2/3 will be in there such as gameplay and maybe other sandbox related subjects. I also think the multiplayer will have balanced gameplay. Bungie all about making this game the best they can. If u don’t think that, we’ll ok then but I’ll tell u ur gonna be wrong when u get the game. I’m not going for Destiny because I want another Halo. I’m going for it because of the world, the guns, the exploration, the story, the socialization, the gameplay, and, well, it’s the next Bungie title.

        • Admin

          I agree, but just imagine if 343 said all that about balance 😀 there would be a riot, and 343 would eventually shut down, but when it comes to Bungie they are permitted to do anything. I only go against that, if you don’t think its related to fanboyism, fine by me but the truth is the truth. I’m well aware Destiny will have a better campaign but not a more balanced multiplayer than Halo, and with the info given to us maybe COD might even surpass it in balancing. But of coarse I’ll wait before I make a final judgement about whether COD does or not.

          • TylerHerndon

            For fanboyism Bungie doesn’t just care about money, they care about the satisfaction of the game. I’ve read all I can about them and they really care about their fans. They have Bungie day and mail sack and take the time they need on a game. However that’s not y I play their games. I think the games are awesome. I just really like the games and can’t wait for the next. And that’s why Im probably gonna play competitive. Not cause I’m a fanboy, cus it’ll be fun. That’s just a guess. If it isn’t I don’t play. I’m not gonna waist my time on something that I don’t enjoy.1: that’s stupid 2: I’m an atheist and I’m not gonna waist my one life (opinion) on something I don’t enjoy. And what’s so bad about getting to do what u want. The developer can spread its wings more.